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of July 19, 2005 No. 45-Z

About telecommunication

(The last edition from 17-07-2018)

It is accepted by the House of Representatives on June 21, 2005

Approved by Council of the Republic on June 30, 2005

This Law determines legal, organizational and economic basis of activities in the field of telecommunication and is aimed at providing creation, steady and effective functioning and development of networks of telecommunication, centralized operation with radio-frequency range and numbering, at creation of conditions for satisfaction of needs in services of telecommunication of physical persons and legal entities, public administration, homeland security, defense, protection of law and order, warning and liquidation of emergency situations.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The main terms and their determinations applied in this Law

In this Law the following main terms and their determinations are applied:

the subscriber - the user of services of telecommunication with whom the agreement on rendering such services in case of selection for these purposes of directory number or unique code of identification is signed;

selection of band of radio frequencies, the radio-frequency channel or radio frequency - permission to use of band of radio frequencies, the radio-frequency channel or radio frequency, including for development (upgrade), production, operation in the Republic of Belarus of radio-electronic means and (or) high-frequency devices, and also for operation of the radio-electronic means and (or) high-frequency devices imported on the territory of the Republic of Belarus with certain technical characteristics;

high-frequency devices - the equipment or devices intended for generation and use of radio-frequency energy in any purposes, except for applications in the field of telecommunication;

single republican data communication network (further - ERSPD) - the multiservice network of telecommunication which is part of network of telecommunication public and representing complex of the data communication networks of republican state bodies, local executive and administrative organs, other state bodies and other state organizations, economic societies interacting among themselves concerning which the Republic of Belarus or administrative and territorial unit, having shares (shares in authorized funds), can determine the decisions made by these economic societies and also other legal entities of non-state pattern of ownership and individual entrepreneurs attaching the existing networks to ERSPD in voluntary procedure, except for the data communication networks intended for ensuring national security, defense and protection of law and order;

use of radio-frequency range - the activities connected with operation of radio-electronic means including in case of their development (upgrade), production, designing, construction (installation), and also with operation of high-frequency devices, including in case of their development (upgrade), production;

conversion of radio-frequency range - set of the economic, organizational and technical actions directed to expansion of use of radio-frequency range by radio-electronic means of civil assignment;

lines of telecommunication - transmission lines, physical chains and linearly - cable constructions of telecommunication;

linearly - cable constructions of telecommunication - specially created or adapted telecommunication constructions for placement of cables of telecommunication;

numbering - digital, letter, character symbols or their combinations, including the codes intended for determination (identification) of network of telecommunication and (or) its elements;

ensuring operational readiness of radio-frequency range - organizational engineering procedure on operational management by use of radio-frequency range and to ensuring electromagnetic compatibility of radio-electronic means and (or) high-frequency devices on the appropriated (assigned) radio frequencies or radio-frequency channels;

objects of telecommunication - the complexes of means of telecommunication and constructions of telecommunication used when rendering services of telecommunication;

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