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SojuzPravoInform with the end user

Attention! Read carefully the text below before accessing the product. Any use of the product means You are agree with the terms of the License Agreement below.

The present License Agreement (hereinafter refer to as Agreement) is a binding contract, concluded between You (the End user) and SojuzPravoInform LLC (hereinafter refer to as Right holder). The Agreement is concluded on the Internet version of the Law Database "The Legislation of CIS countries", which consists of software and database (hereinafter refer to as Product), which are available on the terms of the present Agreement. The Product is a subject to copyright and is protected by law.

If you do not agree to accept terms of the present Agreement, you do not have any rights to access the Product.

Product description

The Product is a database and searching system, which are located on the Web-server of the Right holder: The access to the Product is performed via the Internet by use of standard Web-browser.

The database, included in the Product is updated at least once a week. The Product is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year except for the technical interruptions, but no more than 3 hours a week at the night hours. Users will be informed about planned interruptions via e-mail no less than 8 hours before.

Technical information and instructions concerning usage of the Product are presented on the Web-site of the Right holder:

1. The subject of the Agreement

1.1. The subject of the present License Agreement is the transfer of the non-exclusive rights of using the Product from the company SojuzPravoInform LLC (Right holder) to You (End user) by means that are specified in the present License Agreement. Additional essential terms for the transfer of the non-exclusive rights are specified in the License Agreement of the Right holder or his authorized representative with You (End user), as well as in the Online Access Arrangement Statement that accompanies such contract. Documents listed in the present paragraph that determine in corpore the terms of the transfer to You of the non-exclusive rights on the usage of the Product, will be further referred to as "License".

1.2. All terms specified in further paragraphs cover both the Product in general and all its components separately.

2. Exclusive right

2.1. The Right holder guarantees that he has rights to dispose of the Product (including any inscribed texts, pictures, additional programs and other objects of copyright), as well as the right to dispose any copies of the Product and all printed materials accompanying this Product. The certificate of official registration of the database № 2007620399 on November 8, 2007. The Product is protected by Russian legislation and international copyright agreements of the country purchasing the Product.

2.2. Using the Product in the way that violates the License is considered to be a violation of the present copyright legislation and is good cause to deprive You of the rights, granted in respect of the Product.

3. Terms of usage

3.1. Single-user license. This License allows You to access the Product from one PC at one time. The License does not allow You to pass access IDs for the Product to any third party or have access to the Product simultaneously from several computers.

3.2. Multi-user license. This License allows simultaneous access to the Product from a number of PCs pointed in the Agreement. The License does not allow passing access IDs to any other third party.

3.3. The user is allowed to use standard browsers to access the Product. It is forbidden to use any software tools imitating user work and performing functions of copying documents to the User’s computer (software downloader, robots etc.).

3.4. The inclusion of the Product’s components (fully or partly) in other print or electronic products (information systems) is permitted only with the written consent of the Right holder.

3.5. The Right holder reserves the right to terminate the present Agreement in case of violation of its terms. If the present Agreement is terminated, then the access to the database will be blocked. Funds paid by the User for the access to the Product are non-refundable.

4. Product Distribution

4.1. Product distribution is not allowed. As Product distribution is particularly understood: granting access to third parties to the reproduced components of the Product in any form including by sale, leasing or lending.

5. Identifiers

5.1. In order to provide access to the Product and identify You as a registered user, You are granted Login and Password. These identifiers allow You to use the Product in full, to get statistics on received documents, restore (change) the Password, get technical support and tutorial on Product usage.

Note: To get Identifiers You have to pass the Right holder (or his representative) the following information: e-mail, company name (or name, surname). This information is used only for the system to authorize You as a registered user, it won’t be used for any other purposes.

6. Restrictions

6.1. All terms and restrictions of the use of the Product are specified in paragraph №3 of the present License Agreement, unless something else is stipulated in a separate agreement between You and the Right holder or an authorized person that acts as a representative of the Right holder.

6.2. You undertake not to exercise independently or allow third parties to carry out the following actions.

6.2.1. Make damage to the work of the server of the Right holder or interfere with the work of other users.

6.2.2. Transfer the rights to use the Product to third parties.

6.2.3. Create conditions for use of the Product by parties not entailed to use the Product.

7. Acknowledgment of the rights of third parties.

7.1. Parts of the Product include the software of third parties and other materials, protected by copyright.

8. Technical support

8.1. The Right holder provides you with technical support services of the Product (hereinafter technical support) in accordance with the current regulations of rendering technical support of the Right holder. Regulations are published on the Web-site of the Right holder and could be changed without preliminary notice.

8.2. In order to implement technical support the Right holder has the right to require from You information concerning technical characteristics of your hardware and software, as well as standard personal data, including name, company name (for body corporate), e-mail and/or telephone number.

9. Termination of the Agreement

9.1. Without prejudices to any of its rights the Right holder can terminate the present License agreement if you fail to fulfill the conditions of the present Agreement.

10. Guarantees and compensation

10.1. The Right holder guarantees functioning of the Product according to its descriptions and instructions, placed on the Web-site of the Right-holder.

10.2. In other respects the Product is sold "AS IS". The Right holder does not guarantee that the Product does not contain errors and bears no responsibility for direct or consequential damages, including loss of profit arising from the use of the Product, as well as possible errors or misprints in texts.

10.3. The Right holder does not guarantee that the Product will meet your requirements and Product will be functioning together with the software and the hardware of other manufacturers.

10.4. Except cases that explicitly provided by the present article, the Right holder makes no guarantees regarding the Product, its performance, its application for the specific use, even if such guarantees are granted according to the business practice.

10.5. Any responsibility of the Right holder, regardless of the reason for its emergence, will be limited to the amount paid by you when you purchased the rights to use the Product.

11. Applicable rights

11.1. To relations arisen from this agreement the current legislation of the Russian Federation is applied.

12. Other conditions

12.1. According to the License agreement the reward is considered to be the cost of the Product, established by the Right holder or its distributors and payable in accordance with procedures determined by them.

12.2. The present License agreement is valid for a period that depends on license types and their prices.

12.3. The Right holder guarantees that data supplied by you when you install and register the Product will be stored and used only within the SojuzPravoInform LLC and/or its authorized representative.

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