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Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

June 2, 2017

No. 692/30560


of March 15, 2017 No. 118

About approval of Rules of development of oil and gas fields

According to the paragraph of article 37 of the Law of Ukraine "About oil and gas" and to the subitem 61 of item 4 of the Regulations on the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of January 21, 2015 No. 32, I order the sixth:

1. Approve Rules of development of oil and gas fields which are attached.

2. To legal department (Buchko V. A.) provide submission of this order on state registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

3. I reserve control of execution of this order.

4. This order becomes effective from the date of its official publication.


A. Semerak

Approved by the Order of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine of March 15, 2017 No. 118

Rules of development of oil and gas fields

I. General provisions

1. These rules establish the main requirements to the organization and implementation of development of fields of hydrocarbons and regulate the relations of subjects of managing and the central executive bodies arising when using by oil-and-gas subsoil for the purpose of their complex and rational use.

2. In these rules requirements to trial development of fields (further - OPR), hydrocarbon production in case of industrial development of fields (deposits) of oil and gas, the equipment and technology of the device of wells, arrangement of fields taking into account requirements of ensuring complete safety of the population, protection of the surrounding environment, and also property (buildings, constructions, etc.) are stated.

3. Requirements of these rules extend to activities of all subjects of oil and gas industry of any form of business and pattern of ownership performing searches, investigation, design of systems of development and arrangement, development of fields of hydrocarbons, the device and operation of wells, other industrial structures, etc.

4. Use of oil-and-gas subsoil, search and investigation of oil and gas deposits, their development, the device and operation of underground storage warehouses for oil storage and gas are performed according to the legislation in the field of protection and use of subsoil.

5. Accounting got oils, gas, condensate and water during test operation of wells, trial and industrial mining (deposit), and also amounts of the agents of influence downloaded in layers it shall be performed according to the existing normative and technical documents.

6. Project technology documents for development of fields are approved by the central executive body realizing state policy in spheres of industrial safety, labor protection and implementation of the state mountain supervision and approves the central executive body which provides forming and implements state policy in oil and gas complex.

II. Terms and determinations of concepts

In these Rules terms are used in the following values:

designer's service of projects implementation of trial development, projects (technology schemes) of industrial mining (deposit) research work which is carried out by organizations authors of projects of trial development, projects (technology schemes) of development of fields (deposits) in case of realization for the purpose of the analysis of compliance of the actual indicators of development of fields accepted and issues of the recommendations of rather geological and technical actions submitted on accomplishment of project decisions and enhancement of system of development of oil and gas deposits;

agents of influence of deposit of oil and gas (further - agents of influence) - the substances used for impact on thermodynamics of deposits, in particular: forcings in oil and gas pools for the purpose of increase in coefficients of oil recovery, gas, condensate; intensifications of hydrocarbon production or isolation of inflow of reservoir waters in wells; carrying out technology transactions in case of routine maintenance and overhaul repairs of wells;

the analysis of development - efficiency evaluation of implementable system of mining (deposit) which is performed on the basis of studying and comparison of technology indicators of development to the approved project indicators, identification of the reasons of disagreements and confirmation of the inventory quantities accepted to designing;

invalid wells - wells which are in idle time at least one calendar month;

drilling - process of formation of excavation, mainly round section, by destruction of breeds the boring tool with removal of products of destruction;

testing of well - complex of works in well on disclosure of the horizon and calling of inflow of formation fluid for the purpose of determination oil, water - and gas saturations of layer, assessment of its filtrational and capacity characteristics, sampling of reservoir liquid and gas, measurement of reservoir pressure;

hydrocarbons - oil, natural gas (including oil (passing) gas), gas condensate;

recirculation gas - natural gas which is returned (is pumped) in one or several oil and gas deposits of the field for maintenance in them reservoir pressure according to the project of trial or industrial mining (deposit) approved in the procedure established by the legislation;

hydraulic fracturing - intensification method which is usually applied in oil and gas wells in the layers which are characterized by low permeability. Specially picked up liquids for hydraulic gap are pumped under the high pressure and speed in collector interval for artificial formation of cracks;

