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The memorandum of procedure for provision of mutual assistance between the State Customs Service of Ukraine and the State Customs Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic

of July 30, 1999

The State Customs Service of Ukraine and the State Customs Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic which are referred to as further with the Parties

being guided by article 16 of the Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the Azerbaijan Republic about cooperation in customs affairs signed on March 24, 1997 (daleesoglasheniye)

for the purpose of establishment of the mechanism of implementation of the Agreement, agreed as follows:

Article 1

The parties authorize management of the relevant divisions of the central offices and separate customs specified in Appendices 1 and 2 of this Memorandum to establish and support direct contacts with the purpose of accomplishment of the provisions provided by the Agreement.

In case of need Appendices can change or be supplemented with each of the Parties with the obligatory message on it to other Party.

Article 2

For the purpose of assessment of operation of the Agreement and discussion of other topical issues of activities of customs meetings of heads of customs administrations will be held every two years.

Article 3

Based on the Agreement customs administrations on request will give information concerning goods which are assessed with tax taxable high customs fee, considerable zanizheniye of customs value, and also to exchange lists of goods concerning which prohibitions and restrictions of import or export are applied.

Article 4

1. Requests about assistance and the answer to them within the Agreement will go in writing, including the fax, telex or other means of communication.

2. In urgent cases requests in oral form can be applied, however they shall be immediately confirmed in writing. Upon the demand of the Party which requests the messages transferred by the fax, telex or other means of communication are confirmed by the letter.

3. The customs administration which received request provides information which is requested, and documents in the shortest possible time.

Article 5

Requests about assistance will be shown by the Russian, English or other language acceptable for the Party to which the request is addressed.

Article 6

The request about assistance shall contain such information:

a) the name of customs administration which requests;

b) required actions,

c) subject and reason of request;

d) the laws and other regulations which belong to request;

e) the most exact and exhaustive data concerning physical persons or legal entities concerning which investigation shall be made.

Article 7

This Memorandum becomes effective from the date of signing and stops the action along with the Agreement.

It is made in Kiev on July 30, 1999 in duplicate, everyone Ukrainian, Azerbaijani and Russian by languages, and all texts are exactly authentic. In case of disagreements in case of interpretation of the Ukrainian and Azerbaijani texts the benefit is provided to the text by Russian.


For the State Customs Service of the Azerbaijan Republic 

For the State Customs Committee of Ukraine

Appendix 1

The list of persons, representatives to support direct connections with foreign customs authorities


Azerbaijan, Baku, 370073, Inshaatchilar prospectus, 2

|АЛИЕВ           |Первый заместитель       |        тел.: (99412)|
|Айдын Али оглы  |Председателя             |            38-92-62 |
|МАМЕДОВ         |Заместитель              |        тел.: (99412)|
|Фазиль Асад     |Председателя             |            39-15-39 |
|оглы            |                         |        факс: (99412)|
|                |                         |            39-74-71 |
|БАГИРОВ         |Начальник Главного       |        тел.: (99412)|
|Шахин Солтан    |управления организации   |            38-67-95 |
|оглы            |таможенного контроля     |                     |
|МУРАДОВ         |Начальник Главного       |        тел.: (99412)|
|Гюльоглан       |управления по борьбе с   |             38-63-24|
|Бабагасан оглы  |контрабандой и           |   тел./факс: (99412)|
|                |нарушениями таможенных   |             93-40-67|
|                |правил                   |                     |
|МИРЗОЕВ         |Начальник Главного       |        тел.: (99412)|
|Этибар          |управления               |            38-91-81 |
|Бёюкбей оглы    |Финансово-Тарифного и    |                     |
|                |Валютного Контроля       |                     |
|БАГИРОВ         |Начальник Отдела Внешних |   тел./факс: (99412)|
|Сабир Надир     |Связей                   |             93-40-67|
|оглы            |                         |        тел.: (99412)|
|                |                         |            38-00-19 |
|МУСТАФАЕВ       |Начальник общего отдела  |        тел.: (99412)|
|Ризван Абыш     |                         |            38-51-09 |
|оглы            |                         |                     |


373630, Nakhchivan, Prospekt Azadlyg, 6

|ГУЛАМОВ         |Председатель             |   тел: (236) 5-75-29|
|Джангир Рза     |комитета                 |   тел: (236) 5-75-27|
|оглы            |                         | факс: (236) 5-75-22 |


370010, Baku, Prospekt Neftchilyar, 62

|МИКАИЛОВ          |Начальник        |    тел.: (99412) 98-04-38 |
|Сулейман Сурхай   |управления       |                  98-99-0


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