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Approved by the Order of the Minister of Communications of Turkmenistan of December 28, 1995 No. 170



1. Local telephone communication is provided by telecommunications agencies for conducting talk and information transfer to citizens, the companies, organizations and the organizations, irrespective of patterns of ownership, being in one settlement or different settlements incoming the action area of the local exchange network determined by the Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan.

2. Work of local telephone communication is carried out round the clock. For use of this type of communication in apartments of citizens, service premises of the companies, organizations and organizations telephone sets or other transmission media of information are established. Addressed to these citizens, the companies, organizations and the organizations subscriptions open. Telephone sets, other devices for information transfer, and also additional devices (the fax, radio telephone, etc.) to them are acquired by subscribers at own expense and are registered in signal installations.

3. Citizens, the companies, the organizations, organizations to which phone numbers and communication lines are provided in use and addressed to which subscriptions are open are subscribers of public service network of the Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan.

4. For information of the population on phone numbers of subscribers of telephone networks, telecommunications agencies will organize reference services in the structure.

Lists of subscribers of telephone networks are prepared for the edition and reissuing by telecommunications agencies.

5. On telecommunications agencies it shall be established daily, except Sunday and holidays, as in day, and in the evening, acceptance of the population concerning provision of services of local telephone communication.

Acceptance of visitors of management of the Ministry of Communications is made once a week.

6. Telecommunications agencies shall ensure smooth and high-quality operation of telephone communication, keep payphones, linear and station constructions of telephone communication in working order, being on their balance or maintenance.

1. Telecommunications agencies shall consider all claims arriving from citizens. The management of telecommunications agencies shall consider at the scheduled time the claim and in writing notify the applicant on results of check and the taken measures, according to the Presidential decree of Turkmenistan of December 2, 1992. "About procedure for consideration of offers, statements and claims of citizens".

2. These rules are obligatory for the companies, organizations, the organizations and citizens using services local telephone communication, the signal installations providing these services.

3. These rules shall be on all telecommunications agencies providing services of local telephone communication in subscriber departments (groups) or workshops of development and to be shown to citizens on the first demand of.

The extraction from Rules concerning the services provided to citizens shall be hung out on the telecommunications agencies rendering these services in places of reception of citizens.


1. Telecommunications agencies make installation of phones and devices, additional to them, in apartments of citizens addressed to which the subscription is open.

2. By the form inclusions and to installation site telephone sets share on:

- individual use, established in the certain apartment or the room of the communal flat, included or to one line, general for several numbers;

- collective use, established in places public of communal flats;

- established in the companies, the organizations, organizations, hostels;

- parallel, included in the line of the main device having its number.

1. Telecommunications agencies, with technical capabilities according to statements of subscribers, carry out the following work types and services in applicable fares:

- installation of parallel phone;

- replacement of telephone sets;

- replacement of standard socket cord by extended;

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