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Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and Government of Georgia on cooperation on boundary questions

of August 31, 1996

The government of Ukraine and the Government of Georgia, further "Contracting parties", being guided by the universally recognized norms and the principles of international law, desire to develop friendly good-neighbourhood and to promote mutual safety on frontiers of Ukraine and Georgia, confirming the commitment with provision of the Charter of the UN, the Helsinki Final act of immunity of frontiers and territorial integrity of the states, Treaties of friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance between Ukraine and the Republic Georgia of April 13, 1993, and also to the principles of OSCE, considering activity on frontiers of illegal migration, arms trafficking, drugs and other goods and objects prohibited to movement through border, stating interest in effective cooperation on boundary questions,

agreed about the following:

Article 1

Contracting parties will perform and develop among themselves the equal partnership directed to effective permission of tasks concerning consolidation of protection of the frontiers.

Article 2

For specific implementation of measures concerning accomplishment of this Agreement Contracting Parties charge to the commander of Border troops of Ukraine and the commander of Border troops of Georgia to sign the relevant protocols which will promote expansion mutual and to cooperation of boundary departments by mutual consent.

Contracting Parties will perform cooperation on boundary questions through the State committee on cases of protection of frontier of Ukraine and State department of protection of frontier of Georgia.

Article 3

Contracting parties will promote the termination of attempts of penetration through the frontier of terrorist groups, illegal migrants and other criminal elements, illegal movement of weapon and ammunition, explosive, incendiary, toxic, radioactive, psychotropic, narcotic agents and other goods and loads prohibited to import (export).

Article 4

Contracting parties independently determine procedure for entrance (departure) on the territory of citizens of other states, stateless persons.

Article 5

Contracting parties determine the free standing agreement procedure for acceptance and transfer of persons which illegally arrived to the territory of one Contracting Party from the territory of the second Contracting Party.

Article 6

Contracting parties will provide timely exchange of information that constitutes mutual interest, about situation which is on frontiers, and about new legal acts on boundary questions.

Article 7

Contracting parties will perform cooperation with the purpose of protection of citizens, the state-owned and other property from criminal encroachments in sea spaces which are under their jurisdiction.

Article 8

Contracting parties undertake the obligation not to transfer someone the materials received from each other and information of office and confidential nature without written consent Agreeing the Party from which these materials and information are received.

Article 9

Contracting parties perform cooperation on questions carrying out operational and detective activities in interests ensuring protection of frontiers according to the legislation of the states with the bodies of Border troops authorized on that.

Article 10

Contracting parties will assist if necessary each other in preparation of officer personnel and junior specialists of Border troops, leaving opportunities of each Contracting Party.

Article 11

Contracting parties will give each other help in material logistics, the technical equipment, in order placement, development, production, implementation and repair of technical means of protection of border, arms and the ships (motor boats).

Article 12

Contracting parties based on free standing agreements will provide acceptance in the treatment and prevention facilities on inspection, treatment (hospitalization) of the military personnel and pensioners of Border troops of Ukraine and Georgia, members of their families, and also allocations of permits in departmental sanatoria and rest houses at the expense of the directing Contracting Party.

Article 13

For ensuring accomplishment of the cross liabilities provided by this Agreement and also the solution of questions that arise in the course of cooperation and interaction, Contracting Parties will hold in case of need consultations or to organize joint working groups.

Article 14

In case of need Contracting Parties by mutual consent can make to the text of the Agreement of change and additions.

Article 15

Each of Contracting Parties can terminate temporarily provisions of this agreement fully or partially. About acceptance or cancellation of such decision, its reasons and terms other Contracting Party will be informed in the diplomatic way no later than 30 days by the time of adoption of the relevant decision.

Article 16

This Agreement becomes effective from the date of the last message on accomplishment necessary interstate procedures. The agreement will be effective within five years. Its action automatically lasts for the subsequent five-year period if any of Contracting Parties does not declare the desire to terminate the Agreement what it shall inform in writing the second Contracting Party not later than in six months prior to day of the termination of effective period of this Agreement on.

It is made in Kiev on August 31, 1996 in triplicate Ukrainian, Georgian and Russian by languages, and all texts are authentic.

Disclaimer! This text was translated by AI translator and is not a valid juridical document. No warranty. No claim. More info

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