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of June 28, 1996 No. of 254k/96-BP

(as amended on 03-09-2019)

It is adopted at the fifth session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on June 28, 1996

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on behalf of the Ukrainian people - citizens of Ukraine of all nationalities,

expressing sovereign will of the people,

relying on centuries-old history of the Ukrainian state construction and on the basis of performed by the Ukrainian nation, all Ukrainian people of right to self-determination,

showing care of providing human rights and freedoms and worthy conditions of his life,

caring for strengthening of civil consent on the earth of Ukraine and confirming the European identity of the Ukrainian people and irreversibility of the European and Euro-Atlantic rate of Ukraine,

aiming to develop and strengthen the democratic, social, constitutional state,

understanding responsibility to God, own conscience, preceding, present and the future generations,

being guided by the Act of declaration of independence of Ukraine of August 24, 1991 approved on December 1, 1991 by national vote

accepts this Constitution - the Fundamental Law of Ukraine.

Section I. General provisions

Article 1. Ukraine is the sovereign and independent, democratic, social, constitutional state.

Article 2. Sovereignty of Ukraine extends to all its territory.

Ukraine is the unitary state.

The territory of Ukraine within the existing border is complete and inviolable.

Article 3. The person, his life and health, honor and advantage, immunity and safety are recognized Ukraine the highest social value.

Human rights and freedoms and their guarantees determine content and orientation of activities of the state. The state answers to the person for the activities. Approval and providing human rights and freedoms is the main obligation of the state.

Article 4. In Ukraine there is interstate citizenship. The bases of acquisition and the termination of citizenship of Ukraine are determined by the law.

Article 5. Ukraine is the republic.

The carrier of sovereignty and the single source of the power in Ukraine are the people. The people perform the power directly and through public authorities and local government bodies.

The right to determine and change the constitutional system in Ukraine belongs only to the people and cannot be usurped by the state, its bodies or officials. Nobody can usurp the government.

Article 6. The government in Ukraine is performed by the principle of its separation on legislative, executive and judicial.

Bodies of legislative, executive and judicial authority perform the powers in the limits set by this Constitution and according to the laws of Ukraine.

Article 7. In Ukraine local self-government is recognized and guaranteed.

Article 8. In Ukraine the principle of supremacy of law is recognized and is effective.

The constitution of Ukraine has the highest legal force. The laws and other regulatory legal acts are adopted on the basis of the Constitution of Ukraine and shall correspond to it.

Regulations of the Constitution of Ukraine are regulations of direct action. Appeal to the court for protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of man and citizen directly based on the Constitution of Ukraine is guaranteed.

Article 9. The existing international agreements which consent to be bound is this the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine are part of the national legal system of Ukraine.

The conclusion of the international treaties contradicting the Constitution of Ukraine is possible only after entering of corresponding changes into the Constitution of Ukraine.

Article 10. State language in Ukraine is Ukrainian.

The state provides all-round development and functioning of Ukrainian in all spheres of public life in all territory of Ukraine.

In Ukraine free development, use and protection of Russian, other languages of ethnic minorities of Ukraine is guaranteed.

The state promotes studying of languages of the international communication.

Application of languages in Ukraine is guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine and determined by the law.

Article 11. The state promotes consolidation and development of the Ukrainian nation, her historical consciousness, traditions and cultures, and also to development of ethnic, cultural, language and religious identity of all indigenous people and ethnic minorities of Ukraine.

Article 12. Ukraine shows care of satisfaction national - cultural and language needs of the Ukrainians living outside the state.

Article 13. The earth, its subsoil, atmospheric air, water and other natural resources which are in limits of the territory of Ukraine, natural resources of its continental shelf of exclusive (sea) economic zone are objects of the property right of the Ukrainian people. On behalf of the Ukrainian people of the right of the owner perform public authorities and local government bodies in the limits determined by this Constitution.

Each citizen has the right to use natural objects of the property right of the people according to the law.

The property obliges. The property shall not be used to the detriment of the person and society.

The state provides protection of the rights of all persons of law of property and managing, social orientation of economy. All persons of law of property are equal before the law.

Article 14. The earth is the main national wealth which is under itself protection of the state.

The property right to the earth is guaranteed. This right is acquired and implemented by citizens, legal entities and the state only according to the law.

Article 15. Public life in Ukraine is based on the principles of political, economic and ideological variety.

No ideology can be recognized the state as obligatory.

Censorship is forbidden.

The state guarantees freedom of the political activities which are not forbidden by the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine.

