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Ministry of Justice

Republic of Tajikistan

On April 10, 2017 No. 175


of April 4, 2017 No. 179

About the List of works at which application of work of women and maximum permissible regulations of loadings for them is forbidden in case of lifting and moving weights by them manually

According to Article 216 of the Labor code of the Republic of Tajikistan the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan decides:

1. Approve the List of works at which application of work of women and maximum permissible regulations of loadings for them is forbidden in case of lifting and moving weights by them manually according to appendices 1 and 2.

2. To the relevant ministries and departments, executive bodies of the government of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, areas, the city of Dushanbe, cities and areas of republican subordination to take necessary measures for implementation of this resolution.

3. To provide to the Ministry of Labour, migration and employment of the population of the Republic of Tajikistan control of the course of its accomplishment.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Tajikistan
Emomalii Rahmon

Appendix 1

Approved by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan of April 4, 2017, No. 179

The list of works at which application of work of women is forbidden

1. The works connected with lifting and moving weights manually

The works connected with lifting and moving weights manually in case of excess of the established regulations of maximum allowable loads for women in case of lifting and moving weights manually.

2. Underground works

In underground works, and on construction of underground constructions use of all forms of work of women is forbidden to the mining industry.

3. Metal working

§ 1. Foundry works


Knocker of casting

The charger of furnace charge in cupolas and furnaces occupied with furnace charge loading manually.

Zavarshchik of casting by liquid cast iron

Metal caster

Obrubshchik occupied at works with pneumatic tool

Founder of metal and alloys

The workers occupied with suspension bracket of hot casting on the conveyor, servicing and repair of the equipment in tunnels of foundry shops.

§ 2. Welding works

The gas welder and electric welder of manual welding working in the closed reservoirs (tanks, coppers, etc.) and also on high-rise constructions of communication (towers) over 10 meters and steeplejack works.

§ 3. Boiler, holodnoshtampovochny, drawing and pressing works


The turner on turning and pressing machines occupied at works manually

The chaser occupied at works as hand pneumatic tool.

§ 4. Forge and press and thermal works

Bandazhnik occupied on sharp works

Pruzhinshchik occupied on sharp works in case of navivka of springs from wire with a diameter over 10 mm

Raskatchik occupied with expansion of rings in hot condition

§ 5. Metal coatings and coloring

Sealing inside caisson - tanks.

Continuous work on svintsevaniye by hot method (not galvanic).

§ 6. Metalwork and metalwork and assembly works

The driller pneumatics performing work as the pneumatic tool transferring vibration to hands of working

The service technician occupied:

- adjusting in shops and departments;

- on hot repair of selenic devices (equipment);

- adjusting in shops and departments of preparation and application flints - the organic varnishes and varnishes containing 40 and more percent of toluene, xylol;

- repair of the equipment in the closed fuel stores and oil farms on thermal power plants, and also repair of the equipment in tunnels and heating cameras in thermal networks;

- adjustment and repair of chill molds in hot condition.

§ 7. Works with lead

Smelting, casting, rolling and stamping of lead products, and also svintsevaniye of cables and ration of lead accumulators.

4. Construction, assembly and repair construction works

Hot repair of furnaces and fire chambers of copper

Fixture of designs and details using the construction gun

Plitolomny works, dismantling of buildings and constructions

Punched hole of openings in concrete, steel concrete and stone (brick) designs manually and using pneumatic tool

Asfaltobetonshchik, asfaltobetonshchik - varilshchik, occupied at work manually


The navvy - the drifter

The bricklayer occupied at works on laying of silicate brick

The roofer on steel roofs

Kessonshchik is bureaucrat, kessonshchik - the drifter, kessonshchik - the mechanic, kessonshchik - the construction electrician

Driver of autograder

Operator of the asphalt distributor

Driver of avtoyamobur

Driver of betononasosny installation, driver of bitumoplavilny portable installation

Bulldozer operator

The driver the grader - elevator

Operator of the mixer of asphalt concrete portable

Operator of the stacker of asphalt concrete

Excavator operator odnokovshovy, excavator operator of rotor

The operator of the electrowelding portable aggregate with the internal combustion engine

The driver of power plant portable, working at power plant with the internal combustion engine capacity of 150 h.p. and more

The assembler of communication - the antenshchik busied at height

The steel and concrete erector during the work at height and steeplejack works

The plumber on lead


The plumber occupied on repair of sewer network

Truboklad of industrial steel concrete pipes

Truboklad of industrial brick pipes

The assembler of fittings on installation of pokryvny layers, elastic installation and the carver manually.

5. Mining operations

§ 1. Open mining operations and surface acting and mines under construction and mines enrichment, agglomeration, and briquetting

Driller of shots

Blaster, shotfirer

The miner according to the prevention and suppression of the fires

The supplier of fixing materials to the mine


The smith - burozapravshchik

Operator of the drilling rig

Driver of loading machine

Excavator operator

Oprokidchik occupied with manual fullering and otkatka of trolleys


Cleaner of bunkers

The electrician (mechanic), the repair attendant occupied with servicing and repair of the equipment, mechanisms, water and aerial highways on mountain developments

The works performed on general professions of agglomeration, briquetting and separate employee categories

The breaker of hot pitch in alumina production.


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