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of December 4, 2004 No. ZR-122

About energy saving and renewable power

(The last edition from 26-12-2017)

Accepted by National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia on November 9, 2004

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Law purpose

The purpose of this Law is establishment of the principles of implementation of energy saving and state policy on development of renewable power and mechanisms of their implementation, directed:

- on strengthening of economic and energy independence of the Republic of Armenia,

- on increase in economic and energy security of the Republic of Armenia, reliability of power system,

- on creation of the new productions stimulating energy saving and development of renewable power and the organization of services

- on reduction of technogenic impact by the environment, health of the person.

Article 2. Basic concepts of the Law

The basic concepts used in the Law are:

indicator of energy efficiency – the absolute, specific or relative value of use or loss of the energy carriers fixed by National standards in production of any products (during provision of services) or in engineering procedure,

energy saving – the target legal, organizational, scientific, productive, technical and economic activity directed to reduction of specific expense of energy resources

the energy carrier – material in different aggregate states (firm, liquid, gaseous) or other forms of matter (plasma, the field, radiation and so on), the energy which is saved up in which can be used for the purpose of power supply,

effective use of energy carriers – use of energy carriers caused by the modern level of development of the equipment and technology and requirements for environmental protection, on condition of economic advantage and receipt of maximum efficiency,

energy examination - the consulting services directed to check (including, measurement of performance indicators of the electric power) energy balance of energy farms of legal entities and physical persons and (or) information which is available in the documents containing information on energy efficiency indicators on effective use of energy carriers (further – energy reports) as a result of which the expert opinion is provided,

autonomous power producer – the legal entity or physical person making electrical and (or) heat energy, biogas for own needs

the power station – the devices provided for production, transformation, transfer, distributions, accumulatings and energy consumptions or complex of the interconnected oborudovaniye and constructions

renewable energy resources - group of the energy carriers received from wind, solar, water, geothermal and biomass sources of renewable energy which can be used for the purpose of consumption

renewable power – the sphere of receipt of energy carriers and mechanical energy from renewable energy resources,

source of wind energy – wind,

source of solar energy – the beams transferred by the sun,

source of water energy - surface and ground waters,

geothermal power source - underwater warm waters (hydrothermal sources) or heat of breeds (geothermal sources),

source of biomass energy – organic and (or) combustible deposits from biological or economic activity of the person and other animal origin, vegetable remaining balance and waste, and also crops,

energy balance – the basic quantitative description of the got, made, imported, processed, transformed, transported, distributed and saved up, exported and used energy carriers.

Article 3. Subject of regulation and coverage of the Law

This Law regulates relations of state bodies and local self-government of the Republic of Armenia, legal entities and physical persons when implementing activities in the field of energy saving and renewable power:

a) in spheres of development, production, import and use of the energy, including making, transferring, distributing, reforming, accumulating and using renewable energy resources power stations, machines, the equipment and goods,

b) in spheres of development, production, import of the modern structural and heat-insulating, heat-insulating and pressurizing materials and products for the purpose of increase in energy efficiency of buildings and constructions,

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