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of January 4, 1996 No. 2

About approval of the Disciplinary charter of law-enforcement bodies

(as of November 22, 2010)

For the purpose of increase in responsibility of staff of law-enforcement bodies for observance and strict execution of procedure and the rules established by the current legislation, the Oath, charters, provisions and orders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Government of the Republic of Moldova DECIDES:

Approve the Disciplinary charter of law-enforcement bodies and Regulations on courts of honor of the private and the commanding structure of law-enforcement bodies (are applied).




Disciplinary charter of law-enforcement bodies

I. General provisions

1. The discipline of employees * in law-enforcement bodies consists in the observance and strict execution of procedure and rules established by the current legislation, the Oath, charters, provisions and orders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Basis of discipline commitment to state interests of the Republic of Moldova makes, readiness of each employee to protect law and order, territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of the state, it is model to carry out service duties and the charged case.

This Disciplinary charter extends to all staff of law-enforcement bodies, irrespective of rank and position.

2. The discipline in law-enforcement bodies obliges each employee:

it is strict to observe the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, the current legislation and international agreements which the Republic of Moldova joined, precisely and timely to fulfill requirements of the Oath, charters, provisions and instructions, the received orders and orders;

it is resistant to endure all hardships and deprivations of service on protection of public order, protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, the companies, organizations and organizations from criminal encroachments and other illegal acts, and in case of accomplishment of office debt, in case of need, not to spare also the life;

it is strict to keep the state secret and other official information of limited access used in office activities, to protect service weapon and ammunition, entrusted material values and the equipment;

it is permanent to enhance the qualification, to increase the level of professional culture;

be fair and objective;

render mutual respect;

honor chiefs, seniors on position and rank; give them help in strengthening of discipline and providing authorized procedure; salute and follow rules of politeness;

it is worthy to behave on service and out of it; wear the regimentals ordered by the charter and have the appropriate behavior;

be reserved and exacting to itself, hold people around from violations of law and order and to actively promote preserving the authority of staff of law-enforcement bodies and protection of advantage of citizens.

3. The discipline in law-enforcement bodies is reached:

forming and education at employees of high moral and professional qualities, conscientious attitude to accomplishment of office debt;

maintenance of authorized procedure;

ensuring strict observance of requirements of the laws, charters, provisions, instructions and orders;

insistence of chiefs to subordinate, the correct application of measures of belief and coercion, skillful combination of insistence to care and respect for subordinates;

personal example of chiefs and seniors on rank and position.

4. The chief, the commissioner, the commander (further - the chief) bears responsibility for condition of discipline and authorized procedure in the division run by it.

The chief shall:

train subordinates in the spirit of commitment to the Homeland and the people, further strengthening of office discipline, rules of social coexistence and law and order;

develop at subordinates call of duty and honor of the employee of law-enforcement bodies, and also the personal liability for accomplishment of service duties;

cultivate at subordinates conviction that orders are given only for the benefit of service;

know the subordinates from all directions, care for the device of their life, take measures for satisfaction of their legal requests and be their permanent mentor;

be exacting and objective in assessment of subordinates;

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