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of May 15, 1996 No. 192/96-BP

About pipeline transport

(The last edition from 22-11-2018)

This Law determines the legal, economic and organizational principles of activities of pipeline transport.

Article 1. Determination of terms

In this Law the stated below terms are used in the following value:

the main pipeline - technological complex which functions as single system and which the separate pipeline with all objects and constructions, related single engineering procedure, or several pipelines which perform transit, interstate, interregional deliveries of products of transportation to consumers, or other pipelines designed and constructed according to the state construction requirements of rather main pipelines enters;

industrial pipelines (the attached networks) - all other not main pipelines within productions, and also petrobasic, intra industrial oil, gazo-and product lines, city gas, water supply, heat-conducting, sewer distribution networks, distribution pipelines of water supply, meliorative systems, etc.;

technical corridor - the parcel of land within which the pipe manifold and communications is laid;

executive shooting - drawing arrangement of object on the plan of land use and for other cartographic materials;

defectoscopy of internal emptiness of the pipeline - determination, registration or transfer of geometrical, physical and other parameters of the pipeline and its anticorrosion coating characterizing its operational reliability, by means of complex placed in the pipeline of devices;

diagnostics - complex of technical actions for determination of technical parameters of the pipeline;

objects of pipeline transport - the bulk and industrial distribution lines, including land, elevated and underground linear parts of pipelines, and also objects and constructions, the capital and auxiliary equipment which provide safe and reliable operation of pipeline transport;

the conservation zone - lands along the bulk and industrial distribution lines, around industrial facilities for providing normal conditions of their operation, the prevention of damage, and also for reduction of their negative impact by people, adjacent lands, natural objects and the environment in general.

Article 2. System of pipeline transport of Ukraine

The system of pipeline transport of Ukraine is constituted:

main pipeline transport;

industrial pipeline transport.

Article 3. Legislation on pipeline transport and its purpose

The relations in the field of pipeline transport are governed by the Law of Ukraine "About transport", this Law and other acts of the legislation of Ukraine.

The relations of the companies of pipeline transport in Ukraine which owners are other states are regulated by this Law in the part which is not contradicting interstate agreements of Ukraine.

The regulations determining rules of designing, construction, operation, major repair and reconstruction of objects of pipeline transport, the organization of safety and labor protection in case of their construction and operation, flammability, ecological safety and sanitary standards are obligatory for the companies, organizations, the organizations and citizens.

The purpose of the legislation on pipeline transport is regulation of the relations at all stages of creation and functioning (designing, construction, operation, major repair, reconstruction, etc.) of pipeline transport, establishment of security guarantees of life and health of the population, ensuring protection of the surrounding environment and national wealth of Ukraine from possible negative impact in case of operation of objects of this mode of transport.

Features of application of the Law of Ukraine "About the companies in Ukraine" concerning the companies of pipeline transport are determined by this Law, and also acts of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine issued on its basis.

Article 4. Coverage of the Law on pipeline transport

Operation of this Law extends to the relations in the field of the pipeline transport intended for transportation of hydrocarbons, chemical goods, water and other products and substances from places of their stay, production (crafts), production or storage to places of their conversion or consumption, overload and further transportation.

Features of application of this Law regarding functioning of industrial pipeline transport are determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

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