Legislation of Turkmenistan

Main Legislation

  • Normative documents in Turkmenistan are issued in the state and Russian languages.
  • The documents included in "Legislation of CIS countries", are received from official sources.

The composition of the "Law of Turkmenistan"

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New and updated documents on the legislation of Turkmenistan

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Main law documents of Turkmenistan

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The constitution of Turkmenistan


Civil code of Turkmenistan
Tax code of Turkmenistan
The customs code of Turkmenistan
The criminal code of Turkmenistan
The code of criminal procedure of Turkmenistan
The labour code of Turkmenistan
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Short info

Capital Ashgabat
Currency Turkmen new manat (TMT)
Time zone TMT (UTC+5)
Population 5,171,943 (2014)
Languages Turkmen
Calling code +993