Article 16. Providing ecological safety and maintenance of ecological equilibrium in the territory of Ukraine, overcoming consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophic crash - catastrophic crashes of planetary scale, preserving gene pool of the Ukrainian people are obligation of the state.

Article 17. Protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, ensuring its economic and information security are the most important functions of the state, case of all Ukrainian people.

Defense of Ukraine, protection of its sovereignty, territorial integrity and immunity are assigned to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ensuring state security and protection of frontier of Ukraine are assigned to the corresponding military forming and law enforcement agencies of the state which organization and procedure for activities are determined by the law.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military forming can be used by nobody for restriction of the rights and freedoms of citizens or for the purpose of overthrow of the constitutional system, elimination of authorities or preventing of their activities.

The state provides social protection of the citizens of Ukraine who are on service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and in other military forming and also members of their families.

In the territory of Ukraine creation and functioning of any paramilitary groups which are not provided by the law is forbidden.

In the territory of Ukraine placement of foreign military bases is not allowed.

Article 18. Foreign policy activities of Ukraine are aimed at providing its national interests and safety by maintenance of peaceful and mutually beneficial cooperation with members of the international community on the basis of the conventional principles and rules of international law.

Article 19. The legal order in Ukraine is based on the principles according to which nobody can be forced to do what is not stipulated by the legislation.

Public authorities and local government bodies, their officials shall act only on the basis, within powers and method which are provided by the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine.

Article 20. The state symbols of Ukraine are National Flag of Ukraine, the State Emblem of Ukraine and the National Anthem of Ukraine.

National flag of Ukraine - banner from two equal horizontal strips of blue and yellow colors.

The big State Emblem of Ukraine is established taking into account the small State Emblem of Ukraine and the coat of arms of Army Zaporizhia by the law adopted by at least than two thirds of the constitutional structure of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The main element of the big State Emblem of Ukraine is the Sign of the Princely State of Vladimir Veliky (the small State Emblem of Ukraine).

National anthem of Ukraine - the national anthem on M. Verbitsky's music with the words approved by the law which is adopted by at least than two thirds of the constitutional structure of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The description of the state symbols of Ukraine and procedure for their use are established by the law adopted by at least than two thirds of the constitutional structure of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The capital of Ukraine is the city of Kiev.

Section II. Rights, freedoms and obligations of man and citizen

Article 21. All people are free and equal in the advantage and the rights. Human rights and freedoms are inaliennable and indestructible.

Article 22. The rights and freedoms of man and citizen affirmed by our Constitution are not exhaustive.

Constitutional rights and freedoms are guaranteed and cannot be abolished.

In case of adoption of the new laws or introduction of amendments to current laws narrowing of content and amount of the existing rights and freedoms is not allowed.

Article 23. Each person has the right to free development of the personality if at the same time the rights and freedoms of other people are not violated, and has obligations before society in which free and all-round development of his personality is provided.

Article 24. Citizens have equal constitutional rights and freedoms and are equal before the law.

There cannot be privileges or restrictions on signs of race, skin color, political, religious and other convictions, floor, ethnic and social origin, property status, the residence, on language or other signs.

The equal rights of the woman and man are provided: provision to women of opportunities, equal with men, in social and political and cultural activities, in education and professional training, in work and remuneration for it; special measures on labor protection, and health of women, establishment of pension privileges; creation of the conditions giving to women the chance to combine work with motherhood; legal protection, material and moral support of motherhood and the childhood, including provision of paid leaves and other privileges to expectant mothers and mothers.

Article 25. The citizen of Ukraine cannot be deprived of nationality and the right to change nationality.

The citizen of Ukraine cannot be expelled out of limits of Ukraine or is issued to other state.

Ukraine guarantees care and protection to the citizens who are beyond its limits.

Article 26. The foreigners and stateless persons which are in Ukraine on legal causes have the same rights and freedoms, and also perform the same duties, as well as citizens of Ukraine, - behind the exceptions established by the Constitution, the laws or international treaties of Ukraine.

To foreigners and stateless persons it can be granted the shelter according to the procedure established by the law.

Article 27. Each person has the inalienable right to life.

Nobody can be randomly deprived of life. Obligation of the state - to protect human life.

Everyone has the right to protect the life and health, life and health of other people from illegal encroachments.

Article 28. Everyone has the right to respect of its advantage.

Nobody can be subjected to tortures, the cruel, inhuman or degrading its advantage address or punishment.

Any person without its voluntary consent cannot be subjected to medical, scientific or other experiences.

Article 29. Each person has right to liberty and security of person.


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