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Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

March 6, 2017

No. 308/30176


of January 26, 2017 No. 56

About approval of the Instruction on the organization of operation of technical means of protection on the important state objects protected by National guard of Ukraine

According to article 2 of the Law of Ukraine "About National guard of Ukraine" and to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of August 23, 2016 to No. 562 "About approval of the Procedure for the organization of protection by National guard of Ukraine of nuclear installations, nuclear materials, radioactive waste, other sources of ionizing radiation of state-owned property, important state objects, and also particular loads", for the purpose of enhancement of the organization of operation of technical means of protection on the important state objects protected by National guard of Ukraine and its reduction in compliance with requirements of the legislation of Ukraine I order:

1. Approve the Instruction on the organization of operation of technical means of protection on the important state objects protected by National guard of Ukraine which is applied.

2. To provide to head department of National guard of Ukraine in accordance with the established procedure provision of this order on state registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

3. To impose control of execution of the order on the deputy minister of Summer S. A.

4. This order becomes effective from the date of its official publication.


A. B. Avakov

Approved by the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine of January 26, 2017 No. 56

The instruction on the organization of operation of technical means of protection on the important state objects protected by National guard of Ukraine

I. General provisions

1. This Instruction determines the main requirements to the organization of operation of technical means of protection (further - ITSO) on the important state objects protected by National guard of Ukraine.

2. Technical means of protection - engineering constructions, barriers, and also the technical means which are component of system of protection of the object protected are also applied for the purpose of increase in reliability of protection and enhancement on their basis of system and methods of protection and defense of important state objects.

Permanent readiness of ITSO for proper use, efficiency of their application in the course of protection of important state objects is reached by the correct organization of technical operation.

3. Operation of ITSO - stage of lifecycle of ITSO during which means are used for designated purpose according to technical documentation of producers of means, project and operational documentation is supported and recovered their working capacity.

4. Technical operation of ITSO - complex of the organizational and technical actions ensuring their safety, maintenance in good repair, maintenance and resource.

Technical operation of ITSO includes:


professional selection, preparation and the admission of staff to operation of ITSO;

planning of technical operation;

maintenance and repair;

material logistics;

maintaining operational, technical, accounting and reporting documentation;

accounting and storage;

collection, accounting and the analysis of operational data on reliability and smooth operation of technical means of protection (further - TSO);

control and assessment of technical condition and organization of operation;

the organization of works on providing and observance of rules and security measures during operation;

damage work;

write-off of ITSO.

5. The main conditions which provide the correct technical operation of ITSO are:

knowledge and accomplishment by staff of specialists of ITSO, officials of all categories of requirements of this Instruction and other documents on the organization of technical operation;

close interaction with administration of the protected object, concerning enhancement of ITSO, improvement of quality of their operation and material logistics of divisions of ITSO by all necessary for this purpose (according to requirements of the current legislation);

the correct matching and placement of personnel - specialists of ITSO;

knowledge specialists of ITSO of structure, principles of work, rules of installation and technical operation of TSO;

planning, organization and accomplishment of actions for technical operation;

fixing of ITSO to divisions and responsible persons;

systematic control from commanders and chiefs of technical condition of ITSO, quality of maintenance and repair work;

training of specialists of ITSO in rules and security measures in maintenance time and repair.

6. Commanders and chiefs of all degrees are responsible for the correct organization and high-quality carrying out technical operation of ITSO.

Are responsible for technical condition of ITSO, timely and high-quality carrying out maintenance and repair, in volume of post, commanders (chiefs) of divisions, technical structure and persons to whom ITSO are assigned.

7. TSO depending on their technical condition can be estimated as operational (defective) and efficient (disabled).

TSO are considered operational if they are fully completed, nodes, elements, blocks, details have no damages, and their technical characteristics correspond to the established regulating documents (specifications, forms, the passport, maintenance manual).

TSO are considered efficient if they are capable to perform the functions determined by the project documentation, and their operational characteristics conform to requirements of the current legislation.

Unlike operational efficient TSO can have separate shortcomings which directly do not influence accomplishment of TSO of the functions (corrosion traces, lack of screws for fixture, violation of decorative covering, etc.).

TSO which do not conform to the above-stated requirements belong to defective and disabled respectively.

8. TSO are divided into those that are used for providing office and fighting tasks (fighting) and for training of staff.

It is strictly forbidden to use fighting TSO for training of staff in acceptances of maintenance and repair which is connected with artificial introduction of defects, disassembly, demontazhy equipments, violation of factory settings and adjustments.

It is forbidden to connect to system of protection of object which is protected, TSO which are not determined in the project documentation on creation of such system and to razukomplektovyvat or withdraw separate nodes and blocks from TSO set.

9. Maintenance, carrying out running repair of ITSO established in prohibited areas, regime rooms (houses, constructions), check-points (further - the check point) all types, operator and hour rooms, is performed by forces of specialists of ITSO of military units of National guard of Ukraine according to requirements of the regulating documents regulating accomplishment of tasks of military units of National guard of Ukraine on protection of important state objects at the expense of the appliances allocated to administrations and protected, and during warranty operation is performed by contract organizations.

In some cases maintenance and running repair of ITSO can be performed by forces of specialists of the protected object, or the specialized organizations, at the same time:

servicing of ITSO is carried out in amount and with frequency according to maintenance on the TSO equipment;

specialists of the protected object and military unit (division) together develop the measures directed to increase in reliability of TSO.

The administration of the protected object, performs repair of ITSO, and also maintenance of power lines of power supply, mechanisms of drives of gate and barriers, means of security lighting, communication lines and the alarm system which take place on cable networks of object.

10. Persons guilty of losses, damages (spoil), dekitting, early write-off of ITSO or their use not to destination, and also material and money on their servicing and repair, bear responsibility according to the legislation.

II. Commissioning of technical means of protection

1. Commissioning of ITSO includes:

acceptance of ITSO after the termination of their construction, installation and adjustment;

fixing of ITSO, equipment and equipment to divisions and responsible persons.

2. Acceptance in operation of ITSO from administration of objects which are protected is performed by selection committees according to requirements of regulating documents for designing, construction and acceptance for operation of ITSO and the operating construction regulations and rules.

3. ITSO accepted in operation are assigned by the order of the commander of military unit to divisions and responsible persons under list in the book of fixing of ITSO to responsible persons and control of their technical condition (appendix 1) about what the corresponding entry in the form with indication of date and number of the order is made.

ITSO consider put into operation from the moment of the publication of the order of the commander of military unit.

4. The period of input of ITSO in operation is used for training of staff which will operate the equipment and the equipment, acceptance of offsettings on knowledge of job responsibilities, service regulations, rules and measures of safe engineering.

III. Planning of technical operation of technical means of protection

1. Planning of technical operation of ITSO is performed by headquarters of military units, and also commanders of divisions in interaction with administration and regime bodies of objects which are protected.

2. During working off of the planning documents actions are provided in the relation:


organizations of repair and storage;


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