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of June 14, 2016 No. 271-VQ

About science

(as amended on 23-04-2021)

According to Items 1 and 10 of part 1 of article 94 of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, this Law establishes the basic principles of state policy in the field of the organization, management and development of scientific activities in the Azerbaijan Republic, the purpose of science and scientific and innovative activities, the right and obligation of subjects of scientific activities, funding mechanisms for science, organization-legal bases of stimulation of scientific achievements and their use.

This law determines the leading role and tasks of science in ensuring political, economic, social and cultural development of the country, in increase in prosperity and academic degree of each citizen of the Azerbaijan Republic, in satisfaction of such natural and moral requirements as comprehension of new knowledge and knowledge of the world.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

1.0. The concepts used in this law designate the following values:

1.0.1. the scientist - the researcher having academic degree and scientific works;

1.0.2. the assistant - the scientific assistant or scientific position;

1.0.3. pilot studies - the researches which are based on knowledge gained as a result of scientific research or based on the acting practice, conducted for the purpose of protection of life and health of the person, creation of new production process, materials, products, installations, services and management systems and their enhancement;

1.0.4. science - sphere of activity of the person, consisting of obtaining, collection, systematization, processing, distribution and use of objective knowledge and information on essence of incidents and reality;

1.0.5. scientific examination - determination, making the conclusion and assessment of conformity of scientific work, scientific and technical activities to scientific, technical and social and political requirements;

1.0.6. subjects of scientific examination are customers, contractors of examination (state bodies, the public and international organizations), legal entities and physical persons (experts) and other participants;

1.0.7. objects of scientific examination - information corresponding to results of check of scientific and scientific and technical activities, the documents reflecting these information, physical objects and other carriers of material information;

1.0.8. scientific ethics - set of rules of conduct and the principles, standards of behavior of the scientists working in the field of scientific, scientific and technical and scientific and pedagogical activities, other persons who are engaged in independent scientific research, accepted by scientific community;

1.0.9. scientific activities - the process of scientific activities and creativity directed to acquisition, application and promotion of scientific knowledge;

1.0.10. the directions of scientific activities - conducting basic, applied and pilot studies, examination, application, approbation of results of scientific research and preparation of highly qualified scientific personnel;

1.0.11. subjects of scientific activities - the legal entities and physical persons which are engaged in scientific activities, their public associations, and also participants of scientific activities;

1.0.12. types of science and scientific activities - fundamental, applied and experimental (on content); natural, technical, humanitarian and public (in subject); academic, empirical, innovative, theoretical and applied (in the direction);

1.0.13. scientific innovation - possession of content and means (methods, methods of research and another) scientific activities, scientific results and products, and also technologies of their application and methods of use by nature of novelty;

1.0.14. scientific and innovative activities - the activities directed to creation and application of the updates of progressive nature and the intellectual property items (scientific results, inventions, opening, systems, original technologies, brands, trade and trademarks and another) which are created based on scientific research and providing enhancement of management system and increase in competitiveness;

1.0.15. scientific and innovative funds - the legal entity performing target financing of scientific research in the form of grants;

1.0.16. subjects of scientific innovation - legal entities and physical persons which main functions and appointment consist of creation and realization of updates of progressive nature;

1.0.17. scientific work - the system research conducted for the purpose of receipt of scientific result;

1.0.18. the scientist - the researcher who is professionally engaged in scientific and scientific and technical activities or elective office;

1.0.19. scientific product (scientific result) - the result (new knowledge, technical solutions, developments another) having material and social value, provided for application of scientific and scientific and technical activities, reflected in the specific information carrier;

1.0.20. the market of scientific products and services - the system of the relations which arose in the course of exchange of results and products of scientific activities and the special market of their realization;

1.0.21. school of sciences - the subject of scientific activities with self-development capability having the peculiar scientific views, systems of traditions and values created during the long period, performing functions of creation, distribution, transfer and use of new knowledge of certain direction of science known for the creators and followers;

1.0.22. the scientific company and the organization - the legal entity who is engaged in scientific and scientific and technical activities, providing unity of science and education;

1.0.23. scientific plagiarism - complete or partial assignment of someone else's works, discovery and the invention, improvement suggestion, innovative product, without specifying of the author and source or their representation as own;

1.0.24. research institution - scientific institution which main activities consist of conducting basic, applied and pilot studies;

1.0.25. scientific and educational and innovative complex (cluster) - the innovative structure combining in itself basic and applied researches, developmental developments, educational and business activity for the purpose of implementation and production and realization of the knowledge-intensive products;

1.0.26. scientific creativity - direct research, scientific and technical, scientific and experimental and scientific and innovative process;

1.0.27. basic scientific research - the theoretical and practical scientific research directed to receipt of new knowledge of structure and development of the nature and society;

1.0.28. impakt-factor - the impact indicator determining the rating of the periodic scientific publication;

1.0.29. citing index - the indicator determined by the number of references to scientific works of the researcher;

1.0.30. national innovative system - set of the companies which are engaged in production of scientific knowledge and technologies or realization on commercial or nonprofit basis within the country;

1.0.31. nostrification and repeated certification - the procedure of determination and recognition of equivalent of documents on scientific degree or the scientific ranks received in foreign state;

1.0.32. the official opponent - the person having certain academic degree and appointed by dissertation council for the purpose of assessment of relevance of the thesis, degree of originality and value of scientific novelty;

1.0.33. technological incubator - the legal entity providing representation to subjects of innovative activities of scientific, production, personnel, legal, marketing, leasing, consulting and other services;

1.0.34. technopark - the legal entity or structure (territory) having advanced technologies, performing in complex type creation and development of new technologies, production of the modern equipment, devices and devices and their realization on commercial basis;

1.0.35. technopolis - the industrial town or scientific and industrial complex having the territory in which wide and special preferential terms, by the multi-profile, developed industrial sites and infrastructure, research and educational complexes, "think-tanks", the plants, firms and the companies, created for the purpose of development and application in production of new high technologies and products of high technological level are created;

1.0.36. the researcher - person with the higher education conducting scientific-theoretical and scientific and technical researches, developing knowledge and taking part in research projects;

1.0.37. research university - the highest educational institution or the scientific and educational center which is performing scientific and educational activities on the basis of real integration of scientific activities and educational process with identical efficiency rate, conducting the advanced scientific research, providing the high-quality educational circle, having high scientific and scientific and pedagogical personnel potential;


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