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Approved by Department of Statistical and social researches on October 14, 1999


I. General provisions

1. This instruction about procedure for maintaining registers of accounting of peasant farms is developed according to the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova N182 of March 24, 1999 "About approval of the Regulations on registration of peasant farms".

2. The register of accounting of peasant farms (further - the register) is intended for data recording about creation and liquidation of peasant farms and serves at the same time as means of collection and accumulating of information on the peasant farms registered in the Republic of Moldova.

3. Subject of the register is the peasant farm created according to the procedure, the established Law on peasant farm, the Law on privatization, the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova by N182 of March 24, 1999, other existing regulations.

II. Maintaining register, its components

4. The register of accounting of peasant farms is kept by primeriya in manual form by means of data recording of registration and liquidation of peasant farms. The register is made of white paper, its sheets are fastened, numbered and certified in accordance with the established procedure.

5. The manual form of the register consists of "Card of registration of peasant farm" and "The register of peasant farms" (respectively the N1 form and the N2 form of the appendix N3 to the Regulations on registration of peasant farms approved by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova N182 of March 24, 1999).

6. Before submission of the documents necessary for registration of peasant farm, the founder without fail makes request before the corresponding primeriya about coordination and reservation of the name of peasant farm for the purpose of exception of repetition of names of peasant farms in the territory of primeriya.

7. Records in the Register of peasant farms are made by person authorized by function on registration (in dalneyshemregistrator), after decision making about registration of peasant farm based on "Card of registration of peasant farm", the N1 form.

8. The register is kept in state language, it can be translated into other languages according to the Law on functioning of languages in the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

9. The records made in the register shall be clear and accurate, without reducings in order to avoid various interpretation of concepts. Record in the register shall be made so that the possibility of its erasure (deleting, destruction) by various methods without leaving of obvious traces of erasure was excluded (deletings, destructions).

10. Data are entered in the register in chronological procedure. Entry in the register is made without delay after representation necessary for document registration and makes sure the signature and (or) personal seal of the brought her face responsible for registration. Upon termination of the working day after the last record on the first free line horizontal line on all width of the page is drawn.

11. Amendments, changes and additions are made to the register according to subitem 7, of 8, of 9, 10.

If in the register there is not enough place for entering into record of amendments, changes or amendments, they can be made on the sheet of paper glued to this record with putting down of the corresponding signatures and (or) seals. Part of the signature (impress of a seal) shall be on the glued leaf.

12. The registrar fills the Card of registration of peasant farm approved by appendix N 3, in 3 copies and before issue of the registration certificate directs them to territorial authority of the Main state tax authorities for assignment of fiscal code and issue of the certificate on assignment of fiscal code and entering into the State tax register according to the current legislation.

One copy remains in territorial tax authority for accounting. The second copy remains in primeriya, is stored constantly in the personal record on accounting of peasant farm and is the basis for entering of information into the register and issues of the registration certificate of peasant farm. The third copy of card in 15-day time from the date of registration goes to the address of territorial authority of statistics of Department of statistical and social researches.

13. In registration card the data provided in the N1 form of the appendix N1 to the Regulations on registration of peasant farms approved by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova N182 of March 24, 1999 are filled in.

14. The registration number assigned to peasant economy at the time of registration, and the OSRO code (single identification code of the companies and organizations) are single in all territory of the Republic of Moldova and identifications of peasant economy are used for information processing.

15. The reserve of numbers of registration for each primeriya of villages (communes), cities and municipiums is established by territorial authority of statistics (based on reserve of the numbers got from computer center of Department of statistical and social researches).

16. Data on the area and registration number of the parcel of land are introduced from the register of land cadastre of the corresponding primeriya.

17. Primeriya record the peasant farms created in the territory of the corresponding primeriya and constantly store all documents submitted for registration.

18. In case of the termination of activities of peasant economy for the bases, stipulated by the legislation, the primeriya makes record about the bases and date of the termination of activities in the register and deletes it from the register. The name of the liquidated peasant farm will not be appropriated to newly created farms for the period for which document storage, provided for registration is provided in Item 24.

19. The exception of the register is made in the procedure established by the legislation by deletion of all record with amendments, changes and amendments and putting down of signatures and (or) seals by authorized persons with indication of date of exception. Deletion (correction) of records is made so that the corrected record could be read in original form.

20. The list of the liquidated peasant economy with inclusion of their identification data goes primeriya quarterly (not later than the 20th day of the first month of the next quarter) to territorial authority of Department of statistical and social researches and the Main state tax authorities.

21. In case of exit from peasant economy of one his member and creation on the basis of the received parcel of land of new peasant economy it is brought by it in the register. At the same time the changes concerning the first economy are made to the register, keeping at the same time its registration number.

22. In all cases when changes arrive, corrections or amendments in these cards of registration, registrar shall inform on it in writing within 15 days territorial authorities of statistics and tax authorities, having filled and having sent to their address registration card with the following data:

- registration number of peasant farm (form N 1, Item 3);

- data which undergo changes;

- date of modification (corrections).


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