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Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

June 16, 2017

No. 759/30627


of May 23, 2017 No. 260

About approval of the Procedure for regulation of rates for universal services of mail service

According to articles 8 and 9 of the Law of Ukraine "About mail service" the National commission performing state regulation in the field of communication and informatization, RESHILA:

1. Approve the Procedure for regulation of rates for universal services of mail service which is applied.

2. Declare invalid the decision of the National commission on questions of regulation of communication of Ukraine of January 20, 2009 No. 1301 "About approval of the Procedure for regulation of rates for universal services of mail service", registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on February 11, 2009 for No. 133/16149.

3. To submit to department of the economic analysis together with Legal support department in the procedure established by the legislation this decision on state registration to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

4. The decision becomes effective from the date of its official publication.

Chairman of NKRSI

O. Zhivotovsky

Approved by the Decision of the National commission performing state regulation in the field of communication and informatization of Ukraine of May 23, 2017 No. 260

Procedure for regulation of rates for universal services of mail service

I. General provisions

1. This Procedure determines the mechanism of forming and establishment of rates for universal services of mail service (further - rates).

2. Regulation of rates is carried out by the National commission performing state regulation in the field of communication and informatization by limiting establishment of rates.

3. The list of universal services of mail service affirms the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

4. In case of decision making about approval of rates of NKRSI considers information on activities of operators of mail service provided according to Item 2 of the Section V of this Procedure and also can consider information, for example, the main forecast macroindicators of economic and social development of Ukraine approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

5. NKRS makes the decision on approval of rates after discussion in the relevant permanent tripartite advisory bodies formed with participation of representatives of joint representative body of trade union associations and joint representative body of employers, with promulgation of such decisions.

6. In this Procedure terms are used in the following values:

economically reasonable planned costs - costs which planning is performed with observance of requirements of standards, standard rates, regulations, production schedules;

the grouped type of departures - the mailings grouped in nature of production process;

unit of calculation of cost of universal service of mail service - one mailing of average weight by the grouped types of departures;

operating activiies - the main activities of operators of mail service, except investing and financial activities;

planned cost of universal services of mail service (further - planned cost) - economically reasonable planned costs included in the planned production cost, administrative expenses, expenses on sales connected with provision of universal services of mail service.

II. Forming of rates

1. Forming of rates is performed on the basis of calculations of the rates which are carried out by operators of mail service proceeding from the planned cost determined according to planned renderings of services of economically reasonable planned costs on their provision taking into account target profit.

2. Planning of expenses for determination of planned cost is performed using regulatory method based on the state and industry standard rates of use of material and fuel and energy resources, regulations and quotations on compensation. The size of expenses is calculated with observance of the norms determined in accordance with the established procedure and normative terms of transfer of mailings, standard rates of development of network of objects of mail service of the national operator of mail service, affirm as the procedure established by the legislation.

Expenses which determination using standard rates is impossible, are planned taking into account actual expenses for previous period, the forecast of price index for industrial output, the inflation index, changes of minimum wage.

3. The planned cost is distributed on types of service on transfer of each grouped type of departures:

I - postcards, letters, parcels post simple;

II - the postcards, letters recommended to parcel post;

III - sending without the announced value weighing up to 10 kg.

4. The list and structure of expenditure items are determined by the operator of mail service depending on type of service by provision of universal services and features of production process.

5. On operating activiies join in planned costs:

planned cost of the realized services;

administrative expenses;

distribution costs;

other operating expenses.

6. The planned cost of the realized services join direct material expenses, direct expenses on compensation, other direct expenses and general production expenses, namely:

1) direct material expenses the expenses connected with use of materials, spare parts, the acquired components and other materials necessary for ensuring production process are included;

2) the level of direct expenses on compensation is determined according to the legislation, and also general and industry agreements, the collective agreement. Direct expenses on compensation are included:

expenses are determined by base pay of production personnel which activities are directly connected with production process of provision of universal services taking into account the number of personnel, the tariff charges (salaries), price-work quotations for working and official pay rates for heads, specialists, employees;

expenses on the additional salary of production personnel, are determined taking into account the amount of the established surcharges, allowances, warranty and compensation payments provided by the current legislation, the awards connected with accomplishment of production tasks and functions;

other incentive and compensation payments to production personnel established according to the legislation;

3) other direct expenses are included:

the amounts of assignments on social actions for production personnel which expenses on payment directly join in production cost of services to costs of auxiliary productions;


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