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of May 18, 1992 No. 691-XII

(The last edition from 09-10-2017)

We, people of Turkmenistan,

based on the firm right to determination of the destiny,

proceeding from responsibility for this and future destiny of our Fatherland,

expressing fidelity to precepts of ancestors to live in unity, peace and harmony and commitment to universal values,

aiming at protection of national values and interests, strengthening of independence, sovereignty, the status of permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan recognized as the world community

guaranteeing rights and freedoms of man and citizen,

aiming to provide tranquility and unity in society, to approve bases of democracy and the democratic, constitutional, secular state,

we accept this Constitution – the Fundamental Law of Turkmenistan.

Section I. Bases of the constitutional system of Turkmenistan

Article 1. Turkmenistan – the democratic, constitutional and secular state in which the government is performed in the form of the presidential republic.

Turkmenistan has supremacy and completeness of the power in the territory, independently performs domestic and foreign policy. The state sovereignty and the territory of Turkmenistan are single and indivisible.

The state protects independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, the constitutional system of Turkmenistan, provides legality and law and order.

Article 2. Turkmenistan has the status of the permanent neutrality recognized as the world community and fixed based on the law.

United Nations Organization in Resolutions of the General Assembly "Permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan" of December 12, 1995, and also of June 3, 2015 recognizes and supports the status of permanent neutrality proclaimed Turkmenistan, urges state members of the United Nations to respect and support this status of Turkmenistan, respecting also its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan is fundamentals of its domestic and foreign policy.

Article 3. Sovereignty of Turkmenistan is performed by the people, the people are the single source of the government. The people of Turkmenistan perform the power directly or through representative bodies.

No part of the people, any organization or individuals has right to appropriate the power in the state.

Article 4. In Turkmenistan the highest value of society and state is the person. Protection, support of the person and service to it are the main tasks of public authorities.

The state is responsible before each citizen and provides creation of conditions for free development of the personality, protects life, honor, advantage, freedom, security of person, the natural and inaliennable rights of the citizen.

Each citizen is responsible before the state for fulfillment of duties, assigned to it by the Constitution and the laws.

Article 5. Turkmenistan is the state guaranteeing social security of each person.

Article 6. The government in Turkmenistan is divided into the legislative, executive and judicial authorities, they are effective independently, counterbalancing each other.

Article 6-1. Hulk Maslakhata of Turkmenistan is the supreme representative body representing the interests of the people of Turkmenistan, the procedure for education and which power are determined by the constitutional law.

Article 7. In Turkmenistan local self-government is recognized and guaranteed. Local self-government independently within the powers. Local government bodies are not a part of the system of public authorities.

Article 8. In Turkmenistan rule of law is established.

The state, all its bodies and officials are connected by the right and the constitutional system.

The constitution of Turkmenistan is the Fundamental Law of the state. The provisions and provisions enshrined in it have direct action. The laws and other legal acts contradicting the Constitution have no legal force.

Regulatory legal acts are published in the state media or brought to the general attention by the different way provided by the law.

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