Official publication organs

Official publication organs

According to the Law «About regulatory legal acts» regulatory legal acts come into force in ten days after their official publication if the legislation or in the act has not established other term and an introduction order in regulatory legal act action. Regulatory legal acts are published for general data or will be published by different way, behind an exception, containing state or others secret protected by the law. The regulatory legal acts mentioning the rights and freedoms of citizens, not finished to general data, are invalid from the moment of their acceptance.

The constitution of Turkmenistan, the constitutional laws of Turkmenistan, laws of Turkmenistan, the decision Hulk Maslakhata Turkmenistana, resolutions of Majlis of Turkmenistan of standard character, the regulatory legal acts adopted by the Chairman Hulk Maslakhata Turkmenistana, the President of Turkmenistan and the Cabinet of Turkmenistan, are published by ministers and heads of other central state bodies of Turkmenistan in Turkmenistan newspapers and "Neutral Turkmenistan".

Publication of regulatory legal acts does not exclude their publication by radio, television and through other mass media. Regulatory legal acts velayatsky, etrapsky, city халк маслахаты, and хякимов are published by Gengesha in a local press, or will be published in other order. Decisions Hulk Maslakhata Turkmenistana are published in "Turkmenistanyn Halk Maslahatynyn Maglumatlary". Laws of Turkmenistan, the resolution of Majlis of Turkmenistan are published in "Turkmenistanyn Mejlisinin Maglumatlary". Acts of the President of Turkmenistan and the Cabinet of Turkmenistan are published in "Turkmenistanyn Prezidentinin namalarynyn we Turkmenistanyn Hokumetinin cozgutlerinin Yygyndysy".

Acts of the ministries and other central state bodies of Turkmenistan, хякимов велаятов, хякима the cities of Ashkhabad which has passed the state registration, are published in "Turkmenistanyn ministrliklerinin, pudaklayyn dolandyrys edaralarynyn, welayatlaryn hakimlerinin, Asgabat saherinin hakiminin kadalasdyryjy namalarynyn Yygyndysy"".

According to the Law "About the Central bank of Turkmenistan" all proceeding from the Central bank of Turkmenistan of a rule, the instruction and the instruction relatively more than one organisation are published in the official press and come into force from the date of the publication or in later term defined in these rules, instructions or instructions. The central bank of Turkmenistan conducts the magazine available to the public governed, instructions or instructions.

Newspapers "Neutral Turkmenistan" and "Turkmenistan" are newspapers of the state scale. The newspaper "Neutral Turkmenistan" is issued in Russian (unique in RT it is published in Russian among the state printing editions).

"Neutral Turkmenistan" – the daily 4th band newspaper, circulation - 23.110 copies (being «the Turkmen Spark»). The founder - the president.

"Turkmenistan" – the daily newspaper, circulation about 23.000. Leaves in Turkmen language.

Addresses, telephone numbers, web sites of state bodies of Turkmenistan

Supreme court of Turkmenistan
Address: 744013, Ashkhabad, 2022 (A.Navoi's) st., 86.
Phone: +993 (12) 390932, 380781
Fax: +993 (12) 355050
Main State Tax Administration of Turkmenistan
Address: 744036, Ashkhabad, Garashsyzlyk шаёлы, 63
Phone: +993 (12) 48-24-02
Fax: +993 (12) 482411
Public customs service of Turkmenistan
Address: 744000, Ashkhabad, st. 2022, 86
Phone: +993 (12) 38-06-46
Fax: +993 (12) 35-22-07
The supreme council on a science and equipment at the President of Turkmenistan
Ministry адалат (justices) of Turkmenistan
Address: 744013, Ashkhabad, 2022 (A.Navoi's) st., 86
Phone: +993 (12) 380891
Fax: +993 (12) 394410
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan
Address: 744000, Ashkhabad, st. 2033 (Makhtumkulis Ave.), 85
Phone: +993 (12) 351328, 356345
Fax: +993 (12) 391944
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan
Address: 744000, Ashkhabad, st. 2033 (Makhtumkulis Ave.), 83
Phone: +993 (12) 392154, 356706
Fax: +993 (12) 392850, 357131
Ministry of Finance of Turkmenistan
Address: 744000, Ashgabat, st. 2008, 4.
Phone: +993 (12) 51-05-63
Fax: +993 (12) 51-08-41
Ministry of Trade and vneshnekonomichesky communications of Turkmenistan
Address: 744000, Ashkhabad, st. 2009 (Geroglas St.), 44
Phone: +993 (12) 510563, 510353
Fax: +993 (12) 510841
Ministry of Social Welfare of Turkmenistan
Address: 744000, Ashkhabad, st. 2020, 39
Phone: +993 (12) 357610, 396905
Ministry of conservation of Turkmenistan
Address: 744000, Ashgabad, Kemin St. 102
Phone: +993 (12) 35-43-17, 396905
Fax: +993 (12) 39-31-84

Short info

Capital Ashgabat
Currency Turkmen new manat (TMT)
Time zone TMT (UTC+5)
Population 5,171,943 (2014)
Languages Turkmen
Calling code +993