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The document ceased to be valid since  December 11, 2015 according to Item 2 of the Resolution of the National agency on regulation in power industry of the Republic of Moldova of  October 9, 2015 No. 212


of December 12, 2002 No. 75

About approval of Rules of electricity market

(as amended on 16-01-2009)

In connection with the decision of the Agency on the beginning of process of gradual liberalization of electricity market approved by the Resolution N 62 of May 30, 2002, development and the subsequent approval of the Regulations on accreditation of independent consumers, activities of Owners of Licenses in electric utility sector in new market conditions of electrical energy than review of Provisional rules of electricity market was caused, the Administrative board of the National agency on regulation in power DECIDES:

1. Approve the Rules of electricity market attached to this resolution and being its component.

2. Declare invalid the Resolution of the N 40 Agency of June 14, 2001 about approval of Provisional rules of electricity market.

3. On regulation and licensing of the National agency on regulation in power to provide to management control over the implementation of this resolution.

4. This resolution becomes effective from the date of approval.

The CEO of the National agency on

to regulation in power


Nicolae Triboy


Marín Profir


Vasile Karafizi

Rules of the market of electrical energy

I. General provisions

1.1. The these rules of the Market of the Electrical Energy which are hereinafter referred to as the rule are developed according to requirements of the Law of the Republic of Moldova about electrical energy and establish the basic rules of interaction between all Participants of the Market of electrical energy of the Republic of Moldova.

1.2. Main objectives of these rules are:

1.2.1. Creation by Owners of Licenses of conditions for providing continuous, complete and reliable electric power supply to consumers of the Republic of Moldova.

1.2.2. Management of the Moldavian Electric Utility system according to Regulations and Operational Procedures for ensuring its steady, reliable, safe and effective functioning.

1.2.3. Providing and development of the stable commercial relations between Participants of the Market of the Electrical Energy.

1.2.4. Establishment of the arranged relations between Participants of the Market and subjects of External Zones of Dispatching Management for the purpose of ensuring steady, reliable, safe functioning of the Moldavian Electric Utility system.

1.2.5. The organization of system of accounting of electrical energy with exact measurement of all arrived amounts of electrical energy in Network of the Electricity transmission during each settlement period and, respectively, distribution of total amount of the delivered electrical energy between RED, Suppliers and Independent Consumers according to the bilateral contracts on delivery of electrical energy signed by RED, Suppliers and Independent Consumers.

1.2.6. Ensuring non-discriminatory open access to Network of the Electricity transmission to all existing or potential RED, Producers, Suppliers and Independent Consumers.

1.2.7. Provision by all to RED, Producers, Suppliers and Independent Consumers of exact and timely information, observing at the same time the principle of transparency and impartiality, according to Regulations.

II. Terms and determinations

¦     Агентство     ¦      Национальное Агентство по Регулированию в ¦
¦                   ¦                   Энергетике                   ¦
¦         1         ¦                       2                        ¦
¦RED                ¦Предприятие электрораспределительных      сетей,¦
¦                   ¦Обладатель Лицензий на распределение и  поставку¦
¦                   ¦электрической энергии  по регулируемым  тарифам.¦
¦                   ¦На момент принятия Правил этими являются:       ¦
¦                   ¦АО "RED Nord",                                  ¦
¦                   ¦АО "RED Nord-Vest",                             ¦
¦                   ¦АО ПИК "RED Union Fenosa"                       ¦
¦Внешняя Зона       ¦Зона диспетчерского                   управления¦
¦Диспетчерского     ¦электроэнергетической системы  другой страны,  с¦
¦Управления         ¦которой Молдавская Электроэнергетическая Система¦
¦                   ¦связана межсистемными линиями электропередачи.  ¦
¦Внешняя Торговая   ¦Поставка или приобретение электрической  энергии¦
¦Операция           ¦из Внешних Зон Диспетчерского Управления        ¦
¦Диспетчеризация    ¦Круглосуточный процесс   непрерывного   контроля¦
¦                   ¦уровня  нагрузки  генераторов,  нагрузки  RED  и¦
¦                   ¦Независимых    Потребителей   и    согласованных¦
¦                   ¦перетоков  мощности  по  межсистемным  связям  с¦
¦                   ¦другими электроэнергетическими системами.       ¦
¦Диспетчерский Центр¦Подразделение Оператора     Системы,     которое¦
¦                   ¦планирует    и    осуществляет     диспетчерское¦
¦                   ¦управление    ресурсами    Электроэнерге


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