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The agreement on the basic principles and conditions of relations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation in the field of production, conversion and oil transportation and gas

of March 23, 1992

The Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation - the participants of this agreement on behalf of the Ministry of Energy and Fuel Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of fuel and energy of the Russian Federation who are referred to as further "Contracting parties"

being guided by the international standards and practice;

developing earlier reached economic agreements within the Commonwealth of Independent States;

recognizing that oil and gas complexes of Contracting parties are mutually deeply integrated and are base of development of many fields of economy of Contracting parties;

being guided by the purpose of creation of the joint oil market;

recognizing that establishment of the single principles of forming and functioning of the oil market most fully meets requirements of economic reform and consumer interests of Contracting parties;

Considering that carrying out general policy in the relations with the third countries are equitable in petrobusiness to interests of agreement parties and promotes increase in efficiency of their participation in international backgrounds,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

Keep action in the territory of Contracting parties of the rules, provisions, instructions, standards, specifications and other regulations regulating work of oil and gas complex including conversion and transport of products. At the same time Contracting parties take measures for standardization of the oil legislation existing in their territory and aim at approach to the international standards.

Article 2

Contracting parties keep the developed scientific and technical bonds in research and development of problems of oil and gas complex, preparation of scientific and technical personnel.

Article 3

Contracting parties agreed to keep former bonds in material logistics of oil and gas complex products of mechanical engineering, electrotechnical, chemical and other industries. At the same time the Parties combine efforts on creation of coproduction of the major types of the drilling and oil-field equipment and materials.

Article 4

Contracting parties will keep agreed volumes of mutual oil supply, gas and products of their conversion in 1992. Further the Parties discuss amounts of such deliveries and concretize them by creation of the protocol, but not later than one month prior to the beginning of calendar year.

Article 5

The parties agreed to conduct single price policy on oil and gas complex concerning each other, and in case of need price adjustments obviously to notify other party....

Article 6

Contracting parties keep general system of the main pipeline transport and provide free transfer of transit flows of oil and gas, including export deliveries. At the same time payment is conducted in rubles except for of especially stipulated cases.

Article 7

Functional activities of the companies of nefteproduktoprovodny transport of Contracting parties are performed on the single, approved technical and economic parameters in case of construction and operation, safety in case of transfer and safety of oil products, interactions of nefteproduktoprovodny transport with users and other modes of transport.

Article 8

Contracting parties agreed to keep the technological borders of the companies of nefteproduktoprovodny transport which developed for January 1, 1992.

Article 9

The parties agreed to consider question of participation of the Russian companies in development of the Tengriz and Royal fields, having concentrated attention on questions of completion of construction of the Тенгиз-Гурьев-Астрахань-Тихорецк-Новороссийск oil pipeline, and also the corresponding development of the Novorossiysk port.

Article 10

The parties agreed in cases of disagreements between business entities of the Parties to create the disputes committees formed by authorized bodies.

Article 11

The parties agreed to resolve all matters of argument which can arise in connection with interpretation and application of this agreement, by negotiations and consultations.

Article 12

This agreement is signed for a period of 10 years and becomes effective in month after signing and ratification by its State Parties of the Agreement. All changes and additions can be made for discussion and approval of the either party annually, but not later than three months until the end of calendar year.

Article 13

It is made on March 23, 1992 in Uralsk in duplicate, each of them in the Russian and Kazakh languages, and both texts have equal force.


For the Republic of Kazakhstan Minister of Energy and Fuel Resources K. Baykenov

For the Russian Federation инистр fuel and power V. Lopukhin


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