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 On December 12, 2016 No. 631


of December 6, 2016 No. 512

"About the Technical regulation "Safety of Furniture Products"

According to article 16 of the constitutional Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "About the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan", article 8 of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "About technical regulation" and article 21 of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "About regulatory legal acts" the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan decides:

1. Approve the Technical regulation "Safety of Furniture Products", it (is applied).

2. Agency of standardization, metrology, certification and trade inspection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan together with the relevant ministries and departments to take necessary measures for implementation of this Technical regulation.

3. Enact this resolution after six months after its acceptance.


Prime Minister of the Republic of Tajikistan  
Emomalii Rahmon

Approved by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan of December 6, 2016, No. 512

Technical regulation "Safety of Furniture Products"

1. Preface

1. The technical regulation "Safety of Furniture Products" (further - the Technical regulation) is developed for the purpose of establishment in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan single obligatory for application and execution of requirements to furniture products, ensuring free movement of furniture products.

2. If concerning separate types of furniture products other technical regulations of the Republic of Tajikistan establishing requirements to furniture products are accepted, then furniture products shall conform to requirements of these technical regulations which action extends to it.

2. Basic concepts

3. In this Technical regulation the following basic concepts are applied:

- production in the address - placement in the market of the Republic of Tajikistan of products sent from warehouse of the manufacturer, the seller or person performing functions of the foreign manufacturer, or shipped without warehousing;

- set of furniture - group of the products of furniture intended for arrangement (situation) of certain functional zone of the room, united by identical art and stylistic and constructive signs;

- group of uniform furniture products - the separate products of furniture united by general functional purpose and also sets or fonts of furniture;

- durability - property of products of furniture to keep rigidity, durability and working capacity under the influence of long operational loadings;

- rigidity - capability of design to resist formation of irreversible deformations under the influence of external loading;

- protective and decorative covering - the covering on furniture product surface which is at the same time performing functions protective and decorative;

- protective coating - the covering applied on furniture details for the purpose of protection of surface against effect of moisture and other aggressive substances and also for prevention of allocation in air of premises of harmful volatiles from furniture product material;

- furniture product - unit of furniture products intended for independent application;

- marking - information placed by the manufacturer directly on specific item of furniture, packaging, labels;

- furniture products (furniture) - set of the stationary or moved products for situation of residential and public places, and also other zones of stay of the person;

- furniture household - furniture for arrangement (situation) of various rooms in the city, country or rural dwelling, including in the open air;

- furniture the nursery - the furniture intended for children, the sizes which form and design corresponds to age features and growth characteristics, the developing human body;

- public places furniture - furniture for arrangement (situation) of the companies and organizations taking into account nature of their activities and specifics of functional processes;

- furniture for educational institutions - furniture for arrangement (situation) of comprehensive schools, schools, average special and higher educational institutions;

- mechanical safety - complex of quantitative indices of mechanical, geometrical properties and product characteristics of furniture which provides decrease in risk of damnification to health or threats of life of the user;

- set of furniture - group of the products of furniture of various functional purpose executed with use of the single architectural and art (style) solution and approved among themselves by the sizes, design, facing and finishing.

- fire safety - observance of the established regulations of inflammability, distribution of flame on the surface of the textile and tanning materials used for production of soft elements of furniture;

- covering - all layers of materials applied on the surface of constructional materials including soil, varnishes, dyes, enamels, polymers, wood interline interval, paper and layered plastic, films, fabrics, metals, materials on mineral basis and other similar substances, irrespective of method of their drawing;

- durability - property of materials, designs to resist external loadings, without collapsing and without receiving irreversible deformations;

- the sizes functional - the sizes of products of furniture and their elements caused by appointment and conditions of their operation. The functional sizes are based on data of anthropometry, ergonomics, dimensions of objects of storage and ensure convenience and safety of use of furniture product;

- service life - the calendar duration of operation of product of furniture set by the producer from its beginning before limiting condition in case of which its detail, nodes, connections and so forth can begin to pose hazard to life and health of citizens, to do harm to their property or the environment;

- static durability - property of design to resist the operational loading, maximum in size, without destruction;

