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of June 27, 2016 No. 497

About some questions of passing by citizens of alternative service

According to paragraphs the third and fourth Article 9 and part five of article 32 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of June 4, 2015 "About alternative service" the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus DECIDES:

1. Approve enclosed:

Regulations on procedure and conditions of passing by citizens of alternative service;

Regulations on procedure and conditions of payment of insurance sums for compulsory national insurance of the citizens passing alternative service.

2. Establish the list of work types which the citizens passing alternative service according to appendix can carry out.

3. To the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, the Ministry of Health, regional executive committees and the Minsk Gorispolkom in three-months time to bring the regulatory legal acts into accord with this resolution and to take other measures for its realization.

4. This resolution becomes effective since July 1, 2016, except for Item 3, of the official publication of this resolution which is becoming effective later.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus

A. Kobyakov


to the Resolution of Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of June 27, 2016 No. 497

The list of work types which the citizens passing alternative service can carry out

1. Cleaning of the main and utility rooms.

2. Damp cleaning of chambers, rooms, departments, operating rooms, corridors and another using disinfectants, and also airing of rooms, change of curtains and curtains.

3. Cleaning and disinfection shower, bathtubs, wash basins (sinks) and other places public.

4. Washing of windowpanes and covers, window sills.

5. Removal of dust from furniture, carpet products, sweeping, washing manually and (or) by means of jet washers and devices of walls, floors, ceilings, ladders and another.

6. Cleaning of gas (electric) stoves.

7. Preparation of rooms for autumn winter period (winterization window and doorways).

8. Collection, sorting and carrying out of household garbage.

9. Collection of the used consumable medical and other materials and their carrying out from the placement to the established place.

10. Cleaning, disinfection and arrangement of ballot boxes for garbage indoors.

11. Transportation of garbage and waste to the established place.

12. Cleaning of the house adjoining territory, streets, sidewalks and another.

13. Works on the device (repair) of outdoor constructions, fences, gate, gates.

14. Small repair of rooms, furniture.

15. Cleaning of snow and ice of fire wells for open entry to them, sidewalks, pavements and paths, topping their deicing means.

16. Digging and clearing of flutes and trays for water drain.

17. Cleaning of street ballot boxes of garbage, their washing and disinfection.

18. Cleaning of roads and sidings.

19. Dismantling manually coverings of paths and borders.

20. Cleaning of construction debris after repair (construction).

21. Accomplishment of subsidiary and auxiliary works.

22. Accomplishment of the heavy lift gears and special measures of safety of works on stacking of freights which are not requiring application (timber, cardboard, paper, plywood and others) and bulk solids (sand, gravel, garbage, wood sawdust and other production wastes).

23. Sorting and stacking of various goods manually.

24. Maintenance of the territory in proper sanitary condition.

25. Cleaning of the territory from leaves, mowed grass and garbage.

26. Watering of pavements, sidewalks, green plantings, beds and lawns.

27. Improvement and gardening of settlements, production and house adjoining territories.

28. Sorting and conversion of secondary raw materials.

29. Sanitary and hygienic processing sick, elderly, disabled people, handicapped children and other categories of citizens, and also their clothing, disguise, removal of clothes from them.

30. Change (perestilaniye) of bed linen.

31. Washing, drying, ironing of bed linen, clothes.

32. Giving and cleaning of the vessel, mochepriyemnik, their disinfection.

33. Hygienic ensuring physiological departures of seriously ill patients.

34. Assistance to health workers in implementation of patient care, elderly, disabled people, handicapped children.

35. Assistance to patients in acceptance of medicines according to instructions of the attending physician.

36. Feeding of patients, elderly, the disabled people, handicapped children who are on bed rest and also prevention of decubituses.

37. Cleaning of ware and its washing, and also cleaning of bedstands at bed patients, elderly, disabled people, handicapped children after meal.

38. Transportation and maintenance on diagnostic and medical procedures of patients, elderly, disabled people, handicapped children.

39. Delivery in laboratory of materials for research.

40. Care of the disabled people undergoing rehabilitation, handicapped children.

41. Patient care, elderly, disabled people, handicapped children with the expressed activity restrictions.

42. Maintenance sick, elderly, disabled people, handicapped children and other categories of the citizens needing maintenance to the destination and back, and also in case of walk in the fresh air.

43. Rendering to patients, elderly, to disabled people, handicapped children of the help during the work with correspondence, including writing of letters.

44. Processing by disinfectants of individual objects of patient care, elderly, disabled people, handicapped children.

45. Issue of fresh linen and other soft stock.

46. Acceptance of dirty linen and other soft stock, their delivery in dry-cleaner, on disinfection and delivery back.

47. Washing, repair of linen and other soft stock.

48. Control of observance by patients, visitors and other categories of citizens of the mode in the organizations of health care, the social sphere.

49. Watering of kitchen gardens.

50. Transfer of peat briquette, coal and their warehousing.

51. Mowing of grass manually or by means of the trimmer, lawn-mower.

52. Works on the device (repair) of framework of the greenhouse, greenhouse covering as film.

53. Works on procurement for winter of vegetables, fruit, berries, mushrooms.

54. Delivery of water, vegetables, fruit, berries from storage.

55. Accomplishment manually works on preparation of the soil, crops, landing of cultures and care of them.

56. Accomplishment manually works on fight against weeds and wreckers of crops.

57. Warehousing, transfer and scattering of different types of fertilizers, peat, crushing and sifting of mineral fertilizers, compost preparation, soil ramming.

58. Performance of works on air thermal heating of seeds.

59. Filling of seeders and planters with seeds and mineral fertilizers.

60. Weeding of crops.

61. Collection and carrying out of weeds from fields.

62. Drying of hay, straw, sheaves.

63. Podgrebany and kopneny hay, straw.

64. Partition, washing, sorting of potatoes, root crops and other crops.

65. Landing and selection of potatoes, root crops and other crops.

66. Packaging, transfer and stacking of sacks, boxes, baskets.

67. Cleaning, sorting of seeds and grain.


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