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of December 28, 2016 No. 1056

Some questions of determination of the medium-term priority directions of innovative activities of nation-wide level for 2023

(as amended on 30-03-2023)

According to part five of article 5 of the Law of Ukraine "About the priority directions of innovative activities in Ukraine" the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decides:

1. Approve the medium-term priority directions of innovative activities of nation-wide level for 2023 according to appendix.

2. To the main managers of budgetary funds to consider the directions approved by this resolution during the forming and determination of scope of scientific research and scientific and technical (experimental) developments in the expense limits provided by it in the government budget for the corresponding years and in case of development of the state target programs and separate innovative projects.

3. To the Ministry of Education and Science:

provide carrying out monitoring of realization of the directions approved by this resolution, the main managers of budgetary funds;

submit annually till June 15 to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine information on results of carrying out monitoring.

Prime Minister of Ukraine

V. Groysman


to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 28, 2016 No. 1056

The medium-term priority directions of innovative activities of nation-wide level for 2023

Development of new technologies of transportation of energy, implementation of energy efficient, resource-saving technologies, development of alternative energy sources

Systems of generation and transportation of electrical and heat energy

Fuel bases, transportation systems and uses

Technologies of development and use of new types of fuel, renewable and alternative energy sources and types of fuel

Energy efficiency and energy saving, markets of energy resources

Ecologically balanced energy security

Development of new technologies of high-technology development of transport system, space-rocket industry, avia-and shipbuilding, arms and military equipment

Methods and means of prevention of emergence of emergency situations, responses to them and mitigations of consequences of such situations and neutralization of weapons of destruction

New samples of arms, ammunition, the military and special equipment with perspective tactical technical characteristics

Methods and means of information and analytical and normative and methodical ensuring decision making processes in the field of homeland security and defense

Methods and means of education of specialists of the sector of safety and defense

Technologies in airline and space-rocket industry

Development of new production technologies of materials, their processing and connection, creation of the industry of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies

New materials and substances of special purpose with unique properties and functional characteristics and technologies of their production

Innovative metal materials and products from them

Ceramic and composite materials and coverings for extreme conditions of use

Optical, radiotransparent, electric, magnetic, semi-and superconducting, low-dimensional and intellectual materials

Substances, materials and processes of chemical production

Biomaterials and materials of medical appointment

Materials and equipment for strategically important industries of economy

New resource-saving, energy saving and ecologically safe processes of receipt of competitive substances and materials and products of them

Technological updating and development of agro-industrial complex

Biotechnological and genetic methods and technologies of selection, cultivation, cultivation and industrial conversion of animals and bird for receipt of high-quality and safe products

Methods and technologies of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases of animals and bird, development of veterinary medicines

Technologies of monitoring of condition and rational use of water bioresources, biotechnologies Akwa - and maricultures

Ecologically balanced and effective land use

Technologies of cultivation of agricultural plants and removal of their new grades and hybrids

Production technologies of foodstuff for functioning of steady and effective food system

Implementation of new technologies and equipment for high-quality medical attendance, treatment, pharmaceutics

Methods and means of tactical medicine and medicine of catastrophic crashes

Etiology, pathogeny, treatment, prevention of noninfectious diseases

Etiology, pathogeny, treatment, prevention of infectious diseases

Creation of new medicines and products of medical appointment

New methods and technologies of diagnostics

Miniinvasive, high-technology, reconstructive surgery and transplantology

Information technologies in medicine

Broad use of technologies of more net production and environmental protection

Modeling and forecasting of condition of the surrounding environment, technology of overcoming negative impacts on it

Technologies of monitoring of ecological condition of natural and artificial ecosystems

Innovative technologies of preserving and balanced use natural (mineral and raw, land, soil, water and biotic) resources

Assessment and the integrated water resources management, Technologies of water supply and water purification, availability of drinking water

Reconstruction of natural complexes and objects, protection of natural and reserved fund, preserving biodiversity of natural and artificial ecosystems, genetic certification of valuable objects

Technologies of circular economy

Biological safety and biological protection

Development of modern information, communication technologies, robotics

Information and communication and radio-electronic systems and technologies for ensuring national security and defense. Information security and cyber security

Systems of artificial intelligence

Technological means and services of program engineering

Cyberphysical systems, Internet of things. Robotics. Computer processing of signals of different types and origin

Deep training, big data (big data), neurosimilar networks

Information and communication systems and networks

Supercomputer complexes. Modeling and solution of supercomplex challenges. Cloud computing

Intellectual interactive information and analytical systems. The integrated systems of databases and knowledge. National information resource

Digitalization of social and humanitarian processes and education during digital era

Archiving upgrade

Technologies of training and socialization of children and youth with special educational needs in the context of creation of society of equal opportunities".



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