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The document ceased to be valid since  January 1, 2017 according to item 4 of this Resolution


of May 6, 2016 No. 576

About introduction of trade measures for protection of the domestic market

According to article 10 of the Law on state regulation of foreign trade activity No. 1031-XIV of June 8, 2000 (The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 2000, Art. No. 119-120, 838), with subsequent changes and amendments, DECIDES: the Government

1. Establish trade measure for protection of the domestic market within the Agreement on the free trade area signed in St. Petersburg on October 18, 2011 and ratified by the Law No. 201 of September 27, 2012 which consists in temporary suspension of release from the customs duty on import to the Republic of Moldova of goods of the Ukrainian origin, within the quotas established on the goods specified in appendix to this resolution, and application according to the Combined commodity nomenclature, the customs duties on the import exceeding the established amounts.

2. The management system is performed by the tariff quotas according to the principle "the first came, is serviced by the first" on the basis of registration of the customs declaration in the Customs integrated information system "Asycuda World" and within the established amounts. The Customs Service records commodity import, provided in appendix, proceeding from the established amounts.

3. To impose control over the implementation of this resolution on the Ministry of Economics.

4. This resolution becomes effective from the date of its publication and is effective till December 31, 2016.

Prime Minister

Paweê Phillip


Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Affairs


Octavian Kalmyk

Minister of Agriculture and food industry

Eduard Grama

Minister of Finance

Octavian to Armash


to the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of May 6, 2016 No. 576

The list of goods of the Ukrainian origin when which importing to the territory of the Republic of Moldova customs duties within the quotas established according to the Combined commodity nomenclature are not applied

Code of the Combined commodity nomenclature

Name of goods

Amount of the tariff quotas, tons

0402 *

The milk and cream condensed or with addition of sugar or other edulcorant substances

1 000

0403 *

Buttermilk, curdled milks and cream, yogurt, kefir and other fermented or sour milks and cream condensed or not condensed with addition or without addition of sugar or other sweetening substances, with flavor additives or without them, with addition or without addition of fruit, nuts or cocoa

1 000


The butter and other fats and oils made of milk; milk pastes



Cheeses and cottage cheese

2105 00

The ice cream and other types of food ice which are not containing or containing cocoa

1601 00


Sausages and similar products from meat, meat offal or blood; the ready foodstuff made on their basis



Finished or preserved foods from meat, meat offal or blood other


Portland cement, cement aluminous, cement slag, cement supersulphatic and similar hydraulic cements, uncolored or painted, ready or in the form of clinkers


* Except for milk in bulk and powdered milk (HS 0401 and HS 0402 10 190) imported by producers and processors of milk.


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