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It is registered

Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

March 5, 2015

No. 252/26697


of December 30, 2014 No. 1417

About approval of Fire safety regulations in Ukraine

(as amended on 01-03-2023)

According to Item 33 parts two of article 17 of the Code of civil protection of Ukraine and for the purpose of enhancement of normative legal support in the field of fire safety order:

1. Approve Fire safety regulations in Ukraine which are attached.

2. To provide to department of legal providing the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (D.V.'s Gorbas) submission of this order on state registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in accordance with the established procedure.

3. Recognize invalid the order of the Ministry of Ukraine concerning emergency situations of October 19, 2004 as No. 126 "About approval of Fire safety regulations in Ukraine", registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on November 4, 2004 for No. 1410/10009 (with changes), and the order of the Ministry of emergency situations of Ukraine of February 24, 2012 No. 537 "About approval of Fire safety regulations for objects up to 300 sq.m -", registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on March 16, 2012 on No. 414/20727.

4. I reserve control over the implementation of this order.

5. This order becomes effective from the date of its official publication.


A. B. Avakov

It is approved:

Chairman of the Public regulatory service of Ukraine


K. Lyapina

Chairman Obshchego of representative

body of trade union associations


V. Osova

First Deputy Chairman State

services of mountain supervision and industrial safety of Ukraine



Chairman of Public service

Ukraine on emergency situations


S. Bochkovsky

First Deputy Minister of Regional Development,

construction and housing and communal services of Ukraine


V. Kistion

Acting as Minister

science and education of Ukraine



Minister of Health of Ukraine

A. Kvitashvili

Acting minister of economic

development and trade of Ukraine


R. Kachur

Approved by the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine of December 30, 2014 No. 1417

Fire safety regulations in Ukraine

I. General provisions

1. These rules establish general requirements on fire safety to buildings, constructions of different function and the territories adjoining to them, other real estate, the equipment, the operated building sites, and also during work on construction, reconstruction, restoration, capital repairs, technical retrofitting of buildings and constructions (further - object).

Requirements of these Rules do not extend to underground constructions of industrial function; the subways (except subjects to commercial, trade and social appointment); tunnels; objects of production, storage and utilization of explosive and radioactive materials and blasting agents; floating constructions; oil, gazo-, products pipelines; forests.

2. These rules are obligatory for accomplishment by subjects of managing, public authorities, local government bodies (further - the companies), the citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons which are in Ukraine on legal causes.

3. The central executive bodies taking into account specific conditions and features on ensuring fire safety of the objects carried to the sphere of their management if necessary publish industry fire safety regulations which shall not contradict these Rules and reduce their requirements.

Drafts of industry fire safety regulations will be approved by GSChS of Ukraine according to requirements of the Code of civil protection of Ukraine.

4. Fire safety shall be ensured by holding the organizational actions and technical means allocated for prevention of the fires, safety of people, decrease in possible property losses and reduction of negative ecological effects in case of their emergence, creation of conditions for successful suppression of the fires.

5. Persons responsible for ensuring fire safety at the companies and objects, their rights and obligation are determined according to the legislation.

6. In case of transfer to lease of complete property complex or its separate parts, rooms, other objects by agreement of the parties of the civil agreement the rights and obligations of the lessee and the lessor are determined by ensuring fire safety and responsibility for violation of requirements of fire safety on object of lease.

7. No. 830 is excluded according to the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine of 25.11.2020

II. Organizational actions for ensuring fire safety

1. Activities for ensuring fire safety are compound productive and other activity of officials and employees of the companies and objects.

2. The director shall determine obligations of officials by ensuring fire safety, to appoint certain buildings, constructions, rooms, sites, the processing and engineering equipment, responsible for fire safety, and also for content and operation of means of fire protection.

Obligations on ensuring fire safety, content and operation of means of fire protection are provided in job descriptions, obligations, regulations on division.