- the transformed furniture - furniture which design allows to change its functional purpose and (or) the sizes;

- standard product samples - the product samples of identical design containing the identical parts, nodes and materials having essential value for accomplishment of essential requirements and conforming to the same established requirements;

- shock durability (durability on blow) - design durability in case of appendix to it of shock load;

- universal and combined furniture - the furniture constructed on the basis of the unified elements providing its multiple assembly of products;

- stability - capability of product of furniture to resist to the efforts aiming to remove it from starting position, to overturn;

- chemical safety - furniture product condition in case of which there is no unacceptable risk connected with damnification of life and to health of the consumer because of excess of level of concentration in air of rooms of harmful chemicals;

- electric safety - furniture product compliance which design provides availability of the devices using electricity, to all regulations and rules on installation and application of household electroinstallations;

- loading cycle - set of consecutive values of tension for one period of their change.

3. Scope of the Technical regulation

4. This Technical regulation establishes mandatory requirements to furniture products and processes of its use (operation) for the purpose of ensuring in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan protection of life and (or) health of the person, property, the environment and life and (or) health of animals and plants, and also the prevention of the actions misleading consumers.

5. This Technical regulation extends to the furniture products released in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan - products, sets, fonts of furniture household and for public places, including, made by individual orders.

6. The list of furniture products, subject to confirmation compliance and concerning which requirements of this Technical regulation are established is given in Appendix of 1 present of the Technical regulation.

7. This Technical regulation does not extend on:

- furniture medical, including special like operating tables, tables for survey, hospital beds with mechanical devices, dental chairs and another surgical, dental, veterinary;

- furniture for use on air, land and underground transport;

- period furniture;

- the furniture which was in the use and repaired;

- furniture samples for exhibitions and advertizing.

8. For establishment of compliance of furniture products of scope of this Technical regulation identification is carried out it.

9. Identification of furniture products is carried out:

- certification bodies - in case of confirmation of its compliance to requirements of this Technical regulation;

- authorized bodies of the Republic of Tajikistan - when implementing the state supervision of observance of requirements of this Technical regulation;

- any interested persons.

10. For identification of furniture products are used one of the following methods or their combination:

- according to documentation;

- visual;

- organoleptic;

- tool.

11. Identification of furniture products to which action of this Technical regulation extends is performed by comparison of the name and purpose of the product of furniture specified by the manufacturer in marking (the label, label) with the name and designation specified in the certificate of conformity, if necessary, in the technical description on product, set, set of furniture. As descriptions can be used:

- interstate standards on the functional sizes, terms and determinations;

- design and operational documentation;

- delivery agreements (contracts, agreements);

- the technical descriptions developed by the manufacturer;

- catalogs, booklets and prospectuses.

4. Rules of market circulation

12. Furniture products are released in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan provided that it underwent necessary assessment procedures (confirmations) of its compliance to requirements of this Technical regulation, and also to other technical regulations of the Republic of Tajikistan which action extends to it.

13. The manufacturer, the seller, the importer or the person authorized by the manufacturer placing furniture in the market shall:

- provide compliance of furniture products to requirements of this Technical regulation;

- ensure safety of product of furniture throughout all service life established by the manufacturer;

- specify in the accompanying documentation and when marking products of the data on the certificate of conformity. The accompanying documentation contains commodity-transport delivery note, the operating manual and the assembly instruction if furniture is delivered in disassembled state;

- show to interested persons (according to their requirements), including in case of placement of products under the customs regime, documents testimonial of confirmation of conformity of furniture products to requirements of this Technical regulation (the certificate of conformity or its copy);

- inform certification body (assessment, confirmation) of compliance on the changes made to design of product and technical documentation of the certified furniture products;

- stop or stop sales of products if effective period of the certificate of conformity expired, except for products released in the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan during action of the certificate of conformity during the service life of products established by the manufacturer;

- stop or stop realization of furniture products if certificate of conformity it is suspended or stopped;

- stop production and realization of furniture products which underwent assessment procedure (confirmations) of compliance, but does not conform to requirements of this Technical regulation, - based on decisions of state control (supervision) bodies behind observance of requirements of this Technical regulation.


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