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of February 28, 1995 No. 74/95-BP

About news agencies

(as amended on 16-12-2020)

This Law according to the Constitution of Ukraine, other laws of Ukraine and international legal documents fixes the legal basis of activities in Ukraine of news agencies and their international cooperation.

Section I General provisions

Article 1. Determination of news agencies

News agencies according to this Law are the subjects of information activities registered as legal entities acting for the purpose of provision of information services.

In Ukraine in this Law it is necessary to understand any organization (bureau, representation, correspondent office, etc.) representing the state or non-state news agency in Ukraine registered in Ukraine according to the current legislation as the subject of information activities, registered as the legal entity according to the current legislation of the respective country and performing the activities in Ukraine in the field of information according to the Law of Ukraine "About information", this Law as representative office of news agency.

Article 2. Guarantees of freedom of activities of news agencies

Freedom of activities of news agencies is guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine and the current legislation.

Censorship of information distributed by news agencies is forbidden.

News agencies have no right in the materials to disclose the data which are the state secret, or other information with limited access except the cases determined by the law to call for violent change or overthrow of the existing constitutional system, violation of territorial integrity of Ukraine, undermining its safety, to conduct propaganda for war, violence and cruelty, to kindle racial, race, religious strife, to extend pornography or other information which undermines public morality or instigates to offenses degrades honor and advantage of the person, and also information, infringing legitimate rights and interests of citizens, to give assessment about guilt of persons in making of criminal offense, to specify the person which as if made criminal offense before the judgment, to publish the materials opening tactics and technique of pre-judicial investigation.

News agencies have no right in the materials to propagandize communistic and/or national socialist (Nazi) the totalitarian modes and their symbolics.

Article 3. Language of products of news agencies

News agencies according to the legislation of Ukraine distribute the products on state, and also in other languages, adhering to the conventional ethical moral standards of word usage.

Article 4. Legislation on news agencies

The legislation of Ukraine on news agencies the Constitution of Ukraine, the laws of Ukraine "About information", "About printing mass media (seal) in Ukraine", "About television and broadcasting", "About the state secret" constitute, this Law, other legal acts of Ukraine, the international agreements, the concerning freedoms of expression and information ratified by Ukraine.

Section II Activities and status of news agencies

Article 5. Activities of news agencies

Activities of news agencies are collection, processing, creation, storage, preparation of information for distribution, release and distribution of information products.

Release and distribution of own products by news agencies for the purpose of profit earning is business activity in this sphere and is performed on the basis of this Law and the current legislation of Ukraine.

The part three is excluded according to the Law of Ukraine of 23.02.2014 No. 767-VII

Article 6. Subjects of activities of news agencies

Subjects of activities of news agencies are:

founder (cofounders) of news agency;

his head (director, CEO, president, etc.);

labor collective;

on-stage performance group;

journalist of news agency;

the specialist in the field of means of communication;

the author or other person who belongs the rights to information;

publisher (vendor) of products of news agency;

distributor of products of news agency;

consumer of products of news agency.

The news agency can act as the founder (cofounder) of other mass media, to be the author or to have other rights to information, the publisher (vendor) of information products, the distributor and the consumer of information products.

Article 7. Status and charter of news agency

The news agency acquires the status of the legal entity from the moment of its state registration according to the procedure, established by the current legislation of Ukraine.

The news agency acts on the basis of the charter (provision) which determines its purposes and tasks, functions and procedure for activities.

The charter (provision) of news agency affirms the founder (cofounders) according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

In the charter (provision) the data on news agency provided by part one of article 13 of this Law and also the provisions established by acts of the legislation of Ukraine of rather constituent documents of subjects of entrepreneurship are specified.

Article 8. Main types of news agencies

Main types of news agencies are the state and non-state news agencies of Ukraine and foreign news agencies operating in Ukraine through the representations.

Section III Procedure for Organization, state registration and termination of activities of news agencies

Article 9. Right to organization of news agencies

The right to organization of news agency in Ukraine belongs to citizens and legal entities of Ukraine. Foreigners and foreign legal entities have the right to be cofounders of news agencies of Ukraine. Creation and activities of news agencies in which authorized fund the cumulative share belonging to foreigners and/or foreign legal entities constitutes more than 35 percent is forbidden.

Article 10.

It is excluded according to the Law No. 1379-IV of 11.12.2003


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