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of May 1, 1998 No. 616-I

About employment of the population

(The last edition from 05-09-2019)

I. General provisions

Article 1. Legislation on employment of the population

The legislation on employment of the population consists of this Law and other acts of the legislation.

The relations in the field of employment of the population in the Republic of Karakalpakstan are governed also by the legislation of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

If the international treaty of the Republic of Uzbekistan establishes other rules, than those which contain in this Law then are applied rules of the international treaty.

The legislation on employment of the population extends to citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and also to the foreign citizens and persons without citizenship who are constantly living in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Article 2. Employment of the population

Employment is the activities of citizens which are not contradicting the legislation, connected with satisfaction their personal and public needs, bringing them earnings (labor earnings).

Citizens possess exclusive right to dispose of the capabilities to productive and creative activity and to perform any activities which are not forbidden by the legislation including not connected with accomplishment of paid work.

Forced labor, that is coercion to performance of work under the threat of application of any punishment, is forbidden, except as specified, established by the law. The voluntary unemployment cannot form the basis for accountability.

Citizens are considered as busy:

working on hiring, including performing work for remuneration during part-time or at home, and also having other paid work, including temporary works;

temporarily absent on workplace in connection with disease, leave, professional training, retraining, advanced training, production suspension, and also in other cases when according to the legislation for temporarily absent worker the place of employment remains;

 chosen or appointed to paid position;

 independently providing themselves with work, including engaged in business activity, handicraftsmen, members of family companies, members of Dehkan farms, production cooperatives, farmers and others according to the legislation;

the Ministries of Internal Affairs serving in Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan, including troops, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Services of homeland security, Public service of safety of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and their bodies, and also alternative service;

working in non-state non-profit organizations, including religious, performing the activities according to the legislation;

Article 3. Recognition by the unemployed

The unemployed - the able-bodied persons aged from sixteen years before acquisition of right by them of the right to provision of pensions which do not have paid work or occupation, revenue-producing, looking for work and ready to start it as soon as it is offered to them or to have professional training, retraining or advanced training (except for students in educational institutions).

Persons specified in the parts one of this Article which addressed to local authorities on work for receipt of assistance in employment and registered by them as looking for work, are recognized jobless;

The decision on recognition of person by the unemployed is made by local body for work no later than the eleventh day from the date of its registration as person who is looking for work.

Person is not recognized jobless:

twice refused the suitable work offered it within ten days from the moment of registration in body for work;

not been in body for work without reasonable excuse within ten days from the date of its registration for the purpose of search of suitable work.

Person has the right to repeated registration as looking for work only after thirty calendar days from the moment of refusal of the offered work or absence in body for work without reasonable excuse for the purpose of search of suitable work.

The order of registration of citizens as the unemployed is determined by the legislation.

Article 4. Suitable work

For the persons which for the first time are looking for work, which do not have profession (specialty) suitable the work which is not requiring preliminary professional training, and in case of impossibility of its provision, - other paid work, including work of temporality, taking into account their age and other features is considered.

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