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Approved by the Ministry of development of the territories, construction and municipal services the Order No. 161 of October 19, 1999

Regulations on procedure for collection of payment for housing and communal services in case of absence of the resident

1. This provision is developed according to Item 26 of Provisional rules of operation of apartments, contents of apartment houses and the territories, adjacent to houses, in the Republic of Moldova and extends to all residents living in apartment houses, hostels irrespective of patterns of ownership.

2. In case of lack of the corresponding metering devices the payment for municipal and other services (cold and hot water, the sewerage, heat energy on water heating, removal of household garbage, the elevator, the electrical energy used by elevators and for illumination of staircases, gas for use of broadcasting of network and the collective television antenna) is not levied for the actual absence period of residents of 15 and more days if after return they submitted the following documents confirming their absence, issued by the relevant organizations:

a) the certificate that the resident temporarily lived in hotel sanatorium, rest house and other similar organizations, or the copy of the permit to rest, receipts on payment for hotel accommodation, the business trip order if he did not live in hotel;

b) the reference issued by rural, city primeriya where there are no housing-and-municipal bodies or other organizations having apartment houses;

c) the statement of parents for departure of children on rest for the period of vacation and the corresponding reference confirming their absence;

d) the certificate that the resident was in medical institution;

e) the certificate of court of imprisonment or from penal institutions;

f) the certificate of military unit or military commissariat of finding of the resident on military service, from educational institutions.

The specified documents and copies of documents shall be constituted, signed and under seal in accordance with the established procedure.

3. For the purpose of recalculation simplification residents, before departure, shall inform in writing the owner or the organization managing housing stock (housing-and-municipal body, housing cooperative, Owners' Association of the privatized apartments, the companies on which balances are apartment at home, hostels) on date of departure, arrival and absence term.

The owner of housing stock registers the statement and controls absence of residents.

In case of detection of residents (other persons) in the apartment recalculation is not made.

4. The payment is not levied only in cases when in absence period of residents other persons did not live in their apartments, apartments were not let, sublease, lease.

5. If in apartments there are metering devices of the provided services, the payment is levied according to their indications.

6. Recalculation of payments for municipal and other services is not made based on the following documents:

- tickets for journey by train, bus, plane, etc.;

- references from gardening partnership;

- the application signed by neighbors.

7. The residents which are absent in apartments are not exempted from rent, payment for maintenance of the apartment house and central heating, and in the privatized apartments and from payment for repair and operational needs of common property and other needs.

8. The owner, the employer, the lessee of the apartment shall bring monthly at the scheduled time payment for utilities from which payment it is not exempted.

9. In case of long absence the owner, the employer, the lessee shall submit the document confirming its absence or members of his family in 3 months. Otherwise recalculation will be made only for the last 3 months from the moment of the address.

10. Residents which were absent more than 15 days shall within 15 days after return address to relevant organs for accomplishment of necessary recalculations of payments for utilities, otherwise recalculation will not be carried out.

11. In case of not introduction of the put payments at the scheduled time debt collection will be made judicially.

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