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The agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of Ukraine on the basic principles of cooperation in heavy industries

of January 20, 1994

Became effective from signature date.

The government of the Republics Kazakhstan and the Government of Ukraine the hereinafter referred to as Parties,

attaching importance to further enhancement of economic cooperation,

recognizing need of joint development and implementation of target programs and projects of cooperation for heavy industries,

considering mutual interest of the Parties in effective use of source of raw materials, the organization of joint businesses, creating favorable conditions for enhancement of the market relations between business entities,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

The parties on the basis of mutual advantage and interest, non-admission of the actions causing economic damage each other will promote in every possible way development of cooperation in fuel and energy, metallurgical, chemical and machine-building complexes of both states.

Article 2

The parties agreed in case of development of national programs and concepts for development of heavy industries on the near-term outlook to exchange necessary information and to hold mutual consultations concerning enhancement of sci-tech cooperation, implementation of new technologies and further deepening of integration communications.

Article 3

The parties will create the joint working groups of experts of representatives of economic and economic organizations and will charge to them to develop the draft of the joint Program for economic integration in heavy industries for 1994 - 2000 which will be provided to the Governments till May 1, 1994.

Article 4

The parties will promote creation of joint businesses of various patterns of ownership based on the companies of fuel and energy, metallurgical, chemical and machine-building complexes of the states mainly on joint-stock basis according to the current legislation of the Parties.

The parties charge to relevant organs to carry out work on the organization of joint investment of the objects which are of mutual interest.

Article 5

The parties agreed to develop and approve the joint interstate program of carrying out and financing of exploration works on oil, gas, ferrous and non-ferrous metals on perspective regions of Kazakhstan and Ukraine, and also technical cooperation in the field of metallogenichesky forecasting, technique, the equipment and technology of exploration works.

Create coordination council on geological researches and rational use of subsoil.

Article 6

The parties determined that work on investigation, arrangement and development of coal-mining, oil fields, conversion of coal, oil and gas, construction of facilities of the heavy industry, infrastructure, welfare appointment and housing in the territories of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Ukraine are determined by the joint Program for economic integration which is implemented by business entities of the Parties by the conclusion of contracts (contracts) between them.

Article 7

The parties will charge to the working groups of experts to provide in case of development of the joint Program for economic integration the solution of environmental problems on the basis of single methodological approaches and standards.

Article 8

The parties will interact in case of natural disaster response and accidents on objects of heavy industries, and also to finance separate joint operations on increase in reliability and stability of functioning of such objects.

Article 9

The parties are ready to render each other assistance in questions of enhancement of engineering procedures, exchange of scientific and technical information, carrying out marketing, leasing researches, the organizations of exhibitions, provision of promotion services.

The parties agreed to perform joint actions for training of specialists.

Article 10

The questions arising in connection with implementation of this agreement will be solved by negotiations and consultations with adoption of mutually acceptable decisions.

Article 11

In case of need, changes and additions as agreed by the parties can be made to this agreement.

Article 12

This agreement becomes effective from signature date and will remain in force before the expiration of six months from the date of when one of the Parties sends to other Party the written notice of intention to stop its action.

Absolutely "__" January, 1994 in Kiev in two authentic copies in the Kazakh, Ukrainian and Russian languages.


For the Government Kazakhstan

For the Government of Ukraine

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