the geological and technology model of the field - digital simulation model of the field which is stored in type of multidimensional object gives the chance to research and predict the processes happening during development in volume of the reservoir and is periodically specified in process of receipt of new data during the entire period of mining;

hydrochemical indicators - dissolved ion-salt complexes, their interrelation with accumulations of hydrocarbons, with litologo-facial features of the water containing breeds and hydrodynamics;

the operating wells - wells which gave products (absorbed) within the last month of the accounting period irrespective of the number of days of operation;

researches on kondensatnost (gas-condensate researches) - complex of the field and laboratory surveys conducted for the purpose of determination kondensatogazovy (further - KGF) and water (further - VF) factors, calculation of component structure of bedded system;

operation of production wells - process of raising of formation fluids of face on surface;

preservation of the field (deposit) - implementation of complex of actions for the temporary termination of mining, providing the termination of production from it of hydrocarbons, including the termination of use of the operational equipment and wells and preserving them in the condition suitable for recovery of their operation, and also safety of the population, protection of subsoil and the environment;

preservation of well - the temporary termination of construction of surface facilities for the well or its operation using adequate measures concerning protection of the surrounding environment, and also preserving its productive characteristics for the period stops;

nonconventional accumulations of hydrocarbons - the accumulations including gas and oil from slate thicknesses, the condensed breeds (sandstones, etc.), gas (methane) of coal fields, gas of central basin type, oil, condensate or other hydrocarbonic raw materials;

object of development (operational object) - layer or group of the layers having similar physical and chemical, thermodynamic and other properties are also emitted for drilling and operation of wells with independent grid;

arrangement of the field - complex of project, prospecting, construction works which need to be executed for introduction of the new field in industrial (trial) development, or new construction, expansion, reconstruction and technical retrofitting on the operating (equipped) fields;

the operator - the legal entity who owns financial and technical resources, and also experiment on implementation of activities for hydrocarbon production, their trade preparation, arrangement of fields, capital repairs of the operating objects and so forth. The operator is determined by the user oil-and-gas subsoil;

development of well - closing stage of preparation of well for operation on which the complex of technical and technology transactions on calling of inflow of formation fluids is performed;

bedded fluid - oil, gas, condensate, water or their mix containing in layer;

platforms buoys - the fixed vertical floating cylinders which considerable deepening does platform steady simplifies its stabilization practically without active regulation of ballast;

industrial mining - complex of the actions and engineering procedures directed to withdrawal of oil, gas, condensate and other components from subsoil for their use in the industries in case of optimum economic indicators and management of these processes;

the project of industrial mining (deposit) - the project technology document in which on the basis of the geological economic evaluation of the field reserves this postings of wells, studying of core, materials of trade geology and geophysics, hydrogeological, gasdynamic and industrial researches approved in accordance with the established procedure, and also other data obtained during investigation and trial development of fields (deposits) rational, economically justified complex of technology and technical solutions for mining and the action for control of development process, safety working and the population, protection of subsoil and the surrounding environment is reasonable;

the industrial characteristic of deposits - form, the sizes, hypsometric provision of contours of oil-bearing capacity, gas content, contacts gas-oil-water in different parts of deposit, initial output of wells, reservoir pressures and temperatures, gas factors, coefficients of performance and their change in case of test operation of wells and trial mining (deposit), for gas, gas-condensate deposits - availability or lack of oil rim of industrial value, data on nature of interaction of wells and layers, about the deposit mode;

the project of trial development of fields (deposits) (further - the OPR project) - the project technology document developed on the basis of basic geological field data in which the system of development, amounts of oil, gas, gas condensate extracted during trial development, rational use of products, development process regulation and also the program and amounts of research works, the including control of process of trial development and receipt of all necessary data for stock counting, accomplishment of detailed geological economic evaluation and approval in accordance with the established procedure is proved;

initial reservoir pressure - pressure size in productive layer prior to its development;

test operation of well - complex of the works performed for the purpose of refining of the extracting opportunities of well, structure and physical and chemical properties of formation fluids, collection characteristics of layers, coefficients of performance, the greatest possible outputs of wells, their acceleration performance, etc., receipts of necessary amount of information for reasons for system and technology indicators of trial development. The plan of test operation affirms as the procedure established by the legislation;