3. On each object fire prevention regime which includes shall be set by the relevant document (the order, the instruction, etc.):

procedure for content of ways of evacuation;

determination of special smoking areas;

procedure for use of naked flame;

procedure for use of household heating appliances;

procedure for carrying out temporary fire-dangerous works;

rules of journey and parking of vehicles;

places for storage and admissible amount of raw materials, semifinished products and finished goods which can be in placements and on the territories at the same time;

procedure for cleaning of combustible dust and waste, storages of the oiled overalls and rags, cleaning of elements of ventilating systems of combustible deposits;

procedure for disconnection from network of power supply of the equipment and ventilating systems in case of fire;

inspection routine and closings of rooms after completion of work;

procedure for passing by officials of training and examination concerning fire safety, and also carrying out with workers of fire-proof instructing and classes in fire technically minimum with appointment responsible for their carrying out;

procedure for the organization of operation and servicing of the available means of fire protection;

procedure for carrying out scheduled preventive maintenance and surveys of electroinstallations, heating, ventilating, processing and other engineering equipment;

procedure for collection of members of rescue and fire fighting division of voluntary fire protection and the officials responsible for fire safety, in case of the fire, challenge at night, in days off and holidays;

operations procedure in case of the fire: procedure and methods of the notification of people, challenge of rescue and fire fighting divisions, stops of processing equipment, shutdown of elevators, ventilating installations, electroconsumers, use of fire extinguishing means; the sequence of evacuation of people and material values taking into account observance of safe engineering. In case of development of instructions of actions in case of emergence (detection) of the fire it is necessary to use the Section VIII of these rules.

Workers of object shall be informed of these requirements on instructing or when passing fire and technical minimum.

4. For each room of object or group of its rooms of identical appointment shall be developed and approved as the head of object or the official of the instruction authorized by it about measures of fire safety.

In these instructions shall be specified:

category of the room on fire and explosion and fire risk (for production, storage facilities and laboratories)

Requirements for content of evacuation ways and exits;

special smoking areas and requirements to them;

procedure for content of rooms, workplaces;

procedure for storage and use of flammable liquids, combustible liquids (further - LVZh, GZh), explosion-fire-hazardous substances and materials;

procedure for cleaning of workplaces, collection, storage and removal of combustible waste, the oiled rags;

procedure for content and storage of overalls;

places, procedure and regulations of one-time storage in raw materials, semifinished products and finished goods;

procedure for carrying out welding and other hot work;

Inspection routine, shutdown of electroinstallations, reduction in fireproof condition of rooms and workplaces, closing of rooms after completion of work;

measures of fire safety during the work on the technological installations and devices having the raised fire risk;

limiting indications of instrumentations from which the fire or explosion can cause variation;

obligations and actions of workers in case of the fire.

In case of stay of persons with disability and other handicapped national groups (further - handicapped persons) on object the operations procedure and ways of evacuation of these persons regarding nozologiya which contains information on is in addition provided in instructions:

warning system availability about emergency situations with visual (for persons with hearing disorder) and sound (for persons with sight violation) submission of information;

the necessary number of people for rendering service of physical maintenance during evacuation of handicapped persons;

availability of the qualified personnel taught techniques and techniques of safe escort of handicapped persons;

opportunity/impossibility of independent movement of handicapped persons without assistance down ladder;

distances, and also quantities of flights of stairs which handicapped persons can pass without assistance;

opportunity/impossibility of handicapped persons to independently continue and finish evacuation if help is given only on difficult piece of way;

quantities of stops which if necessary handicapped persons need to make to have a rest for evacuation continuation;

means of individual mobility which handicapped persons can independently use during evacuation (chair wheel, stick, crutches, walkers, stick tactile (white cane));

the maximum distance from the place of possible stay of handicapped persons to the closest place of safety;

availability of auxiliary devices on the ways of evacuation (hand-rail, ramps, fire elevators);

the location of chairs wheel for evacuation (if necessary) and types of management (with the electric drive or manual);

arrangement of the shortest safe way to exit, other ways (ramps) of evacuation of handicapped persons.

These instructions shall be studied during fire-proof instructing, training according to the program of fire and technical minimum, and also in system of inservice training and to be hung out on foregrounds.

Instructions about measures of fire safety are not developed for shower, pools, washing, washrooms and bathrooms, and also for corridors and lobbies.

5. On objects with permanent or temporary stay on them 100 and more people or 50 and more people having at least one certain room with simultaneous stay, in buildings and constructions (except apartment houses) which have two floors and more, in case of simultaneous stay on the floor more than 25 people, and for one-storey - more than 50 people, shall be developed and hung out on foregrounds plans (schemes) of evacuation of people in case of fire (and in case of stay on object of persons with disability having violations of the musculoskeletal device, sight and hearing, intellectual and mental violations, and also other handicapped persons, plans (schemes) of evacuation for case of the fire are developed and placed taking into account needs of these persons).

