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of February 15, 2017 No. PP-2777

About measures for further enhancement of currency circulation and development of calculations with use of bank plastic cards

(The last edition from 06-03-2019)

Note that, despite the taken measures, on places there is low receipt level in cash desks of commercial banks of cash from retail trade and service industry because of non-use of cash registers and settlement terminals. As a result, considerable part of cash revenue distracts in extra bank turnover.

For the purpose of further enhancement of system of clearing settlements in the sphere of retail trade and rendering paid services to the population, ensuring completeness of accounting and involvement in bank turnover of cash, strict observance of the rights and consumer interests:

1. Establish procedure according to which since March 1, 2017 subjects of entrepreneurship, including individual entrepreneurs, in the sphere of retail trade and rendering paid services have no right to perform the activities without their obligatory equipment by the settlement terminals providing acceptance of payments from the population by means of plastic cards.

The subjects of electronic commerce realizing goods or services by means of electronic commerce including online stores and electronic trading platforms, have the right to perform the activities with use of the virtual terminals (E-P0S) providing the direction of the electronic check or other supporting document about payment acceptance.

To the State Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan together with commercial banks, Banking association of Uzbekistan and the Single all-republican processing center:

to carry out inventory count of objects of retail trade and rendering paid services on availability of settlement terminals to ten-day time;

following the results of inventory count in the shortest possible time to provide installation of necessary number of settlement terminals, taking into account equipment with their, if necessary, technical means of uninterrupted electric food;

provide registration of again established settlement terminals within no more than three days from the date of receipt of the request of the subject of entrepreneurship.

At the same time for the handicraftsmen who do not have stationary trade places and performing trade in temporary places, use of cash registers and point-of-sale terminals, and also the requirement about collection of cash cash trade revenue in commercial banks is performed in voluntary procedure.

2. Determine that:

if subjects of entrepreneurship in the sphere of retail trade and rendering services artificially overstate or reduce the prices of implementable goods and services depending on form of payments for them with cash or according to plastic cards, such actions are violations of established procedure of use of settlement terminals on acceptance of payments according to plastic cards and attract imposing of penalty on them in the amount of 30 minimum wages;

No. UP-5490 voided according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 27.07.2018

To the State Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan to perform on permanent basis of subjects of entrepreneurship concerning overestimate or reduction of prices depending on payment method in cash or according to plastic cards, applications of cash registers, settlement terminals, and also issues in accordance with the established procedure of coupons and checks, collections (delivery in banks) cash revenue, according to established procedure, first of all in malls, the organizations of retail trade and service industry.

3. To Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan and commercial banks in a month:

review the mechanism of transfer of settlement terminals to lease and their realization in property to subjects of entrepreneurship, meaning creation of more favorable conditions for expansion of equipment and practical use of these settlement terminals;

for the purpose of stimulation of the consumer demand and productive activity of subjects of entrepreneurship, and also further development of system of clearing settlements to develop and approve package of measures for expansion of the modern mechanisms of short-term consumer lending of the population used in the international practice with use of plastic cards.

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