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of December 24, 2015 No. 210

About approval of the Method of forming of income accounts

(The last edition from 29-11-2017)

Based on the Regulations on National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus approved by the Presidential decree of the Republic of Belarus of August 26, 2008 No. 445 "About some questions of bodies of the state statistics" the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus DECIDES:

1. Approve the enclosed Method of forming of income accounts and enact it since forming of income accounts for 2016.

2. Recognize invalid:

the resolution of National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus of November 30, 2010 No. 252 "About approval of the Method of forming of income accounts";

the resolution of National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus of May 8, 2014 No. 39 "About modification of the Method of forming of income accounts" (The national legal Internet portal of the Republic of Belarus, 21.05. 2014, 7/2756).

3. This resolution becomes effective since January 1, 2017.


I. V. Medvedev


Approved by the Resolution of National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus of December 24, 2015 No. 210

Method of forming of income accounts

Chapter 1. General provisions

1. This Technique establishes procedure for forming of income accounts and the analysis of cost structure of gross domestic product on its components National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus.

Income accounts include:

account of formation of the income;

appropriation account of primary income;

account of secondary income distribution;

the account of income redistribution in natural form;

account of use of gross disposable income;

the account of use of the gross corrected disposable income.

2. In this Technique the following main terms and their determinations are used:

gross value added - the difference between release and intermediate consumption estimated by types of economic activity;

gross profit - part of gross value added which remains at producers after deduction of the expenses connected with compensation of workers and tax payment on production and import;

gross accumulating of fixed capital - investment residents of means in objects of fixed capital for creation of the new income in the future by their use in production;

gross saving - part of gross disposable income (further - VRD) which is not spent for final consumption of goods and services;

gross internal product (further - GDP) - the cost of the goods and services made in the country by all types of economic activity and intended for final consumption, accumulating and net export;

gross national income (further - VND) - the amount of primary income gained by residents taking into account balance of primary income gained from the rest of the world;

VRD - the income which residents, for final consumption and gross saving have. VRD is equal to the amount of VND and the received current transfers less the income transferred in quality of the current transfers;

GDP in basis prices - the amount of gross values added by types of economic activity;

GDP in market prices - GDP in basis prices increased by the size of net taxes on products (taxes on products less subsidies for products);

release of goods and services (further - release) - the total cost of the goods and services which are result of economic activity of residents in the accounting period;

property incomes - income gained by institutional units in connection with provision in use of financial assets and the non-financial not made assets (the income from leasing of property, sale of licenses, uses of natural resources, the acquired goodwill);

other production duties - the taxes connected with use of production factors (the earth, assets, labor power), and also the state fee for issue of special permission (license) for implementation of separate types of economic activity or other obligatory payments which payment is necessary for implementation of economic activity of resident;

other subsidies for production - the subsidies for salary fund provided proceeding from the general fund of the salary, total employment or with use of work of the special contingent of persons (disabled people, the unemployed) at the expense of which costs of the organizations for creation of additional workplaces, on professional training and so forth in parts or in full become covered; the subsidies for reducing environmental pollution provided on partial or complete covering of the costs connected with extra works on reducing or liquidation of emissions of pollutants in the environment;

individual goods and services are goods and services which are provided to households and are used by them for satisfaction of personal needs;

institutional units - legal and (or) physical persons which own goods and assets assume liabilities, participate in economic activity and transactions with other legal and (or) physical persons from own name;

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