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of March 24, 2017 No. 193

About approval of the Regulations on life-long education of adults

(as amended on 15-06-2022)

For the purpose of realization of provisions of article 126 of the Code of the Republic of Moldova about education No. 152 of July 17, 2014. (The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 2014, Art. No. 319-324, 634), with subsequent changes, DECIDES: the Government

1. Approve Regulations on life-long education of adults it (is applied).

2. To the ministries which have educational institutions or the centers of continuous professional training in subordination to provide life-long education of adults according to the specified provision.

3. To suppliers of educational services for adults to organize the activities according to the specified provision and the current legislation.

4. Declare invalid the Order of the Government No. 1224 of November 9, 2004. "About the organization of continuous professional training" (The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 2004, Art. No. 208-211, 1424).

Prime Minister

Paweê Phillip


minister of education


Corin Fusu

Minister of Labour, Social Protection and Family

Stele Grigorash



to the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of March 24, 2017 No. 193

Regulations on life-long education of adults

I. General provisions

1. The regulations on life-long education of adults (further - the Provision) establish legal framework for the organization and carrying out life-long education of adults in the Republic of Moldova.

2. Life-long education of adults includes:

1) general education of adults;

2) continuous professional training of adults.

3. Continuous professional training of adults will be organized accurately on the education levels and specialties, taking into account needs of employers, general skills of adult, specific requirements to posts and their opportunities for career development or employment.

Continuous professional training of adults will be organized according to programs of retraining, specialization and advanced training.

4. Life-long education of adults in the context of training at extent of all life provides continuous access to information, funds of science and culture for the purpose of flexible adaptation of the personality to the new and constantly changing social and economic realities and development of the skills necessary for professional and social activity.

Access to life-long education for adults is guaranteed on the basis of the equal rights, nondiscrimination on the basis of race, nationality, origin, ethnic origin, language, religion, floor, political convictions, property status, social origin or any other criteria.

5. Life-long education of adults is based on the following principles:

1) ensuring the advancing nature and continuity in activities for forming development of the human person;

2) adaptation of programs of professional training to requirements of the society which is in continuous development;

3) training of the personality for the purpose of optimum adaptation to conditions of fast changing of education system;

4) mobilization and development of all means of informing available in institutional and not institutional limits;

5) professionalism.

6. Life-long education of adults has the following functions:

1) favors to development of the personality;

2) is supplemented by basic education through the recurrent or compensating training;

3) increases professional competence;

4) orients adults to new method of the solution of important problems;

5) is provided by new chance for receipt of qualification;

6) is strengthened by capability of use of benefits of information and communication technologies;

7) provides the competences and capabilities necessary for execution of the social rights and obligations of each citizen;

8) brings up, cultivates personal capabilities and interests of the citizen for the purpose of accomplishment of socially active role;

9) advances communal and personal activity.

7. Life-long education of adults aims to promote improvement of quality of life by means of:

1) amendments of basic education through the recurrent or compensating training;

2) as it is possible for the organization of offers on continuous training closer to receivers of educational services, in their own communities and on place of employment by means of the equipment based on information and communication technologies;

3) cultural development of investments into life-long education of human resources and simplification of social integration of persons according to their professional aspirations and requirements of the labor market;

4) updatings of knowledge and enhancement of professional training on major activity, and also on adjacent occupations;

5) their retraining, taking into account economic restructuring, social mobility or changes of working capacity;

6) creations of opportunities of certification of the professional, functional, social competences received in a formal, informal and/or informalny way;

7) developments of methods and contexts of teaching and assimilation of knowledge necessary for providing continuity of training at extent of all life;

8) ensuring protection and social reintegration of specialists;

9) developments of opportunities for consultation, mediation and orientation concerning opportunities of continuous training and development in the country and abroad;

10) development of the advanced knowledge, modern methods and procedures for accomplishment of service duties;

11) increases in level of digital literacy, development of digital competences and digital inklyuziya;

12) promotions of life-long training.

8. According to the Code about education, life-long education of adults can be provided with the organizations of educational services for adults who provide general education services and services of continuous professional training.

9. The organizations of educational services for adults from the Republic of Moldova for receipt of authorization according to the Order of the Government No. 616 of May 18, 2016. "About approval of Methodology of external quality evaluation for authorization on temporary functioning and accreditations of educational programs and organizations of professional, higher and life-long education and Regulations on calculation of rates for services in external quality evaluation of educational programs and organizations of professional, higher and life-long education" (The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 2016, Art. No. 134-139, 671) shall correspond to the following conditions of selection:

1) to be legally founded and to comply with conditions of availability of good reputation;


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