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of July 12, 2001 No. 2665-III

About oil and gas

(The last edition from 13-03-2018)

This Law determines the main legal, economic and organizational basis of activities of oil and gas industry of Ukraine and governs the relations connected with features of use of oil-and-gas subsoil, production, transportation, storage and use of oil, gas and products of their conversion for the purpose of ensuring energy security of Ukraine, development of the competitive relations in oil and gas industry, protection of the rights of all subjects of the relations arising in connection with geological studying of oil-and-gas content of subsoil, development of oil and gas deposits, oil refining and gas, storage, transportation and oil sale, gas and products of their conversion, consumers of oil and gas and workers of industry.

Section I General provisions

Article 1. Determination of terms

In this Law the stated below terms are used in the following value:

oil and gas industry - industry of economy of Ukraine which together with other industries provides search, investigation and development of oil and gas deposits, transportation, conversion, storage and oil sale, gas and products of their conversion;

senders - the physical persons or legal entities of all patterns of ownership providing delivery to acceptance terminals of the companies of the main pipeline transport of oil, gas or products of their conversion according to the signed agreements;

internal transport service - movement on the territory of Ukraine of oil, gas and products of their conversion as self-produced, and arrived from other countries, for requirements satisfaction of consumers of Ukraine;

gas - mineral which represents hydrocarbon mixture and not hydrocarbon components is in gaseous state in standard conditions (pressure of 760 mm of mercury column and temperature 20 C) and is products;

geological studying of oil-and-gas content of subsoil - complex of works (geological shooting, geophysical, geochemical, aerokosmogeologichesky surveys, direct searches, drilling and testing of the wells, trial development, research and thematic works, their analysis and generalization) which are carried out for the purpose of studying of geological structure and oil-and-gas content of subsoil in certain territory;

the site of oil-and-gas subsoil - the part of crust limited on the area and depth on which special permission to use of oil-and-gas subsoil is in accordance with the established procedure provided;

trial operation of underground gas storage - carrying out on the object of complex of works chosen for creation of storage, including pilot pumping and gas offtake, for the purpose of refining of possible maximum amount of gas storage, other mining-and-geological parameters and technical and economic indicators of storage and the choice of rational option of its complete arrangement;

trial mining of oil and gas - stage of geological studying of the field at which production from the field of limited amount of oil and gas for the purpose of determination of its industrial value, refining of the mining-and-geological and technological parameters necessary for stock counting of oil, gas and the accompanying components and reasons for the choice of rational method (technology) for industrial mining is performed;

the paragraph the eleventh is excluded;

the agreement on conditions of use of oil-and-gas subsoil which is integral part of special permission to use of oil-and-gas subsoil, - the agreement between the central executive body realizing state policy in the field of geological studying and rational use of subsoil and the applicant on receipt of special permission to use of oil-and-gas subsoil about technical, technological, organizational, financial, economic, social, ecological liabilities of the parties and about procedure for regulation of the relations between them in the course of use of oil-and-gas subsoil on the provided subsoil plot;

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