On objects with permanent or temporary stay on them 100 and more people or 50 and more people having at least one certain room with simultaneous stay who are educational (including preschool) organizations, healthcare institutions with hospital, houses nursing homes for citizens of advanced age and persons with the disability, sanatoria and hotels, entertaining, cultural and educational and spectacular organizations covered by sports buildings and constructions, hotels, motels, campings, trade enterprises and others objects similar to destination with mass stay of people in addition to the schematic plan of evacuation the instruction determining actions of personnel for ensuring safe and bystry evacuation of people shall be developed and approved by the head (and in case of possible stay on object of persons with disability having violations of the musculoskeletal device, sight and hearing intellectual and mental violations, and also other handicapped persons, - taking into account their requirements) on which at least once practical trainings of all involved workers shall be held to half a year. For objects in which stay of people is provided at night instructions shall provide also actions at night.

6. In case of change of the layout or functional purpose of buildings (rooms, constructions), the production technology, the staff list of personnel plans of evacuation and the instruction shall be modified.

7. In rooms on foregrounds at phones it is necessary to hang out plates with indication of phone number for challenge of rescue and fire fighting divisions.

8. The object territory, and also houses, constructions, rooms shall be ensured by the corresponding signs safety which shall correspond to DSTU ENISO 7010:2019 "Graphical symbols. Colors and signs of safety. Registered marks of safety" (ENISO 7010:2012; A1:2014; A2:2014; A3:2014; A4:2014; A5:2015; A6:2016; A7:2017, IDT; ISO 7010:2011; AMD 1:2012; AMD 2:2012; AMD 3:2012; AMD 4:2013; AMD 5:2014; AMD 6:2014; AMD 7:2016, IDT).

9. Application in construction and on production of materials and substances on which there are no indicators of fire risk is forbidden.

10. The instruction in which it is necessary to determine their obligations by control of observance of fire prevention regime, survey of the territory and rooms, operations procedure in case of detection of the fire, operation of fire protection systems shall be developed for workers of protection (watchmen, porters, guard), and also to specify which of officials of object shall be called at night in case of fire.

Workers of protection shall have the list of officials of object with indication of their places of residence, office, home (mobile) telephone numbers.

11. Workers of object shall observe the set fire prevention regime, fulfill requirements of these Rules and other regulatory legal acts concerning fire safety.

12. For the purpose of holding actions for prevention of emergence of the fires and the organization of their suppression at the companies voluntary fire protection for which ensuring functioning rescue and fire fighting divisions are formed is created. The procedure for functioning of voluntary fire protection is approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of July 17, 2013 No. 564.

13. In general education educational institutions, children's camps teams of young rescuers-firefighters according to the legislation of Ukraine can be created.

14. Powers in the field of fire safety of associations, corporations, concerns, other economic associations are determined by their charters or contracts between subjects of managing which formed consolidation. For accomplishment of the functions delegated to consolidation in its device the service of fire safety is created.

15. All workers in case of employment on workplace shall undergo instructing in questions of fire safety (further - fire-proof instructing).

Persons employed, connected with the raised fire risk, shall previously (prior to independent performance of work) to undergo special training (fire and technical minimum).

Types of fire-proof instructing, and also procedure for the organization and carrying out fire-proof instructing, training and examination on fire technically minimum No. 444 "About approval of the Procedure of training of the population in actions in emergency situations" is established by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of June 26, 2013.

16. Officials and workers undergo training and examination concerning fire safety according to the procedure, No. 444 established by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of June 26, 2013 "About approval of the Procedure of training of the population in actions in emergency situations".

17. In educational institutions studying of fire safety regulations, and also training in actions in case of fire shall be carried out.

18. In preschool institutions the educational work directed to prevention of the fires from childish pranks with fire and education at children of careful attitude to national wealth and also acquisition of skills of personal security in case of the fire shall be carried out.

19. Local executive bodies, local government bodies shall organize training of the population in the residence in fire safety regulations.

20. Get to work to persons who were not trained of fire-proof instructing and examination concerning fire safety, it is forbidden.

