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of December 28, 2016 No. 1025

About approval of the Technical regulation of simple vessels of high pressure

(as amended on 22-09-2021)

According to article 5 of the Law of Ukraine "About technical regulations and assessment of conformity" the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decides:

1. Approve the Technical regulation of simple vessels of high pressure which is attached.

2. To provide to the ministry of development of economy, trade and agricultural industry implementation of the Technical regulation approved by this resolution.

3. Determine that provision in the market and/or commissioning of vessels which meet the requirements of the Technical regulation of safety of simple vessels of the high pressure approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of March 25, 2009 No. 268 (The Official Bulletin of Ukraine, 2009, No. 23, of the Art. 748) and are introduced into circulation before entry into force of this resolution, it cannot be forbidden or limited for the reasons of discrepancy of such vessels to requirements of the Technical regulation approved by this resolution.

4. No. 143 is excluded according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukriana of 28.02.2018.

5. Recognize invalid resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine according to the list which is attached.

6. This resolution becomes effective in six months from the date of its publication.

Prime Minister of Ukraine

V. Groysman

Approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 28, 2016, No. 1025

Technical regulation of simple vessels of high pressure

General part

1. This Technical regulation establishes requirements to simple vessels of high pressure (further - vessels) and their market circulations of Ukraine.

This Technical regulation is developed on the basis of the Directive 2014/29/EU of the European Parliament and Council of February 26, 2014 about harmonization of the legislation of state members on provision in the market of simple vessels of high pressure.

2. Action of this Technical regulation extends to the vessels made serially and have the following characteristics:

1) vessels are welded, are exposed to internal excessive pressure over 0,5 of bar and are intended for filling by air or nitrogen and not intended for fire heating;

2) the details and nodes influencing vessel durability under pressure shall be made of high-quality carbonaceous steel or not alloyed aluminum or aluminum alloys which are not strengthened by aging;

3) the vessel shall consist from:

cylindrical part with the circular cross sections closed convex outside and/or the flat bottoms, having the same axis of rotation, and cylindrical part;

two convex outside of the bottoms with one axis of rotation;

4) the maximum working pressure of vessel shall not exceed 30 bars, and the work of such pressure upon vessel amount (PS x V) - 10 thousand bars on 1 liter;

5) the minimum working temperature shall not be below -50 °C, and maximum operating temperature - is above + 300 °C for steel vessels and + of 100 °C for aluminum or its alloys vessels.

3. Requirements of this Technical regulation do not extend on:

the vessels which are specially designed for use in the sphere of nuclear technologies which damage can lead to leakage of radioactive materials;

the vessels which are specially intended for installation on water and aircrafts or their reductions in movement;

fire extinguishers.

4. In this Technical regulation the following basic concepts are used:

1) introduction into circulation - provision vessels in the market of Ukraine for the first time;

2) retirement - any action directed to prevention to provision in the market of vessel which is in products supply chain;

3) the producer - any physical person or legal entity (the resident or the nonresident of Ukraine) which makes vessel or charges its development or production and realizes this vessel under the name or trademark (sign for goods and services);

4) response - the action aimed at providing return of the vessel provided to the consumer (user);

5) the harmonized European standard - the European standard accepted on the basis of request of the European Commission for application of the European Union law on harmonization;

6) mark of conformity to technical regulations - marking by means of which the producer specifies that the vessel conforms to the requirements to it determined in technical regulations which provide drawing marking;

7) the importer - any physical or legal resident person of Ukraine who introduces into market circulation of Ukraine vessel origin from other country;

8) the control chart - the document which the producer certifies products compliance to the order in which he notes results of intra factory monitoring tests, in particular of rather chemical composition and mechanical product characteristics, made on the same production processes, as delivery, but it is not obligatory on the delivered products;

9) maximum operating temperature (Tmax) - the highest is stabilized temperature which walls of vessel can reach under normal conditions operation, determined by the producer;

10) the maximum working pressure (PS) - the maximum excessive pressure which can arise in case of normal operation of vessel;

11) limit of the fluidity (RET) - value at maximum operating temperature:

the upper point of the fluidity (REN) for the materials having the lower and upper bound of fluidity;

0,2 of percent of conditional limit of fluidity (Rp 0, 2);

1 percent of conditional limit of fluidity (Rp 1) for not alloyed aluminum;

12) the minimum working temperature (Tmin) - the lowest stabilized temperature which walls of vessel can reach under normal conditions operation, determined by the producer;

13) provision in the market - any paid or free delivery of vessel for distribution or use in the market of Ukraine in the course of implementation of economic activity;

14) conformity assessment body - the company, organization, the organization or their structural division performing activities for assessment of conformity including testing calibration, certification and inspections;

15) assessment of conformity - process of the proof that the essential requirements for safety of this technical regulation concerning vessels were executed;

16) batch of vessels - quantity which does not exceed 3 thousand vessels of one type;

17) the distributor - any other, than the producer or the importer, physical person or legal entity in products supply chain which provides vessel in the market of Ukraine;

18) calculated pressure (R) - the excessive pressure used by the producer for determination of thickness of details of vessel;

19) serial production of vessels - production more than one vessel of the same type during the certain period in continuous production process according to the general project and using the same production technology;

20) subjects of managing - the producer, the authorized representative of the importer and the distributor;

21) the technical specification - the document establishing technical requirements to which the vessel shall answer;

22) tiporyad vessels - groups of vessels which differ from prototype in diameter on condition of compliance to the requirements specified in Items 10 and 11 of appendix 1 and/or length of their cylindrical part with the following restrictions:

if the prototype has one or more feedwells in addition to the bottoms, other samples shall have at least one feedwell;

if the prototype has two convex bottoms, other samples shall not have feedwells.

Distinctions which led to change of openings and/or penetrations are specified on the drawing to each sample;


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