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Provisional rules of use of the services "Fax" in Items of collective use of GKE "Turkmentelekom"

1. General provisions

1. According to the Law of Turkmenistan "About communication" telecommunications agencies of GKE "Turkmentelekom" represent the services "Fax" to the public and not public institutions and the companies, individual, private firms, foreign firms accredited in Turkmenistan and also to all citizens who are and living in the territory of Turkmenistan.

2. These rules are constituted based on Instructions for use by intercity and international telecommunication of Turkmenistan, Instructions for use telegraph communication and other directive documents in the field of communication.

3. These rules are obligatory for the companies, organizations, the organizations and citizens using the services "Fax" and also telecommunications agencies of GKE "Turkmentelekom" providing these services.

4. Representation of the services "Fax" is made by telecommunications agencies of the company based on the license granted by the Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan on telecommunication provision of services.

5. The services "Fax" are provided in use to all legal entities and physical persons with establishment for them identical terms of service.

6. Provision of services shall is performed on any of three convenient for communication language (state, English, Russian).

7. Information containing in the message can be in any language.

8. On all telecommunications agencies of GKE "Turkmentelekom" by transfer and acceptance of messages single accounting and settlement vremyamestny is applied.

9. The workers of communication providing service provision shall observe the mystery of correspondence, and also all data to it relating. The secrecy of messages is protected by the law.

Restrictions of mystery of communication are allowed only from the sanction of the prosecutor, or based on the judgment.

10. Responsibility of telecommunications agencies to the client in case of not execution or improper execution of the obligations comes according to the procedure and the sizes provided by the current legislation.

11. The Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan, company of GKE "Turkmentelekom" do not bear liability for the losses suffered by clients in consequence of untimely provision or cancellation of communication.

12. In Item of collective use of the services "Fax" acceptance of messages from clientele is made according to the set operation mode.

13. These rules or excerpts from them, the applied rates for services shall be available on all telecommunications agencies providing services "Fax" including in the operational hall.

14. Due to the failure to carry out by the client of these rules the telecommunications agency can refuse to it provision of services "Fax".

15. In provision to it services or its restriction the client has the right to failure of telecommunications agency will make the claim judicially.

16. Clarification of the facts stated in claims of clients to unsatisfactory servicing by the services "Fax" and the reasons which caused them is limited to fixed terms of storage of documentation connected with order fulfillment on service.

17. The services "Fax" shall conform on the quality, standards, technical requirements and other regulations operating in Turkmenistan.

2. Procedure for provision of services "Fax" and calculations for them

1. Fax messages are accepted to the cities and other settlements of Turkmenistan, the CIS country and other countries.

2. Payment of the service "Fax" is made for cash and clearing settlement in the presence at the client of personal account in the telecommunications agency rendering services.

3. In case of acceptance of the order for the services "Fax" the client shall fill in the form of the order in which are specified:

- the caused country, the city, other settlement;

- long-distance or international code;

- number of the called fax;

- name of the company, organization, organization, name of firm of the called party;

- name of the company, organization, organization, name of firm of the calling party;

- the signature of person transferring the message from their name;

- the number of pages of the transferred message;

- the amount of the entered advance payment for service provision;

- date, order time.

1. The operator accepting the message from the sender shall:

- check correctness of filling of the form of the order;

- be polite and attentive;

- give all helps concerning acceptance and delivery of fax messages;

- give necessary assistance in filling of the form of the order;

- provide registration of outgoing messages in the log of the established form.

1. After transfer of the message, the operator of telecommunications agency fills the lower part of the form of the order, specifying:

- date, transmission time of the message;

- connection duration;

- amount of the actual payment of service (copy-book);

- appends the signature.

1. In the absence of technical capability of provision of service with any Item the failure in booking or not provision of service in the taken order with this Item is allowed.

2. The telecommunications agencies providing the services "Fax" having the right to set restrictions in customer service (connection duration, connection provision time) proceeding from technical capabilities of the switching equipment and condition of communication networks.

The obligation of the proof of justification of introduction of restrictions is assigned to telecommunications agency.

3. If booking from clients for this direction is limited, then time in which it is possible to perform this connection is offered to the client for repeated connection.

4. In case of the order of service in cash the client shall enter advance payment in the amount of complete payment of duration of connection and the number of the transferred pages of information, and also supplementary services, but at least three minutes of occupation of the channel for transfer of 1-2 pages of information.

In assurance of receipt of money the receipt which is torn off from the form of the order is issued to the client.

5. The receipt (detachable part of the form of the order, the detachable coupon) issued to the client shall contain the following details:

- the amount of the received advance (in cursive script);

- country, city;

- order number;

- special marks;

- date of acceptance of the order;

- signature of the cashier;

- impress of a seal (stamp).

1. Final calculation is made after transfer of the message.

2. If transfer of the message did not take place in general for technical reasons, the telecommunications agency returns to the client all deposited amount.

3. In case of issue of money the receipt (the detachable coupon) is withdrawn from the client and instead of she (he) the receipt on the amount collected from it which is in this case for the client the reporting document is issued.

The receipt is issued free of charge and only not transfer of this message. It is not allowed to draw up one receipt several services.


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