Law Techniques of Republic of Kazakhstan

Law Techniques

Legislative equipment - set of rules and receptions of preparation of qualitative regulatory legal acts on form and content on which degree of perfection level of legislative process in many respects depends. The correct statement of legal instructions, their compactness, outwardly ordered form of the law, simple and available legal language is conditions which have important value during development of draughts of laws.

For legislation improvement the important role is played by two moments:
  1. Work of right creative bodies, level of professional competence, readiness of employees of these bodies;
  2. scientific-theoretical studying of receptions of legislative equipment for improvement of quality of draughts of laws.

The points of order connected with preparation of bills influence contents of acts as the carried-out legislative policy depends on activity of right creative bodies. The main objective of right creative bodies is improvement of the mechanism of functioning of these bodies.

For improvement of legal culture of lawmaking means and receptions of the legislative equipment which correct application allows to create more perfect acts have important value also.

It is necessary to notice that means and receptions of legislative equipment are very numerous and various.

Laws are accepted by parliament, however their quality in many respects depends on that, their projects are how deeply worked by the government.

Drawing up of the bill is entrusted to that department which is most of all interested in it. It on a hand to the ministries and departments. The last put and carry out in the bill, generally the departmental interests.

One of shortcomings of legislative work of parliament call a large quantity of amendments, additions, the changes brought in quite recently adopted laws more often. Lack of stability of acts, frequent amendments to them - a sure sign of weakness of right creative activity.

Creation of acts is the most difficult creative process demanding from zakonotvorets not only abilities possession of legislative equipment is good to be guided in modern economic and political realities, profound knowledge of jurisprudence, but also.

According to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan the unique source of the government are the people. The people carry out the power directly through a republican referendum and free elections, and also delegate implementation of the power to state authorities.

Rules and an order of carrying out a referendum in the Republic of Kazakhstan are fixed in the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «About a republican referendum» .

According to article 61 of the Constitution of Kazakhstan the right of a legislative initiative belongs to the President of the Republic, deputies of Parliament, to the Government and is realised only in Mazhilis.

The order of realisation of a constitutional law of the Head of state on a legislative initiative in Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan is regulated by the Decree of the President from September 21, 2007 of No. 413

Legislative initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is official introduction by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan by the special message on consideration of Mazhilis of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the draught of the act of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The right of a legislative initiative is carried out in forms:
  • introduction of draughts of acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • introduction of projects about changes, additions and recognition become invalid acts.

Legislative process in Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan is regulated by the Constitutional law of the Republic of Kazakhstan «About parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the status of his deputies» . Deputies of Parliament adopt laws according to the procedures settled in Regulations of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan .

Legislative activity of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan is defined in Regulations of the Government approved by the Resolution of the government from December 10, 2002 of No. 1300 .

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