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of August 20, 1999 No. 822-I

About telecommunications

(The last edition from 23-05-2019)
Article 1. Purpose of this Law

The purpose of this Law is regulation of the public relations in the field of creation of functioning and development of telecommunications.

Article 2. Basic concepts

In this Law the following basic concepts are applied:

telecommunications - transfer, acceptance, processing of signals, signs of texts, images, sounds or other types of information with use wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems;

network of telecommunications - set of means of telecommunications providing one or several types of transfers: telephone cable, facsimile, data transmission and other types of documentary messages, broadcast of television and broadcasting programs;

means of telecommunications - the technical devices, the equipment of construction and system allowing to create, transfer, accept, to process, switch electromagnetic or optical signals and to manage them;

constructions of telecommunications - buildings, installations, lines of telecommunications, adaptation, support, mast and other constructions providing functioning and operation of networks and means of telecommunications;

the terminal (terminal) equipment - the technical means of users of services of telecommunications interacting with networks of telecommunications, intended for forming, conversion, processing of the signals transmitted or accepted on networks of telecommunications;

internetwork connections - the technological interaction between networks of telecommunications of different operators of telecommunications providing transfer and acceptance of information between users:

the operator of telecommunications (further - the operator) - the legal entity owning network of telecommunications on the property right or other corporeal rights, providing it functioning, development and rendering services of telecommunications;

provider of services of telecommunications (further - provider) the legal entity rendering on commercial basis services of telecommunications to users through networks of operators;

services of telecommunications - product of activities of the operator and provider for acceptance, transfer, processing of signals and other types of information through networks of telecommunications;

numbering system - procedure for distribution and assignment of numbering (combination of digits or signs) between operators, providers and the terminal (terminal) equipment of users;

the plan of numbering - specific assignment of numbering between operators, providers and the terminal (terminal) equipment of users;

the user of services of telecommunications (further - the user) the legal entity or physical person which is the consumer of services of telecommunications;

universal services - set of the obligatory services of the established quality provided to all users on network of general use telecommunications (ensuring access of users to this network, local, long-distance and international telephone negotiations, sending, telegrammk others);

domain name - the unique name appropriated to information resource or information system, serving for their identification in the worldwide information network the Internet;

domain name system - procedure for assignment, registration and use of domain names on the worldwide information network the Internet;

certification of networks of telecommunications - complex of the organizational technical actions directed to determination of compliance of condition of security of networks of telecommunications to requirements of state standards and regulatory legal acts in information security fields.

Article 3. Legislation on telecommunications

The legislation on telecommunications consists of this Law and other acts of the legislation.

The relations connected with functioning of networks of telecommunications for needs of defense, homeland security and law enforcement bodies are regulated by the separate legislation.

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