21. The new construction, reconstruction, restoration, technical retrofitting and capital repairs of rooms, buildings and constructions are performed based on the project documentation approved in accordance with the established procedure.

22. During operation of objects it is forbidden to reduce the level of fire safety established by the legislation which affected the moment of the beginning of use of object.

III. General requirements of fire safety to content of the territories, buildings, rooms, constructions, evacuation ways and exits

1. Content of the territory

1.1. During operation of objects it is forbidden to reduce the minimum fire-proof distances.

The territory of objects, the sites adjoining on apartment houses, country and other buildings, fire-proof distances between buildings, constructions, storage areas of materials, the equipment shall be cleared of garbage, production wastes, container, fallen leaves which need to be deleted regularly (to take out) to specially allotted places systematically.

1.2. In the territory of settlements and objects it is forbidden to arrange dumps of combustible waste.

1.3. Highways, drives and passes to buildings, constructions, fire water sources, on GSTU to external stationary fire-escapes, fire stock, the equipment and fire extinguishing means shall be always free, contain in good repair, to be cleared of snow in the winter. It is forbidden to reduce width of roads and drives for fire trucks.

1.4. Fire-proof distances between buildings, constructions, the open areas for storage of materials, the equipment are forbidden to be encumbered, used for warehousing of materials, the equipment, parking of transport, construction and establishment of temporary buildings and constructions, including mobile (inventory) buildings, individual garages.

1.5. About closing of sections of roads or drives for repair or for other reasons which make impossible (interfere) journey, it is necessary to report immediately in pozharnospasatelny divisions. For closing of roads in appropriate places direction signs of detour shall be established or moving through the repaired sites are arranged.

1.6. Highways and drives for fire tenders shall have the paving suitable for their journey. Arranging drives for fire trucks to buildings, constructions and water sources on earth road, it should be strengthened slag, gravel or other materials for entrance possibility at all seasons of the year.

1.7. Railway lines, temporary trenches and ditches shall not complicate movement of fire trucks. For this purpose in necessary places convenient moving, always free for journey of fire trucks shall be equipped.

1.8. Entrance gate on the object territory which open by means of the electric drive shall have adaptation (device), allowing to open them manually.

1.9. On sites of the territory of objects where formation of zones with gazo-is possible, vapor-air mixture in which concentration of combustible substance above the lower concentration limit of distribution of flame, journey of transport is not allowed about what prohibitive texts (indexes) are placed.

1.10. In the territory of object illumination of outside fire-escapes, the fire-fighting equipment, entrances to buildings and constructions shall be provided.

1.11. In the territory of rural settlements, cottage towns, country and garden societies in the places determined by local government bodies devices for giving of sound signals for the purpose of the notification of people on case of the fire shall be established and there shall be water-supply for fire extinguishing.

1.12. The territory around settlements, cottage towns, country and garden societies, the objects located in forests shall contain so that the possibility of perekidyvaniye of the forest, peat fires on buildings and constructions, and in case of the fire on objects - spread of fire on forests was excluded (the device of protective fire-proof strips, cleaning during the summer period of dry vegetation, dead wood).

The paragraph two is excluded according to the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine of 31.07.2017 No. 657.

1.13. In the adjacent territory to apartment houses, cottage towns, country and garden societies, objects, parking of transport it is forbidden to leave on the open areas and the yards of reservoir about LVZh and GZh, cylinders with the compressed and liquefied gas, acetylene generators with remaining balance of unfinished calcium carbide or carbide silt, and also to store cylinders from under gases, the reservoirs which are not cleared of remaining balance of LVZh and GZh.

1.14. Shoddy constructions of trade, household, welfare or other purpose for implementation of business activity, except those which are placed in the territory of the markets according to the approved plan scheme shall be placed at distance at least 10 m from other buildings and constructions, except as specified, when according to construction regulations the bigger fire-proof distance is required or when they can be established at outside walls without openings conforming to requirements of construction regulations to fire-proof walls.

Mobile (inventory) no more than 10 are allowed to place buildings groups, but in group and with a total area no more than 800 sq.m. The distance between groups of these buildings shall make at least 15 m.

1.15. In the territory of object more than 3 hectares on entrances (departures) schemes of the territory in which it is necessary to specify placement of buildings, reservoirs, hydrants, piers and coolers, entrances of fire trucks to them shall be established.


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