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of June 30, 2017 No. 765-VQ

About unemployment insurance

(as amended on 22-12-2023)

This Law establishes organizational, legal and economic basis of unemployment insurance, governs the relations between subjects of unemployment insurance.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Purposes and circle of impact of unemployment insurance

1.1. The purpose of this Law is creation in the labor market of the Azerbaijan Republic of the relations based on transfer of risk and new funding mechanisms compensation of the lost salary insured and provision of a guarantee on strengthening of social protection of the population by implementation of the advancing measures for prevention of emergence of unemployment.

1.2. Insurance payment according to this Law extends to persons whose employment relationships are stopped on the bases, the stipulated in Article 13.1 presents of the Law.

1.3. This Law does not extend to persons holding political position.

Article 2. Basic concepts

2.0. For the purposes of this Law the following concepts are used:

2.0.1. unemployment insurance - the providing form directed to compensation of the lost salary insured in the cases provided by this Law;

2.0.2. subjects of unemployment insurance - the insurer, insured and insurers;

2.0.3. insured - the workers who concluded according to the laws of the Azerbaijan Republic with the employer the employment contract and insured against unemployment;

2.0.4. the insurer - the employers provided below insuring against unemployment of workers with whom they according to the laws of the Azerbaijan Republic signed the employment contract: legal entities, and also branches and their representations and foreign legal entities; state bodies; physical persons; heads of elected bodies;

2.0.5. the insurer - the relevant organ of the executive authority exercising control (except activities for control of calculation and payment of insurance premium from unemployment) in insurance field from unemployment;

2.0.6. insured event - the cases of the termination of employment relationships, the stipulated in Article 13.1 presents of the Law which are the basis for payment of insurance payment insured;

2.0.7. insurance premium - the sum of money which is subject to payment to the insurer insured and the insurer according to the procedure, provided by this Law;

2.0.8. insurance rate - the interest rate applied to salary fund and the salary insured for calculation of insurance premium;

2.0.9. insurance means - the means which are created of the sources provided in article 21 of this Law;

2.0.10. insurance payment - the money which is monthly paid by the insurer insured in case of insured event;

2.0.11. insurance years of service of insured - the period established in article 11 of this Law, considered during compensation of insurance payment;

2.0.12. active actions - the actions for employment provided in article 19.0.2 of this Law;

2.0.13. the worker - the physical person which is working at the corresponding workplace with compensation, signed with the employer the written employment contract in individual procedure;

2.0.14. the employer - the owner or the director appointed by him, authority, and also the physical person having full legal capacity and rights to the conclusion, the termination or changes of conditions of the employment contract with workers;

2.0.15. fund of unemployment insurance - the trust state financial fund which is in state-owned property, managed by body (organization) determined by relevant organ of the executive authority, the having independent budget out of the government budget;

2.0.16. available funds - the positive balance determined between the income and expenses by semi-annual and annual results of budget implementation of fund of unemployment insurance;

2.0.17. investment revenue - difference between the means received as a result of implementation of investing activities and costs for receipt of these means.

Article 3. Legal basis of unemployment insurance

Legal basis of unemployment insurance the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic "About employment" constitute, this Law, other regulatory legal acts, and also the international agreements as which party the Azerbaijan Republic acts.

Article 4. Principles of unemployment insurance

4.0. The basic principles of unemployment insurance are:

4.0.1. obligation of unemployment insurance;

4.0.2. legal equality of subjects of unemployment insurance;

4.0.3. implementation of measures for prevention of the circumstances which are the reason of insured events;

4.0.4. the state guarantee of systematicity of unemployment insurance according to the procedure, established by this Law;

4.0.5. differentiation of the amount of insurance payment depending on unemployment duration;

4.0.6. ensuring participation of public organizations in management of unemployment insurance.

Chapter 2. Rights and obligations of subjects of unemployment insurance

Article 5. Rights and obligations of insured

5.1. Insured has the following rights:

5.1.1. demand from the insurer unemployment insurance;

5.1.2. receive from the insurer and the insurer free information on unemployment insurance, and also free consultation on professional career, professional training and additional training for the purpose of the choice of type of employment, place of employment and operating mode;

5.1.3. demand from the insurer of explanation of the rights and obligations connected with unemployment insurance;

5.1.4. receive insurance payment according to the procedure and on the conditions established in this Law;

5.1.5. participate in the active events for employment held in the labor market;

5.1.6. receive compensation for expenses, suffered by it in connection with job placement (professional courses) with one city and (or) district (except for districts of the city) administrative unit in another according to the offer of relevant organ of the executive authority;

5.1.7. receive from the insurer and the insurer information on the amount of the insurance premium paid to its advantage and the fact of its payment;

5.1.8. protect the legitimate rights and interests;

5.1.9. perform other rights established by this Law.

5.2. Insured performs the following duties:

5.2.1. no later than 10 days to notify the insurer on the cases established by this Law, which are the reason of change of the amount of insurance payment and its suspension;

5.2.2. in case of recovery for work according to the procedure, established by the law to return insurance payment from the salary paid for the period the forced omission of work;

5.2.3. carry out other obligations established by this Law.

Article 6. Rights and obligations of the insurer

6.1. The insurer has the following rights:


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