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of April 16, 1993 No. 198

About social protection of children and needy families

(as amended on 12-08-2015)

For the purpose of social protection of children and needy families in the conditions of liberalization of the prices of some food, fuel, energy and utilities and in pursuance of the Presidential decree of the Republic of Moldova of February 25, 1993 "About increase in the minimum size of the salary, pensions, grants and benefits" the Government of the Republic of Moldova decides:

1. Establish since January 1, 1994 social benefits and compensation payments in the following percentage to minimum wage:

3) monthly allowances in the amount of 50 percent - on children aged from 1,5 of year of the military personnel of conscription service;

8) To the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection and Federation of independent labor unions of Moldova to develop regulations on procedure for determination and payment of the social benefits and compensation payments provided by this resolution.

2. Ceased to be valid

3. Ceased to be valid

4. Establish the following privileges since March 1, 1993:

free leave of medicines for children under 3 years, disabled people since the childhood to 16 years, and also for the children who were affected by the Chernobyl accident. Leave of medicines is performed according to instructions of doctors of public health services which have means for payments of special purpose;

free acoustical and phonetic prosthetics for children aged up to 16 years, children from children's homes, pupils of special schools, and also students;

free prosthetics of eyes for pupils of special schools and students, and also disabled people since the childhood;

free orthopedic prosthetics and ensuring medical appointment of children with products aged up to 16 years, disabled people since the childhood and children from children's homes and boarding schools for disabled people.

5. Establish since January 1, 1999:

a) payment for content in preschool institutions and schools of residential type in the amount of 50 percent from the cost of standard costs on food of the children (pupils) financed from the budget, approved by the Ministry of Public Education in coordination with the Ministry of Finance.

b) the bodies of local public authority, the companies and the organizations having preschool institutions and boarding schools in the subordination are granted the right to exempt fully or partially from payment for content of children from large and needy families, and also the right if necessary to establish other payment for content, but is not lower than the amount provided in the subitem and) this Item;

c) To the Ministry of Education and Science together with the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family, the Ministry of Economics and reforms and the Ministry of Finance within a month to develop and approve conditions and procedure for full or partial relief from payment for content in preschool institutions and schools of residential type of children from large and needy families.

6. Grant the right to the local government bodies, the ministries and State departments having in the subordination gymnasiums and lyceums, to exempt fully or partially from payment for food in the specified organizations of pupils from large and needy families with reference of expenses by own budgetary and extrabudgetary funds.

7. Resolve transfer of preschool institutions of agricultural enterprises, according to the decision of district executive committees, in subordination of local government bodies if these companies are not able to provide optimum conditions of their functioning. Expenses on salary payment and contributions to social fund of the organization transferred to subordination of local government bodies are made for the budget account, and other costs - at the expense of the corresponding economic units. Employment of pedagogical and health workers in such preschool institutions and release them from position is performed by managements of district (city) education in coordination directly with the head of the corresponding economic unit.

8. Sat down to provide to district executive committees and primeriya free, for the budget account, supply with special products of food of children aged up to one year and children up to two years from the large and needy families living in the rural zone.

Recommend to heads of agricultural enterprises to provide in accordance with the established procedure through network of dairy kitchens free supply with milk and dairy products of children under 3 years, expectant mothers and nursing mothers.

10. Ceased to be valid according to the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of 12.08.2015 No. 494

11. Allocate to local government bodies the parcels of land for orphanages of family type depending on the number of their members according to the current legislation and provide first-priority supply with their equipment, seeds, fertilizers, young growth of the cattle and bird, with provision, whenever possible, and other privileges for development of subsidiary farms.

12. To the Ministry of Trade and material resources, to Moldkoop, the National production association on fuel, local government bodies to promote improvement of supply of orphanages of family type by food, the equipment, stock, construction materials and fuel according to the regulations provided for content of the orphan children and children without parental support distributed in residential care facilities.

13. To orphan children and children without parental support, upon termination of educational institution the monetary compensation in the amount of one minimum wage and benefit for acquisition of clothes, footwear and necessary objects in the amount of six minimum wages is issued.

14. Establish monthly allowance in the amount of one minimum wage to one of parents who does not work and is engaged in the child care with psychological frustration and physical defects studying according to medico-pedagogically instruction at home.

To the ministry of science and education together with the Ministry of Health to approve the list of the corresponding medico-pedagogical instructions in a month.

15. Charge to the Ministry of science and education to develop and provide together with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance in a month to the Government the approved proposals on the organization of system of diagnostics and rehabilitation of children mentally retarded both with physical defects and on its functioning.

16. Recommend to local government bodies to exempt from payment for food fully or partially up to 20 percent of pupils of the I-IX classes from the needy families (in relation to completely exempted from payment) which are on extended hours.

17. To local government bodies to strengthen control of providing with food according to the established regulations of children in educational institutions and to extend practice of catering services of pupils of all age from socially dysfunctional families at the expense of the funds allocated for general compulsory education and other resources.

18. Permit the ministries, to State departments and local government bodies to select free permits to the improving period (to 25% of their total number) mainly to children from socially dysfunctional families, and to realize other permits wishing for 10-20 percent of their cost.


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