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of January 10, 2002 No. 2947-III

(The last edition from 03-07-2018)

Section I. General provisions

Chapter 1. Family. Regulation of the family relations

Article 1. Tasks of the Family code of Ukraine

1. The family code of Ukraine determines scrap bases, personal non-property and property rights and obligations of spouses, the origin bases, content of personal non-property and property rights and obligations of parents and children, adoptive parents and the adopted, other members of the family of relatives.

2. Regulation of the family relations is performed by this Code for the purpose of:

strengthenings of family as social institute and as union of particular persons;

approvals of indebtedness before parents, children and other family members;

creations of the family relations on a parity basis, on feelings of mutual love and respect, mutual assistance and support;

providing each child with family education, possibility of spiritual and physical development.

Article 2. Participants of the family relations regulated by the Family code of Ukraine

1. The family code of Ukraine governs the family personal non-property and property relations between spouses, between parents and children, adoptive parents and adopted, between mother and the child's father on his education, development and content.

2. The family code of Ukraine governs the family personal non-property and property relations between the grandma, the grandfather, the great-grandmother, the great-grandfather and grandsons, great-grandsons, brothers and sisters, the stepmother, the stepfather and the stepdaughter, the stepson.

3. The family code of Ukraine regulates the family personal non-property and (or) property relations between other family members determined in it.

4. The family code of Ukraine does not govern the family relations between cousins and sisters, the aunt, the uncle and the niece, the nephew and between other relatives by origin.

Article 3. Family

1. The family is primary and main cell of society.

2. The family is constituted by the persons jointly living, connected by general life, having the mutual rights and obligations.

Spouses are considered as family and when the wife and the husband in connection with study, work, treatment, need of care of parents; children and on other reasonable excuses do not live jointly.

The child belongs to family of the parents and when together with them does not live.

3. Lonely person has the rights of the family member.

4. The family is established based on scrap, consanguinity, adoption, and also on other bases which are not forbidden by the law and not contradicting moral foundations of society.

Article 4. Right of person to family

1. Person which reached age of consent has the right to creation of family.

In the cases provided by Article part two 23 of this Code, person which did not reach age of consent can establish family.

2. Person who gave birth to the child irrespective of age can establish family.

3. Each person has the right to accommodation in family.

Person can be compulsorily isolated from family only in cases and according to the procedure, established by the law.

4. Each person has the right to respect for the family life.

Article 5. State protection of family

1. The state protects family, the childhood, motherhood, paternity, creates conditions for strengthening of family.

2. The state creates to the person conditions for motherhood and paternity, provides protection of the rights of mother and father, financially and morally encourages and supports motherhood and paternity.

3. The state provides priority of family education of the child.

4. The state takes each orphan child and the child deprived of parent care under the protection.

5. Nobody can be exposed to intervention in its family life, except the cases established by the Constitution of Ukraine.

Article 6. Child

1. Legal status of the child has person before achievement of age of majority by it.

2. The child before achievement of fourteen years by him is considered juvenile.

The child aged from fourteen up to eighteen years is considered minor.

Article 7. General principles of regulation of the family relations

1. The family relations are governed by this Code and other regulatory legal acts.

2. The family relations can be settled by agreement (contract) between their participants.

3. The family relations are governed only in that part in which it is admissible and possible from the point of view of interests of their participants and interests of society.

4. Regulation of the family relations is performed taking into account the right to the mystery of private life of their participants, their right to personal liberty and inadmissibility of willful intervention in family life.

5. The participant of the family relations cannot have privileges or restrictions on signs of race, skin color, floor, political, religious and other convictions, ethnic and social origin, financial position, the residence, on language and other signs.

6. The woman and the man have the equal rights and obligations in the family relations, scrap and family.

7. The child shall be provided with possibility of implementation of its rights established by the Constitution of Ukraine, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, other international treaties of Ukraine which consent to be bound is this the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

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