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Ministry of Justice

Republic of Tajikistan

On February 10, 2016 No. 808


of December 23, 2015 No. 118/f

About approval of town-planning regulations and rules of the Republic of Tajikistan

According to articles 5 and 13 of the Town-planning Code "About approval of town-planning regulations and rules of the Republic of Tajikistan" items 4 and 8 Provisions of Committee on architecture to construction under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan approved by the Resolution of the Republic of Tajikistan of March 3, 2014, No. 150, dispose:

1. Approve the following town-planning regulations and rules:

- GNIP PT 32-05-2015 "Tunnels railway, road and hydrotechnical";

- GNIP PT 32-06-2015 "Railroads of track of 1520 mm";

- GNIP PT 34-02-2015 "Calculation on durability of steel pipelines";

- GNIP PT 40-04-2015 "Internal sanitary systems";

- GNIP PT 40-05-2015 "Outside networks and constructions of water supply and water disposal";

- GNIP PT 34-01-2015 "Bulk distribution lines";

- GNIP PT 50-02-2015 "Pile bases. Designing regulations".

2. This order to provide to the Ministry of Justice Tajikistan for state registration and to enact after their registration and official publication.

3. Execution of this order to assign to the head of department of science and normative and technical regulation of Committee on architecture and construction under the Government Tajikistan.


J. Akhmadzoda

Approved by the Order of the Chairman of Committee on architecture and construction under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan of December 23, 2015 No. 118/f

GNIP PT 32-05-2015 Tunnels railway, road and hydrotechnical

These Town-planning regulations and rules are developed according to articles 5 and 13 of the Town-planning Code of the Republic of Tajikistan.

I. General provisions

1. Rules of this Chapter shall be followed in case of production and acceptance of works on construction of railway, road, hydrotechnical tunnels. Rules extend to works on passing of tunnels and trunks, construction of linings, and also to specific mounting works of processing equipment, to the device of way and live rail. Works on reconstruction of the specified tunnels shall be performed on special instructions of the project of the organization of construction and the project of works.

2. In case of construction of tunnels in severe weather and difficult engineering-geological conditions, in areas of distribution of permafrost soil, in seismic, avalanche, subject to mudflows and landslides, hard to reach areas, and also by the project the special events considering features of construction in these areas including actions for protection of the surrounding environment taking into account the forecast of change of the environment caused by construction shall be provided in zones resort, water preserving, etc.

3. In case of construction of tunnels rules and the rules of safe operation approved by Gosgortekhnadzor and the Ministry of transport of the Republic of Tajikistan shall be respected also.

4. Except the data specified in the Instruction for project development of the organization of construction and projects of works for construction of linear objects of transport and communication and for underground excavations in case of construction of mines and pits join in structure of the project of the organization of construction of tunnels also:

- arrangement of the used mechanisms on sites, useful lives and the mode of their work for each type of special methods of works (stabilization and artificial fixing of soil, groundwater recession, passing under compressed air, the method "wall in soil", etc.), amounts of accomplishment of these works and coordination with the schedule of production of tunnel works;

- the project decisions of engineering actions for ensuring safety of land and underground buildings and constructions approved with the operating organizations, to crossing automobile and the railroads;

- the scheme of arrangement of the mechanisms used to the servicing processes and creation of necessary temperature moisture conditions in the separate constructions finished with construction for installation of equipment in them and before commissioning, working schedules of mechanisms on sites with indication of their useful lives and operating modes and also the sheet of calculation of amounts of works on sites;

- the explanatory note with reasons for the accepted methods and speeds of passing of underground developments, applications of special methods of works, and also the list of constructions which under the terms of mounting of permanent processing equipment require creation of necessary temperature moisture conditions, with indication of key parameters of this mode.

5. In case of construction of railway, road and hydrotechnical tunnels betonorastvorny nodes, shuttering, reinforcing workshops and other objects of production base are created, as a rule, on construction site.

6. Shoddy constructions on construction sites shall be located taking into account the greatest possible preserving the operating structures, green plantings, providing standard conditions of production of construction works and life of the population in the areas adjacent to construction sites, preserving work of municipal facilities, observance of fire-proof and health requirements.

7. Ensuring works with compressed air of underground sites shall be performed from stationary compressor stations, and sites of open works - from portable compressor units. Performance, number and placement of compressor stations are established by the project of the organization of construction.

8. Electric utility service of construction shall be performed from substations of district power supply system on independent air or cable lines with tension of 6 - 10 kV. Electric utility service of mine platforms from city network with tension of 6 - 10 kV (if energy in network moves from two independent sources) or from portable power stations is allowed. Electric utility service shall provide power supply with the electric power from two independent sources of current of the following groups of electroreceivers: mine rise, fans of the main airing, water outflow, compressor station of low pressure (lacunar), the water lowering installations and publicizing of underground developments. Connection of these electroreceivers shall be uniformly distributed on the sections of distribution panel connected to independent energy sources.

9. Underground developments during construction of tunnels shall be provided with telephone communication and means of the notification.

10. The construction of tunnels shall be performed according to the cyclograms providing the set speed of passing from conditions of accomplishment of cycle of tunnelling works in time, multiple to the interchangeability accepted on construction.

11. In the course of passing of tunnels it is necessary to conduct systematic visual observation of compliance of the actual geological and hydrogeological conditions characterizing stability of face, to project data regarding change of capacity and nature of beddings of soil, their fortress on drilling capacity, cracking, types of soil and inflow of underground waters to face. Results of observations it is necessary to register productions of mining operations in the form given in enc. 9. The customer is informed of variations of the actual geological and hydrogeological data from project.

12. In case of the device of dumps in areas of distribution of permafrost soil, determination of their location and the sizes it is necessary to consider influence of dumping of dumps on change of the mode of permafrost soil and on the surrounding environment.

13. Taking into account seasonal freezing and defrosting of layer of the massif, adjacent to development, defrostings or preserving permafrost in the massif in the course of tunnel construction it is necessary to provide actions for providing in projects of the organization of construction and projects of works: reliable temporary fix; maintenance of border layer of soil in frozen condition before inclusion in work of tunnel lining in cases of preserving permafrost in case of works according to requirements of item 108 of this Chapter; necessary conditions of solidification of the concrete mix stacked in design; standard conditions of operation of temporary intra tunnel drainage and drainage devices; prevention of education neledy in tunnel in case of its construction.

II. Geodetic and surveying works

14. The geodetic marking basis shall be created on surface along the route of tunnel under construction in the structure and amount specified in subitem 15 - 21 of this Chapter. At the same time the main axes of trunks, portals, adits and land constructions are taken out and fixed on the area. In production process of geodetic and surveying marking works on carrying out of the project of tunnel in nature orientation of underground developments and transfer to them from surface of coordinates and marks from geodetic marking basis shall be made, and also the underground surveying basis according to requirements of subitem 24 - 28 of this Chapter shall be created.


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