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The company SojuzPravoInform has been formed in 2003.

The basic product of the company - a database "Legislation of the CIS countries" in Russian.

Already almost 10 years we are the unique project which has allowed our users to get access to the legislation of 11 CIS countries in one database.

Registering information

Date of registration: 10/12/2003.
Register # (OGRN): 1037789041036
Tax info: INN 7708511742 / KPP 773401001
Place of registration: Russia, Moscow
Registrant: Interdistrict inspection of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection of Russia № 46 in Moscow

Company address

SojuzPravoInform LLC (ООО "СоюзПравоИнформ")
123458, Russia, Moscow, Tvardovskogo str, 12k3, f.33
E-mail: office@cis-legislation.com
Phone: +74959886004

Bank accounts

40702810600522000153 (RUR)
в ПАО «БАНК УРАЛСИБ», г.Москва
к/с 30101810100000000787, БИК 044525787

40702978200740106016 (EUR)
40702840800522100153 (USD)
in OJSC "BANK URALSIB", Moscow, Russia

Our distributors

In Russian Federation

JSC «WBL Distribution»
The Russian Federation, Moscow, street Kolskaya 8
Phone: +7(495) 730-63-88
E-mail: info@worldbiz.ru
Web site: www.worldbiz.ru

In United States of America

MIPP International
150 Corbin Place, Brooklyn NY 11235 USA
Phone: +1(718) 743-50-49
E-mail: eresources@mippbooks.com
Web site: www.mippbooks.com

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