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of December 14, 2016 No. 1336

About creation of MoldFarm joint-stock company

Based on Item e-1) parts (1) article 6 of the Law No. 121-XVI of May 4, 2007 on management of public property and its privatization (The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 2007, Art. No. 90-93, 401), with subsequent changes and amendments, the Law No. 1134-XIII of April 2, 1997 on joint-stock companies (repeated publication: The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 2008, Art. No. 1-4, 1), with subsequent changes and amendments, and for the purpose of improvement of activities and increase in efficiency of management in the sphere of purchases and distributions of drugs by the state, the Government DECIDES:

1. Accept the offer of the Ministry of Health on creation, in accordance with the established procedure, of MoldFarm joint-stock company with completely state capital.

2. Determine that the Agency of public property will perform function of the shareholder of the created society.

3. Give MoldFarm joint-stock company the right of accomplishment of the following activities in the field of pharmaceutics: purchase, import, content, storage and sale of drugs and medical products, including narcotic and psychotropic substances, products of perfumery and cosmetics, technical products and medical optics, within pharmaceutical warehouse and production drugstore.

4. To the Ministry of Health:

To provide 1) in 2-month time organization and registration in accordance with the established procedure of MoldFarm joint-stock company;

2) to create proper conditions for activities of newly created joint-stock company;

3) to control work of the created society and to represent suggestions for improvement of its activities.

5. To the agency of public property to perform concession to the Ministry of Health of execution of shareholder rights and management of state-owned property in MoldFarm joint-stock company according to the Order of the Government No. 519 of July 2, 2014. "About transfer of function of management of state-owned property to the central industry bodies of public management".

6. To provide to the Ministry of Finance at the request of the Ministry of Health financial transfer in the amount of 20000 lei in the authorized capital of MoldFarm joint-stock company based on supporting documents.

7. Appendix No. 5 to the Order of the Government No. 397 of May 31, 2011. "About approval of the Regulations on the organization and functioning of the Ministry of Health, structure and the extreme number of staff of its central office" (2011, No. 95, Art. 458), with subsequent changes and amendments, to add the official monitor of the Republic of Moldova with Item 8 of the following content:

"8. MoldFarm joint-stock company".

Prime Minister

Paweê Phillip


deputy. Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Affairs


Octavian Kalmyk

Minister of Health

Ruksanda Glavan

Minister of Finance

Octavian to Armash


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