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Agreement on further development and deepening of economic cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Government of the Republic of Tajikistan

of November 22, 1995

The government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan which are hereinafter referred to as with the Parties

being guided by the Agreement on bases of the relations between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Tajikistan of January 13, 1993,

including important carrying out economic reforms, structural adjustment of economy, creating favorable conditions for development of the market relations between business entities of both countries;

aiming to develop on qualitatively new bases traditional economic, cultural, scientific and technical and production and technological ties between business entities for the benefit of both states and their people;

understanding need of combination of efforts for further development of equal and mutually beneficial trade and economic cooperation,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

Economic cooperation of the Parties is based on the relation of mutually advantageous partnership, equality, recognition of the international standards and rules and performed by direct interaction between business entities irrespective of their patterns of ownership taking into account national interests of both states.

Each of the Parties will refrain from the actions capable to cause damage to interests of other Party, creates favorable conditions for development of cooperation on long-term basis to business entities.

Article 2

In the field of trade and economic cooperation of the Party will take practical steps for stimulation of increase in mutual goods turnover, further liberalization of trade relations, creation of equal legal and economic conditions for business entities. The parties will perform measures for gradual reduction and removal of tariff and non-tariff restrictions in mutual trade.

Article 3

The parties consider priority implementation of economic cooperation in the following industries:


non-ferrous metallurgy,

machine-building complex,

agro-industrial complex,

to power,

light industry,

transport and communications.

Article 4

The parties will create the permanent intergovernmental Kazakhstan-Tajik commission on economic cooperation for development of long-term programs of economic integration and control of their realization.

Article 5

In the field of production cooperation of the Party will render assistance to development of optimum production and technological bonds between the companies of both states, will promote their rational specialization, integration, increase in competitive capacity of their products in the domestic and world markets, and also to encourage creation of joint businesses.

Article 6

In the field of credit and financial cooperation of the Party will take measures for involvement of commercial, national and international banks, investment, finance and insurance companies for financing of mutually advantageous projects, increase in the export potentials of both states.

The parties will render assistance in creation and development of progressive forms of use of the national capitals in production, investment and commercial spheres.

Article 7

The parties will promote everywhere increase in mutual goods turnover, implementation of signed agreements and protocols, creation in the territory of the states of free trade regime for business entities of two Parties.

Article 8

The parties will expand cooperation in the field of transport and communication, will provide on the basis of reciprocity favorable conditions for transportations of passengers and loads between two countries and transit across their territory.

Article 9

In the field of sci-tech cooperation of the Party will perform additional measures for development of interconnection of the defense companies and express readiness to resolve issues of military and technical cooperation on mutually advantageous basis.

Article 10

The parties not allow discrimination of citizens of both states on national or any other sign in questions of provision of workplaces, compensation and social guarantees.

Article 11

The parties will promote rational environmental management, will provide implementation of coordinated actions in the solution of common environmental problems, will give mutual aid in case of emergency situations of natural and technogenic nature, shall solve common efforts complex of the problems connected with mitigation of consequences of environmental disasters and natural disasters.

Article 12

In case of disputes over interpretation or application of provisions of this agreement, the Parties will resolve them by negotiations and consultations.

Article 13

This agreement becomes effective from the moment of receipt of the last notification on accomplishment of the interstate procedures by the Parties necessary for its entry into force. The Agreement is terminated after 6 months after the written notice of one of the parties of intention to stop its action.

Article 14

It is made in Almaty on November 22, 1995 in two authentic copies, everyone in the Kazakh, Tajik and Russian languages which are equally authoritative.

In case of interpretation of provisions of this agreement the text in Russian prevails.


For the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan

For the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan

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