industrial mining - complex of the actions and engineering procedures directed on rational oil recovery, gas, condensate and other components from subsoil for their use to the industries on cost-efficient indicators and management of these processes;

regulation of process of development of fields (deposits) of oil and gazavnedreniye of the actions for enhancement of further mining (deposit) directed to achievement of the set rates of hydrocarbon production and providing the approved (accepted) coefficient of oil recovery, gas and condensate;

liquid for hydraulic fracturing - liquid which is forced in well in the course of intensification. Liquids for hydraulic gap are selected depending on lithology and filtrational and capacity properties of breeds, as a rule, contain water, propant (as a rule, sand or artificial ceramics), and also insignificant part of the chemical compounds intended for ensuring necessary physical and chemical properties of liquid which is forced in well, and other operational requirements;

saykling-process - method of development gas-condensate deposits with maintenance of reservoir pressure by pumping gas of recirculation in layer for increase in coefficient of extraction of condensate;

well - the cylindrical excavation created by drills or other boring tools including the equipment necessary for its operation which diameter is much less than its length;

system of maintenance of reservoir pressure - set of technology actions and technical means for maintenance of reservoir pressure in case of development of deposit of hydrocarbons by downloading agents of influence in it for ensuring the size of reservoir pressure provided by the technology project document for mining (deposits);

construction of surface facilities for the well - complex of works, since preparation of the platform under the drilling rig with the subsequent drilling of well, its fixture, challenge of inflow of hydrocarbons and finishing demontazhy and demobilization of drilling equipment, laying of necessary communications and recultivation of the parcel of land;

the accompanying reservoir water - the water rising to the surface together with oil and gas in case of their production;

thermodynamic researches to bedded gas-condensate boring sistemylaboratornya of research of the sample gas (the recombined test) which is artificially created from crude condensate and separated in the thermobaric conditions of bedding hydrocarbonic systems in deposit;

thermodynamic researches of reservoir oil - laboratory researches of deep tests of oil in the thermobaric conditions of bedding hydrocarbonic systems in deposit;

the technology scheme of industrial development of oil field (deposit) - the project technology document developed on the basis of the geological economic evaluation of field reserves approved in accordance with the established procedure determines preliminary system of industrial mining (deposit) of oil with use of methods of increase in petroextraction for industrial assessment of their efficiency and working off of technology of works.

In these Rules other terms are used in the values given in the Code of Ukraine about subsoil, the Laws of Ukraine "About oil and gas", "About protection of the surrounding environment", "About environmental assessment".

III. Preparation of oil and gas deposits for development and their classification

1. On complexity of geological structure, phase condition of hydrocarbons, conditions of bedding and variability of properties of productive layers such deposits are allocated irrespective of the size of field reserves:

simple structure, connected with the undisturbed or poorly broken structures; their productive layers contain single-phase fluid and are characterized by consistency of thickness and collection properties in the plan and by (coefficient of pishchanistost of at least 0,7 and coefficient of partition of no more 2,6);

complex structure, having one - or two-phase fluid are also characterized by considerable variability of thickness and collection properties of productive layers in the plan and by, lithologic substitutions of collectors low permeable breeds or availability of tectonic violations (coefficient of pishchanistost of less 0,7 and coefficient of partition of more 2,6);

very complex structure of which are characteristic as availability of multiphase fluids, lithologic substitutions, tectonic violations, and unevenness of thickness and collection properties of productive layers.

Gas-oil and oil and gas deposits in which the oil rim is spread by plantar water and in which oil lies in the form of thin (narrow) rims in heterogeneous layers also belong to categories of difficult and very complex structure.

2. Are divided by quantity of the productive horizons (deposits) of the field on one-bedded and multibedded.

3. Are divided by quantity of subjects to mining on:

one-object in which there is only one deposit or all deposits are united in one object of development;

multi-object in which several objects of development are allocated.

