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of April 30, 1998 No. 600-I

About agricultural cooperative (shirkat)

(as amended on 29-06-2022)

This Law determines the legal basis of creation, activities, reorganization and liquidation of agricultural cooperatives (shirkat), regulates their rights and obligations, regulates relations with other legal entities and physical persons.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Agricultural cooperative (shirkat)

Agricultural cooperative (shirkat) - independently business entity with the rights of the legal entity founded on the share beginnings and mainly the family (collective) contract, voluntary consolidation of citizens for production of commodity agricultural products.

Article 2. Legislation on agricultural cooperative (shirkat)

The relations connected with creation, activities, reorganization and liquidation of agricultural cooperatives (shirkat) are regulated by this Law and other acts of the legislation.

If the international treaty of the Republic of Uzbekistan establishes other rules, than those which to contain in the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan on agricultural cooperative (shirkat), then rules of the international treaty are applied.

Article 3. Principles of activities of agricultural cooperative (shirkat)

Activities of agricultural cooperatives (shirkat) are based on the following principles:

voluntariness of membership in cooperative (shirkat) and free exit from it;

obligatory labor participation of members in activities of cooperative (shirkat);

intraeconomic production organization of products and work mainly on the basis of the agreement of the family (collective) contract;

compensation of members of cooperative (shirkat) proceeding from amount, quality of the made products (the performed works);

distribution of the final income (profit) between members of cooperative (shirkat) according to their property shares;

democratic nature of management, the equal rights in decision making (one member of cooperative (shirkat) - one voice);

control of members of cooperative (shirkat) of its work according to the procedure, provided by the charter of cooperative (shirkat);

use of the parcels of land is strict on purpose, ensuring protection of lands and increases in fertility of the soil.

Article 4. Types of activity of agricultural cooperative (shirkat)

Core activity of agricultural cooperative (shirkat) is production of agricultural products.

Along with production of agricultural products the agricultural cooperative (shirkat) has the right to be engaged in conversion of agricultural raw materials, production of foodstuff, consumer goods, industrial goods, in trade, repair and construction works, rendering services by legal entity and physical person, and also other types of activity which are not forbidden by legal acts both in the territory of the cooperative (shirkat), and beyond its limits.

Article 5. Creation of agricultural cooperative (shirkat)

The agricultural cooperative (shirkat) is created by his founders on a voluntary basis.

The number of members of agricultural cooperative (shirkat) is determined, proceeding from profile of activities of agricultural cooperative (shirkat), by its charter.

The agricultural cooperative (shirkat) is considered created and acquires the rights of the legal entity from the date of its state registration in the khokimiyat of the area according to the procedure established by the legislation.

The agricultural cooperative (shirkat) has separate balance, settlement and other accounts in organization of bank, and also has the right to have seal with the name.

Article 6. Charter of agricultural cooperative (shirkat)

The main legal document regulating activities of agricultural cooperative (shirkat) is its charter. In the charter are determined:

name of cooperative (shirkat) and its location;

subject and purpose of activities;

procedure for the accession to cooperative (shirkat) and exit from it;

list of founders and number of members of cooperative (shirkat);

rights and obligations of members of cooperative (shirkat);

governing bodies, procedure for their forming and competence;

sizes and procedure for forming share, indivisible and other funds of cooperative (shirkat);

the forms of labor participation and compensation of members of cooperative (shirkat) based mainly on the family (collective) contract;

procedure for income distribution (profit) for cooperative (shirkat), including on dividend payout on property shares;

procedure for reorganization and liquidation of cooperative (shirkat).

The charter can join also other provisions connected with activities of agricultural cooperative (shirkat), which are not contradicting the legislation.

The charter of agricultural cooperative (shirkat) is accepted by founders at the constituent assembly, changes are made to it by general meeting of his members. Information on changes in the charter is submitted within week term within the body which performed state registration of cooperative (shirkat).

Chapter 2. Members of agricultural cooperative (shirkat)

Article 7. Accession to agricultural cooperative (shirkat) and membership in it

The physical persons which reached 16-year age, recognizing the charter of agricultural cooperative (shirkat) and observing it the requirements which are taking part in activities of agricultural cooperative (shirkat) and forming of its funds can be members of agricultural cooperative (shirkat).

Also legal entities can be collective members of agricultural cooperative (shirkat). Relations between agricultural cooperatives (shirkat) and their collective members are under construction on a contract basis.

The accession to agricultural cooperative (shirkat) is performed based on the submitted application.

Board decision (chairman) of agricultural cooperative (shirkat) about acceptance in agricultural cooperative (shirkat) is subject to approval by its general meeting in the presence of person who submitted the application. The procedure for adoption of such decision and its approval is determined by the charter of agricultural cooperative (shirkat).

Membership in agricultural cooperative (shirkat) remains behind persons which were temporarily disposed from it in cases:

passings of the valid compulsory military service;

elections on elective office in the state and public bodies;

revenues to study with separation from production;

job placements in other cooperatives (shirkat), intereconomic and other companies, organizations and the organizations for the term established by board of cooperative (shirkat).

The members of agricultural cooperative (shirkat) who stopped work on old age or disability keep the membership in cooperative (shirkat) on the basis and conditions determined by the decision of its general meeting.

Article 8. Rights and obligations of members of agricultural cooperative (shirkat)

Members of agricultural cooperative (shirkat) have the right:


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