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of April 27, 2017 No. 63

About protection and protection against spousal assault

Accepted by Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on March 16, 2017

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

In this Law the following basic concepts are applied:

1) the safe place - the territory or the room in which, according to person which was affected by spousal assault, or his legal representative there is no danger to his life or health;

2) the advisory and preventive center (the crisis center) - the organization for rendering social and psychological, and also legal, medical care to persons which were affected by spousal assault. Under the advisory and preventive center the shelter can be created;

3) the security order - the document providing the state protection to the victim of spousal assault and attracting application of the corrective actions determined by this Law to person who made spousal assault;

4) the victim of spousal assault - the family member or person equated to the family member concerning whom the spousal assault, and also the minor who became the witness of spousal assault is made;

5) negligence - intentional failure in duty on care of family members and persons equated to them;

6) suppression of spousal assault - the measures directed to the termination of spousal assault, providing protection of life, health, honor and advantage of persons which were affected by spousal assault;

7) persons equated to family members - persons consisting in the actual marriage relations; person providing content to the disabled or minor dependent and directly disabled or minor dependent; parents of spouses; other relatives living jointly;

8) prevention (prevention) of spousal assault - system of the social, legal, medical, psychological, educational, information and other measures performed by subjects of protection and protection against spousal assault, directed to identification, elimination of the reasons and conditions creating danger of making of spousal assault;

9) psychological violence - threat of making of physical, sexual, economic abuse, and also intentional humiliation of honor and advantage, coercion to making of the offenses or acts posing hazard to life or leading to violation of mental, physical health and also restriction of full age persons in the right to communication;

10) spousal assault is intentional actions of physical, psychological, economic nature or their threat, and also the negligence made by one member of family / person equated to it concerning other member of family / person equated to it;

11) social service - the organization, organization, irrespective of legal forms and patterns of ownership, the providing social services and the help to persons who were affected by spousal assault;

12) shelter (the center of temporary stay for persons which were affected by spousal assault) - the organization providing safe temporary residence to persons which were affected by spousal assault. Shelters will be organized for women and men separately;

13) physical abuse - direct or indirect intentional physical impact of one member of family / person equated to it on other member of family / person equated to it, deprivation of possibility of departure of the vital functions, deprivation or restriction of freedom of travel, housing, food, clothes, coercion to hard manual labor, and also evasion from obligations on leaving and care;

14) family members are spouses, parents and children, grandmothers/grandfathers and grandsons/granddaughter, guardians/custodians and wards, adoptive parents and the adopted, adoptive parents and adopted children, other persons who accepted on education of children in the procedure established by the law, the former spouses, stepmothers/stepfathers and stepdaughters/stepsons, brothers and sisters (full and not full), the actual tutors and the actual pupils;

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