4. Depending on condition in entry bedded conditions and structure of the main hydrocarbonic connections in subsoil of the field (deposit) share on:

single-phase: the oil, containing oils and the gas dissolved in it;

gas, containing only gas;

gas-condensate which gas contains condensate;

two-phase: gas-oil in which the main part of the field (deposit) oil (the oil pool with the gas heading) is also formed by oil with dissolved gas and gas (the gas heading) occupies smaller amount; oil and gas in which gas part on amount exceeds oil (gas deposit with oil rim); oil-gas condensate or the gazokondensatonaftov containing oil, gas and condensate.

Формула 1 к Приказу от 15.03.2017 г. №118

During type definition of the field (deposit) on the first place in the name the smallest component on amount, on the second - the biggest is put.

Формула 2 к Приказу от 15.03.2017 г. №118Формула 3 к Приказу от 15.03.2017 г. №118

8. Depending on objectives and condition of study of oil-and-gas content of subsoil allocate three stages of exploration works for oil and gas - regional, search and prospecting which have the separate implementation phases of works.

9. The regional stage includes the following stages of exploration works:

allocation of zones and areas for first-priority studying;

identification of objects (structures);

determination of availability of traps of hydrocarbons and preparation of objects (structures) for deep drilling.

The purpose of regional exploration works is studying of the main patterns of geological structure of decantation basins, assessment of forecast and perspective resources of hydrocarbons of litologo-stratigrafichesky complexes, zones and objects. During regional stage drill basic and parametrical wells.

Main results of regional stage: prospective areas for search drilling are prepared; perspective resources are estimated; the packet of geological information for receipt of special permission to use of natural resources is created.

10. The purpose of search works is discovery of the fields of oil and gas or new deposits on earlier found fields to provisional estimate of inventories of hydrocarbons and the choice among them first-priority for further investigation. During search stage drill search wells.

The search stage has one stage - search of fields (deposits) which comes to the end after obtaining in search well at least of one industrial inflow of oil or gas or reasons for hopelessness of carrying out further search works.

Main results of search stage: the field (deposit) of hydrocarbons is found or the results testimonial of inexpediency of further search works are received; calculation of the explored reserves registered is preposted feasibility of further investigation and opytnopromyshlenny development is determined.

11. The purpose of prospecting works is establishment and calculation of explored reserves of hydrocarbons in the quantity necessary for industrial development, determination of all parameters for creation of the project of industrial development, and also additional exploration of not enough studied sites (blocks) of the fields which are in development. During prospecting stage drill exploratory wells, and also operational (estimative, estimative and operational, delivery, control, special) in implementation process of the OPR projects.

Prospecting works include the following stages:

assessment and preparation of fields (deposits) for development;

additional exploration of fields (deposits).

Main results of prospecting stage: the field of hydrocarbons is prepared for industrial development and its industrial value is established; explored reserves of the field are counted and approved in accordance with the established procedure; it is executed detailed geological and economic assessment (further GEO-1).

12. To destination wells are subdivided into categories: structural, basic, parametrical, search, prospecting, operational.

13. Structural wells are intended for identification and preparation for poiskovorazvedochny drilling of prospective areas. By the received results study to techtonic dance, stratigraphy, lithology and build geological profiles.

14. Basic wells are intended for studying of geological structure and hydrogeological conditions of bedding of breeds in subsoil of Earth and identification of opportunities of finding of oil and gas deposits in them.

15. Parametrical wells drill for studying of geological structure of the area, assessment of perspectives of oil-and-gas content of possible zones naftogazonakopichennya, receipts of the litologo-stratigrafichesky characteristic of sedimentary cover, studying of development of collectors and tires, their filtrational and capacity properties, the thermobaric conditions of layers, receipts of the geologic-geophysical characteristic of breeds for increase in reliability of seismic and geophysical works.

16. Wells which drill for searches of new fields (deposits) of oil and gas, and for nonconventional hydrocarbonic sistemdlya confirmations of availability of such perspective system are search.

17. Exploratory wells drill on squares with the established industrial oil-and-gas content for the purpose of preparation of inventories of oil and gas of industrial categories in necessary ratio and receipts of basic data for creation of the project (the technology scheme) of industrial mining (deposit).


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