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Minister of Social Affairs

Republic of Uzbekistan

S. A. Hodzhayeva

July 10, 1992


I. O. Ministra of work

Republic of Uzbekistan


July 10, 1992

No. 5-1209/50

Regulations on procedure for appointment and pension payment to the workers of pre-retirement age released from the companies, organizations and the organizations in connection with their reorganization, liquidation or reducing the number (states)

I. General provisions

1.1. According to item 4 of article 29 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "About employment of the population" pensions by this Provision are granted and paid to the citizens of pre-retirement age released from the companies, organizations and the organizations in connection with reorganization, liquidation or implementation of actions for reducing the number (states) and the unemployed recognized in accordance with the established procedure.

1.2. The persons who lost work as a result of labor accident or approach of occupational disease and needing employment are equated to released workers.

1.3. The citizens specified in Items 1.1. and 1.2. this provision, have pension entitlement on age:

men on reaching 58 years and in case of length of service at least 25 years;

women to achievement of 53 years and in case of length of service at least 20 years;

The citizens having the general and special years of service granting pension entitlement on favorable terms and for long service everyone has the right to early pension, i.e. in two years prior to the term established by the legislation.

II. Procedure for appointment and pension payment

2.1. The released worker of pre-retirement age, within 10 calendar days after dismissal is registered at the place of residence in city (district) employment exchange as person who is looking for work.

2.2. Employees of the exchange during the 3rd monthly period give to such worker help in matching of suitable work.

2.3. If within 3 months the released worker is not employed, then he, in accordance with the established procedure, acquires the status of the unemployed.

2.4. Employees of employment exchange prepare on the citizen recognized as the unemployed and having the right to early retirement, representation in the enclosed N 4 form and transfer this submission to 5 dnevny time to the relevant department of social security.

2.5. Representation of employment exchange (the form N 4) is the basis for award of pension of social security by department.

2.6. Pensions are appointed by Department of social security to the citizens having the right to early retirement from the date of acquisition of the status of the unemployed specified in representation by them.

2.7. Old-age pensions are granted and paid to the released workers according to the Law "About Provision of Pensions of Citizens in the USSR".

2.8. Early pensions are paid to unemployed citizens. In case of revenues to work before achievement of the corresponding retirement age pension payment stops.

III. Accounting and reporting

Employment exchanges and social welfare institutions represent to superior organizations of the data on the number of persons which are granted early pensions, and paid amounts, in forms and in the terms approved by the state statistical reporting.

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