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The document ceased to be valid since   February 1, 2017 according to Item 3 of the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of  December 30, 2016 No. 1457


of June 18, 2002 No. 798

About approval of Rules of rendering services of mail service

(as amended on 12-12-2012)

According to article 14 of the Law on the N 463-XIII mail of May 18, 1995. (The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 1995, N 65-66, Art. 711) and for the purpose of regulation of the relations between operators of stalemate communication and users of these services, determinations of procedure for rendering services of mail service, the rights and obligations of operators of mail service and users

The government of the Republic of Moldova DECIDES:

Approve and enact since July 1, 2002. Rules of rendering services of mail service (are attached).


Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova

Vasile Tarlev

Approved by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of June 18, 2002 No. 798

Rules of rendering services of mail service

I. General provisions

1. Rules of rendering services of mail service (further - Rules) are developed according to the Law on mail, the Marine life protection act of the rights of consumers, the international mail acts which party the Republic of Moldova is (The constitution of Universal Postal Union, the Convention of Universal Postal Union and its Final protocol, the Agreement on postal parcels and its Final protocol, the Agreement on postal orders).

These rules govern the relations between the operator of mail service rendering services to mail service (further - the operator), and users of these services (further - users), including their rights and obligation and determine procedure for rendering services of mail service.

These rules are obligatory for all operators rendering services to mail service and also for users of these services.

2. In these rules the applied concepts have the following value:

mail administration - state body, authorized to regulate rendering services of mail service, to manage them according to current laws and provisions.

the postal address - specifying on mailings which includes set of the following data:

surname of person or name of organization, street, house, apartment or mailbox, postal index, name of the settlement, country name;

the aerogram - the special envelope intended for sending correspondence by air transport, consisting of the sheet of paper folded double and stuck on all parties;

the notification - the form by means of which the addressee of the mailing is invited in department of mail service for its obtaining;

postcard - the open mailing in the form of the written message from thin cardboard or strong paper meeting the requirements of the regulating documentation and allowed in mail network in case of observance of the conditions established by acts of Universal Postal Union (further - VPS);

subscription mail cabinet - the special equipment installed in departments of mail service and intended for some users of services which subscribe for certain term addressees for receipt of mail correspondence;

sekogramma - the cliche with sekografiya signs for blind persons exempted from the postage dues (given simple);

cash on delivery - supplementary service on collection of sums of money from the addressee at the time of delivery of departure with the announced value in case of their transfer by postal order in source address;

The world mail convention - the act VPS which contains the general rules and orders applied in the international mail exchange;

the postal index - the designation consisting of certain number of digits or letters, corresponding to each settlement (the village, the city), entered by mail for simplification of sorting of correspondence and providing opportunities of the automated accomplishment of these transactions. Serves for the direction and/or for delivery of mailings;

postal parcel - the mailing in which objects are enclosed and which moves with the announced value or without the announced value, entrusted mail workers for transportation and delivery to destination;

indivisible sending - postal parcel which attachment cannot be divisible or has disproportionate amount in comparison with weight;

bulky sending - the postal parcel, the sizes or amount of which exceed the limits set by these rules;

mail service - single technological system of the companies and vehicles which provides acceptance, processing, transportation and delivery of mailings, including transfer of money, delivery of pensions, subventions, benefits and other payments of special purpose;

the assurance of receipt - the form completed by the sender in case of delivery of the registered departures who after delivery returns to postal department to the place of departure or to the address specified on the form and is the proof of receipt of the mailing;

the international response coupon - the security issued by VPS which serves for exchange for the national stamps sufficient for prepayment of one non-registered letter is powerful to 20 g, sent abroad by air transport;

the electronic courier - the mail service using channels of telecommunication for transfer according to the original within several seconds of the messages received from senders on paper or electronically which shall be handed to the receiver reproduced on paper or electronically. The messages provided on paper move to the receiver in envelope as departures of written correspondence;

mailbox individual - box in which mail is delivered to the house to the sender;

mailbox for letters - box in which the population lowers written correspondence for transfer;

CCRI (the international commercial correspondence with the answer) the service allowing authorized senders to prepay previously the response departures given by their correspondents living abroad;

the addressee - physical person or legal entity to which the mailing is addressed;

DST (special drawing right) - the accounting unit of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank of reconstruction and development used as currency unit of VPS;

the sender - physical person or legal entity which sends mailings;

EMS - the reduced name "Express Mail Service". The most accelerated service of mail service rendered by physical funds both for territories of the country, and beyond its limits, including acceptance, transfer and delivery in very short terms of correspondence, documents and goods;

integral objects - the envelopes and postcards put in the circulation by mail administration which contain the images of stamps (the fixed stamp) applied by typographical method, other conventional signs representing prepayment;

"it is careful - brittle sending" - supplementary service which assumes care in processing and transportations, it is applied to departures which can easily break, sustain damage, etc.;

prepayment - drawing on written correspondence and other mailings of signs of mail payment by means of the franking machine;

the printing edition - the mailing which attachment is printed or reproduced by common printing method and is sent from the moment of giving until delivery in open packaging;

storage - the payment levied by the operator of mail service for the departures which were not demanded by the addressee in the period provided by these rules. This payment is not applied to sekogramma;

stamp - the sign of mail payment of the small size, different format printed in one color or in several flowers, kleyushchiysya or not kleyushchiysya, pasted or printed on mailings. Is issued or affirms mail administration of the state as payment of the postage dues connected with transportation of mailings from the sender to the receiver;

postal order (regular, cable or electronic) mail service in acceptance, processing, transportation (transfer) and delivery (delivery) of money with use of network of mail service and network of telecommunication;

the franking machine - the device for mechanical prepayment of mailings by putting down of stamp (drawing signs of mail payment according to applicable fares);

clearing - putting down on mailings of print of calendar stamp or the mark specifying postal department in the place of acceptance and date of giving;

department of mail service - the organization (object) of mail service open for general public for provision of mail services;

the operator of mail service - the legal entity authorized according to the legislation to provide services to mail service;

the national operator - the State company "Posta Moldovei", the operator of mail service, authorized to render the main mail services at the national level;

small packet - the mailing containing objects or samples of goods;

"par avion" - the label or special mark which is put down on the departures sent by air transport;

envelope - the squared flat subject from paper or other similar material having kleyushchiysya or not kleyushchiysya the valve longwise one of the parties intended for closing;

the marked envelope - envelope with the fixed brand constituting whole;


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