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of September 28, 2004 No. 767-IIQ

About public TV and radio broadcasting

(as amended on 19-05-2020)

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Purpose of public TV and radio broadcasting

The purpose of public TV and radio broadcasting - to prepare reliable on content, the balanced information aimed at providing common interests of the population of the Azerbaijan Republic - society in general, and also its separate layers in social, scientific, educational, cultural, entertaining and other spheres, on reflection of freedom of thought and the word, different views and beliefs, distribution of this information according to modern technical standards and the quality standards.

Article 2. Legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic on public TV and radio broadcasting

2.1. The legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic on public TV and radio broadcasting consists of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, this Law, other regulatory legal acts prepared according to requirements of this Law.

2.2. If in international treaties which participant is the Azerbaijan Republic rules, other than this Law, are established, these international legal regulations are applied.

Article 3. Principles of service of public broadcasting service

3.0. The service of public broadcasting service performs activities on the basis of the following principles:

3.0.1. independence;

3.0.2. neutralities, impartiality and accuracy of the information;

3.0.3. pluralism and tolerance;

3.0.4. remoteness from open political interests;

3.0.5. approvals and ensuring common interests;

3.0.6. developments of national consciousness;

3.0.7. universality;

3.0.8. variety;

3.0.9. differences from others.

Chapter II. Organization of service of public broadcasting service

Article 4. Legal status of the public broadcaster

4.1. The public broadcaster is the legal entity performing independent activities without foreign intervention.

4.2. The public broadcaster has right of possession, uses and orders of the property, can use this property only for the purpose of public broadcasting service.

4.3. The public broadcaster controls rational use of property, bears responsibility for its safety.

4.4. The property of the public broadcaster can be sold out in the cases provided by this Law.

4.5. The property of the public broadcaster can be sold for the purpose of its updating.

4.6. The public broadcaster himself establishes form and content of the transfers and in the procedure established by the legislation bears responsibility for the distributed programs.

4.7. Name of the public broadcaster - Company of public TV and radio broadcasting.

4.8. The company of public TV and radio broadcasting founded according to this Law, the Laws of the Azerbaijan Republic "About mass media" "About TV and radio broadcasting" and requirements of this Law, performs activities on the basis of the Charter approved by Council of broadcasting.

Article 5. Licensing for activities of public broadcasting service and selection of frequencies

On activities of public broadcasting service by the state the termless and unpaid license is granted and frequency is selected.

Article 6. Rights of the public broadcaster

6.0. The public broadcaster has the following rights:

6.0.1. create own broadcasting services;

6.0.2. prepare programs (transfer) covering common interests of the population shoot feature, documentary, animation films, and also series, to extend them, to multiply, sell and lease them audio-and videos;

6.0.3. be engaged in advertizing activities;

6.0.4. open own correspondent offices, branches and representations in the territory of the country and abroad;

6.0.5. be founder of any printing edition connected with TV and radio broadcasting;

6.0.6. publish the program of the transfers or transfer this right to the third party;

6.0.7. use the network of the transferring installations, charge this function to other subjects or lease network of the transferring installations;

6.0.8. transfer the programs to all territory of the country by means of satellite communication, cable network or other land technical installations;

6.0.9. render additional information, Internet services and other services of broadcasting or to perform activities in the newest spheres of technology;

6.0.10. lease the archive materials to broadcasters within the country or to subjects outside broadcasting;

6.0.11. cooperate with the third parties for the purpose of rendering collateral and supplementary services, including information services in foreign languages, or receive the share of the third party selected in its authorized capital for this sphere;

6.0.12. for the purpose of accomplishment of authorized obligations to be engaged another in the necessary and not prohibited by the law activities.

Article 7. Obligations of the public broadcaster

7.1. Obligations of the public broadcaster following:

7.1.1. implementation of the right of citizens to obtain the impartial and balanced information on the major events which are taking place in the country and the world on activities of state bodies, municipalities, political parties, public associations, religious structures and commercial organizations.

7.1.1-1. Broadcast of the National anthem of the Azerbaijan Republic every morning before public broadcasting service according to article 6.2 of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic "About rules of use of the National anthem of the Azerbaijan Republic";

7.1.2. ensuring interests of citizens by means of the educational, cognitive and entertainment programs saving and developing national and spiritual and universal values;

7.1.3. tape recording of the performances which are examples of high professionalism, feature, documentary and animation films, series on works of the Azerbaijani and world authors, works of art, important historical and cultural actions, and their storage in gold fund of the public broadcaster for future generations;

7.1.4. creation in the prepared and aired programs of equal opportunities for citizens to express the opinion;

7.1.5. providing right of citizens to receipt of the answer;

7.1.6. providing neutrality, impartiality and accuracy of the information;

7.1.7. non-proliferation of pornographic materials, the programs propagandizing violence, cruelty, religious and racial discrimination;

7.1.8. respect of private and family life, honor and advantage of citizens;

7.1.9. observance during broadcasting of professional ethics;

7.1.10. not show tobacco products and process of consumption of tobacco, including not to broadcast openly the work, representation, programs in which tobacco products and process of consumption of tobacco, in air and by means of cable broadcasting are shown;


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