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of May 16, 2016 No. 59

(In edition of the Laws of the Kyrgyz Republic of 17.06.2017 No. 106, 18.07.2018 No. 69)

Accepted by Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on April 6, 2016

This Code establishes bases of legal regulation of the relations arising in the sphere of management of public finances in the course of forming, consideration, approval, refining and execution republican, local budgets, budgets of Social fund of the Kyrgyz Republic (further - Social fund) and Fund of compulsory medical insurance under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic (further - Fund of compulsory medical insurance), establishes participants status of the budget process, determines the legal basis of responsibility for violation of the budget legislation.

Section I. General provisions

Chapter 1. Basic concepts and legal basis of the Budget code of the Kyrgyz Republic

Article 1. Budget legal relationship

Treat the budget legal relationship:

1) the relations arising in the course of forming of the income and implementation of budgets expenses, implementation of the state and municipal borrowings, regulation of the public and municipal debt;

2) the relations arising between participants of the budget process in the course of forming and consideration of budget statements, approval, refining and execution of budgets, control of their execution, accounting, creation, consideration and approval of budget reports.

Article 2. The basic concepts and terms used in this Code

1. In this Code the following terms and concepts are applied:

1) the administrator of resources of the budget - state body or local government body, and also its structural, subordinated division performing one or set of functions on charge, collection, accounting and control of correctness of calculation, completeness and timeliness of payment of tax, non-tax income (resources) of budgets of the budget system of the Kyrgyz Republic;

2) assets - the property and non-property benefits and the rights having price cost, received in the state-owned, municipal property as a result of transactions of last periods;

3) the budget - form of education and expenditure of the money intended for financial provision of tasks and functions of the state and local self-government;

4) the budget resolution - the main directions of the budget policy for the medium-term period and priorities of the government budget determined by Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic (further - Jogorku Kenesh), which are reference point for the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic (further - the Government) in case of development of the draft of the republican budget by it;

5) the budget system - the system of the relations regulated by rules of law, arising during implementation of the budget process and also the set based on the economic relation and state system of the Kyrgyz Republic republican and local budgets, budgets of Social fund and Fund of compulsory medical insurance;

6) the budget estimate - the document determining amount of the income and expenses of budgetary institution according to budget classification with quarterly breakdown;

7) the budget obligation - obligation of the receiver of budgetary funds to provide accomplishment of certain tasks according to regulatory legal acts about the budget, the contract or agreement;

8) budgetary institution is state body, local government body or the organization created by state body or local government body for implementation of managerial, welfare, scientific and technical or other functions of non-commercial nature which activities are financed by means of the relevant budget;

9) budgetary appropriations - the money provided by the budget for the corresponding year for execution of the budget obligations according to its distribution;

10) budget credit - the money allocated from the republican budget and the local budget to receivers of budgetary funds on the terms of recoverability, urgency and the paid nature;

11) the budget process - the activities for forming and consideration of budget statements, approval, refining and execution of budgets, accounting and creation of the reporting, financial management and control regulated by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic;

12) the main manager of budgetary funds - the state body or local government body determined by regulatory legal act about the budget, given authority on distribution of budgetary appropriations between managers and receivers of budgetary funds;

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